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IL2 Escadrilia 123 Video - Action packed video shot in IL-2 Forgotten Battles and edited in Sony Vegas 6. The video contains a lot of low altitude flying, tree dodging, flying under bridges and other crazy stuff. You'll need the very common DivX codec to watch the movie. More info included in the README. Recording and editing by Lars Chris (Ecko). 57.6MB
FS2004 Fantasy Freeware Video. A video tribute to the Freeware designers that allows us to enjoy Flight Simulator 2004. Because of their work, we can pursue our dreams with Champaign tastes on a Beer budget. The video includes the work of Kirk Olsen,Team FS-KBT, Project Opensky, IFly, CORAL, DSB Designs, Meljet and others. Uses default scenery and Vistas Australia. Music by CJ Stone (remixed by me). By Marc Dantuma. 34.6MB
FS2004 Video A Salute To Voyager. A video tribute to the virtual airline I flew for at the turn of the century. Set to music from Freeplay Music, and featuring aircraft available at By Marc Dantuma . 8.4MB
Official Simviation Airshow Movie - April 2006 . Action packed video of the (unofficial) SimV Airshow - April 2006. The video is shot in an FS multiplayer session, and includes a lot of crazy airshow stuff; Extra 300 display, Boeing 707 display, BAe Hawk display, Spitfire display, Vulcan display and so on.. Recorded and edited by Lars Chris (Ecko). 23 MB More information on the Simviation MultiPlayer Forum. 23.5MB
FS2004 Video F-14 Tribute from Cag-40 virtual. This is a Video from NVY_74/STREGA/NATOPS vC.O a Captain of the Cag-40 Virtual Wing. This one is for all the F-14 Pilots out there in real life and the sim life. I hope you enjoy visit us on TeamSpeak/Flight Sim at you for taking a look! Wyatt Hughes United 895 Heavy. 27.2MB
FS2004 A/V .WMV file of first active duty Naval flight from the USS John Glenn. F14D Tomcat having the honors. "First Flight510" around Tahiti Bay. One song by Whitney Houston: 44 kHZ, 24 bit SURROUND DOLBY 5.1. 6 channel. XP Windows Media Player 10 ".WMV" file. Audio/Visual Show. An ".mp3 tribute song": Super Bowl XXX, Whitney Houston, "The Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key. F14-D by Steve Hinson, Ivan Kostic. Carrier USS John Glenn, Test Pilot F14D, MSFT Windows Movie Maker's ".WMV" file, & CSB Audigy audio created, performed & compiled by Steve Hinson 7.2MB
FS2004 Boeing 717 Midwest Movie. Film Length: 00:52 Theme of film: Final Approach & Landing . This film starts on approach for Boeing Field/King Co intl (KBFI) . William Wood. 5MB
FS2004 BR DC10 Video. Video of Brasil DC-10 flight from Rio de Janrieo to Paris. By Alexandre Mendes. 64MB
Video "Above And Beyond" A short film, using FS9 and Orbiter Space Simulator. This movie includes a simulated launch of the Apollo spacecraft, as well as the Shuttles Discovery and Atlantis. It also shows a brief glimpse of the possible future of space exploration. Set to music by ERA By Marc Dantuma. 15.5MB
FS2004 F14D American Flag Video. Tribute in FS to the US military forces. By Steve Hinson. 73.5MB