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  Aircraft Design Utilities

- G-Max

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Current version: 1.2

If you have FS2002 Professional you will have the choice of GMax - a 3d modelling tool included with the program.

Although 'Gmax' came packaged with FS2002 Professional Edition - the version can no longer be registered & you will need to download the new version from & use this in conjunction with the GamePack in FS2002 Professional version only. The Gmax Help files in FS2002 are still current so don't bother downloading these!

Use the Tutorials on the FS2002PE CD + additional tutorials are available on the Net at this site & sites mentioned above. Simviation forums are also an invaluable source for GMax information!


Convert FSDS v1.*to G-Max


Does not work with FSDS v 2.*

CVA plugins now consists from two plugin modules for FS Design Studio v 1.*- CVA_Export and CVA_Import. With these plugins you can transfer objects between FSDS and most of other 3D modeling softwares. There is support of DXF format on both sides (import/export) and on the side of import, there is too support of LWO format. LWO Import (Lightwave 3D) - it can import only objects without layers from LW version 5.6 and earlier. If it can read objects from new versions of LW I don't know, because I don't have these new Lightwaves or objects saved in these new versions. DFX Import/Export (AutoCAD, 3DStudio and many other 3D modelers) - it can read aprox. 80% of polygon types which can be in DXF. We have tried objects exported from AutoCAD and 3D Studio and both read this plugin well. There is only a little problem, that when you export object from 3DStudio into DXF, it splits all polygons into triangles, so it don't make the plugin, but 3DStudio. When you export object from FSDS into DXF, it writes there all polygons in the same form as it is in FSDS, so it don't split it into triangles or something else. Polygons with 3 and 4 vertexes are writen as 3DFace, others as 3D Polyline. We have tried to import DXFs from FSDS into AutoCAD, 3DStudio and LightWave 3D (using 3D Translator plugin) and in all cases it works well. . By Jiří Masník. 71K :Script for importing '.DXF' files into GMax. Chris Cookson. 5K.
gMax Jet engine. For everyone that is having a hard time learning this gMax stuff (like myself) here is a little touch of inspiration. This jet engine is the result of staying home due to illness (it has been a bad year so far). I have been working on learning this awesome program, but I am finding that for someone with little 3D experience it is difficult (especially without any tutorials for designing FS aircraft). However, I home this will change in the near future. This engine is only a start (I'm not even for sure that it has been made properly; I believe it will work fine). It is currently not textured therefor I recommend adding a bit of color before using it. I hope it works well. Kevin Linn. 24K
Dummy Aircraft Container folder for producing GMAX aircraft in FS20O2. I hope this will help all those budding Gmax designers. ;) NOTES: The panel & sound are aliased to the FS2002 default Cessna 182. This can be changed later to a more suitable aircraft. Simply open Panel.cfg or Sound.cfg & follow the instructions. This file is intended to enable you to produce an FS aircraft & check out your new design in the sim. The viewpoint, static ground positions & flight dynamics will almost certainly not be correct. These parameters can be adjusted with the FS2002 Aircraft Editor (FS Edit) or manually in Notepad. Doug Attrell aka Grumpy1. 4K
The Stupid Idiot's Guide to GMax Design, by Hugh Shoults
GMax_Character. I just made this model for nothing. Maybe it will be usefull for those of you who can't make human models in GMax. This is not a basic design at all. It also has a rifle for those of you who like weapons added to your designs. I believe the rifle is called a Valmet Petra. You can do whatever you want with this miscellaneous design. Made by Jessy Corrales. 182K
GMAX Pilot Figure. This is a neatly crafted pilot figure for use in aircraft created in GMAX. It was 'taken' from a CFS3 source file and very slightly modified. Modified by Oz. 1.1MB
Gmax Keyboard Shortcuts - List general keyboard shortcuts for Gmax. Print it out and laminate it to keep by your computer for easy access. Requires Microsoft Excel. 20 kb by Kevin Ryan. 18K
Gmax to FSDS2 file conversion Kit Converting Gmax into FSDS2 files is a lot like sex after marriage. It's a slow painful process that no one wants to do, but everyone has to. Seriously though, since the wonderful folks at Abacus have yet to give us this import capability in FSDS, and since Gmax continues to have features that FSDS does not, there continues to be a need for importing and exporting between the two programs. This package attempts to provide the user with the necessary tools to accomplish this goal. Kit compiled by Kevin Ryan. All programs by their respective authors. 2MB
GMAX source code for FS2004 Boeing 707-420 visual model ( here).By George Carty , modified from 707-320B by Rok Dolenec. 986K
Gmax Rocket Source File. this is a rocket to attach to your aircraft in gmax. if you dont know how to add the rocket to your aircraft file here's what you do > when you have opend your aircraft file go to file > merge > rocket now the rocket will be in the file now you can attach it to your arcraft creator: Nathan Clyde. 22K
Gmax v1.2 Registration Utility. Now that Autodesk no longer supports Gmax, there is uncertainty about getting a registration key online. This is what the crack is for. This is a work around [probably made by the company] that has been around for quite some time for those who have difficulties in obtaining the registration key for Gmax. This crack requires Gmax v1.2. Please the "Read Me" file for information on how to use the crack [it's simple] and on ways to restore your computer in case anything happens [this crack adds an entry to the system registry in windows]. Jessy Corrales. 6K
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