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Helicopters Page 2
FSX Merlin Panel Fix. The FSx Merlins were incorrectly shipped with no gauges in the installer this pack will fix the missing gauges in the following files UKMIL MERLIN HC3 FSX UKMIL MERLIN HM1 FSX UKMIL EH101 Italian (all above. UKMIL. 3.5MB
FSX Bell 206 JetRanger 'Thunder' Textures only - for the default B206. A fictional paint scheme for the FSX Bell 206B JetRanger in DXT5 DDS texture format. Raul Abella. 2.5MB
FSX AH-64 Apache Westland WAH-64 by Tom Woods and Mark Adams Sound-Manuel Gonzalez Includes HUD gauge by Steve Hanley A complete reworking of Tom Woods original Apache designed to give maximum frame rates in multiplayer. Dynamic VC, custom airfile,custom gauges,weapons effects and British Army paint-scheme Tom Woods and Mark Adams and Israel Air Force paint-scheme Cristiano Magnani. 4.2MB
FSX UH-60 Blackhawk Brasilian Army and Brazil Air Force Package. Painted by Raphael Carvalho. Model Jordan Moore Repaint Raphael Carvalho. Sound Adriano Martoni. 23.3MB
FSX Gmax Bell430 Nepal Army Air Wing. Nepal Army Air Wing Bell430 is mainly used for Military VIP Transport and Military. Bell 430, designed by Alan Devins and Rory Kelly, Finished of by Keith Devins, textures by Brian McIntyre. Modified for fsx by Glen Garden. 5.1MB

FSX Hughes OH-6A Loach U.S. Army, E Troop, 1st Cav Package. Winner of an U.S. Army competition for a light observation helicopter, the Hughes OH-6A saw widespread use in Viet Nam a an aeroscout, often working with AH-1 Cobras. Small, nimble, and easy to maintain, the OH-6 still serves as a trainer for future MH-6 Series "Little Bird" pilots. Original by Tim Conrad. Adapted to work in FSX By Glen Garden. 30.9MB
FSX Bell 206B Textures Pack - 3 textures. These are 3 repaints of the original FSX Bell 206B Jetranger. The helicopters have stripes on the upper and lower fuselage in three colors schemes and I've used the bell_206b_t_spec.dds files to give each helicopter metallic reflections on these stripes. This effect is best experienced on the golden one when the sun is fairly low, but will work with the blue and green version as well. The blue version also gets a blue window and canopy tint as opposed to the green tint found on the 2 other versions. I haven't put any company logos on the helicopters so you may take them as private civilian helicopters, reporter choppers, airline owned ones, or whatever your imagination feels like flying today. Repaint by Vincent "Coolhand" Lemire. 3.6MB
FSX Bell 206B Polish Police Textures Only. These are 2 repaints of the default FSX Bell 206B Jetranger. The helicopters have Polish Police scheme. Polish Police had two Bell 206B3 helicopters - A015 (reg. number SN-16XP) and A014 (reg. number SN-15XP). The A014 was cashed in April 2005, but A015 is in service at present. Repaint by Krzysztof Winiecki. 2.4MB
FSX Bell UH-1H Coast Guard Huey. The Bell Uh-1H is one of the most widely recognized helicopters in the world. Its history as a workhorse of the Viet Nam war, as well as its many roles in peace time have given this aircraft a very wide audience. This package is the Huey in Coast Guard colors. Model by Jordan Moore. Adapted for FSX by Eric Buchmann. 3.7MB


FSX Dynali H2S Textures only - A fictional paint scheme for the excellent FSX Dynali H2S (required here). Model by Jean-Pierre BARIL, repainted by Patrick Machabert. 1.4MB