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Civil Jets Page 35
FSX/FS9 Boeing 707 Package New Aircraft Cfg. New flight dynamics. Requires ALL707.zip Package (here). By Libardo Guzman. 126K

FSX Airbus A340-500 Package. Model with diffuse, bump spec and nightmap in AirArik livery. Comes with working virtual cockpit and repainted FSX default 4-engine gauges. Works with SP1 and SP2. Not tested with DX10. By Thomas Ruth. 17MB
FSX Boeing 737-800 in TUI Blue and Yellow Textures only. 2 TUIfly versions in this download for the default Boeing 737-800. By softwares.dk. 4.7MB
FSX Boeing 747-400 Delta Airlines textures for the FSX default 747-400 aircraft. Created by Charles Thorpe. 3.3MB
FSX Boeing 747-400 Air Pacific Textures only: Island of Vanua Levu. Repaint of the Default 747. 3MB
FSX Boeing 700 KLM Double Decker Twin Concept, including a different new Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Seating for 450 passengers on two decks in a three class arrangement with a range of 9600 nm. This futuristic concept could eventually be the Boeing 747 successor. Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette . 1.7MB
FSX Airbus 333 DragonAir . Hong Kong's Dragonair celebrates its 20th Anniversary Aircraft. Model by Project Opensky. Painted by Ken Ma. 4.8MB
FSX Boeing 747-400 China Airlines Textures only for the Default 747-400. by Jathedar, including beautiful Night textures. 2.5MB
FSX Airbus A321 Aurora Airways Textures only for the Default A321. Painted by: Justin "Fab208" Rider. 1.8MB
FSX Bombardier CRJ-700 Air Canada Jazz Textures only. Textures for the default CRJ ncluding beautiful Night textures. Air Canada flies CRJ-705 series. These are copies of original jets with registration numbers C-GLJZ, C-FKJZ, C-FCJZ, C-FDJZ . 6.8MB
FSX/FS2004 Boeing 707C (KC) Fuerza Aerea Espanola Textures & Mdl File only. Includes a new model and two textures'configurations (TANKS/NO TANKS). Requires ALL707.zip. By Libardo Guzman. 8.9MB
FSX Boeing 747-400 JAL Dream Express "Tokyo Disney Sea" Texture Only. JA8912 - JAL celebrates to its 50th Anniversary and Tokyo Disney Sea Open. Repainted for the default FSX Boeing 747-400 By Ken Ma. 2.2MB
FSX CRJ-700 World Travel Airlines Textures only for the default CRJ. By Victor Vu. 1.9MB
FSX Bombardier CRJ-700 American Pacific Textures only for the default CRJ. By Victor Vu. 2MB
FSX Boeing 747-400 Syrian Air Textures only for the default 747. I know that they only have 747SPs, but this repaint was specially requested. Repaint by Holton Hancock. 2MB
FSX CRJ 700 WTA (World Travel Airlines from FS9) Textures only for the default FSX CRJ-700. Victor Vu. 2.6MB
FSX Boeing 747-400 Thai Textures only for the default 747. : Dararasmi HS-TGY Livery, including hi-res Night textures. Repaint by: Jathedar. 4.3MB

FSX-SP2 Cessna Citation 500 Package. This is a complete Model made by compiled XML code in MDL format ,in other words is my first original FSX-SDK-SP2. The highly popular Cessna 500 Citation and 500 Citation I pioneered the entry level light business jet market, and their success formed the basis for the world's largest family of corporate jets. By Alejandro Rojas Lucena. 36.5MB
FS2004 Boeing 707-328C (KC) South African Air Force MDL file and Textures only. . Includes a new model and texture. Requires ALL707.zip (here). By Libardo Guzman. 8.6MB

FSX Compatible Bombardier BD-700 Global Express Package. The Global Express package was designed for FS2004 and is released as freeware.The package contains model, sound, panel and textures. The aircraft features full animation, (gear, flaps, elevators, spoilers and opening door) and some special effects. The airfile is based on actual info of the aircraft. The main panel was designed from photos of the Global Express, and features a full glass cockpit. All subpanels open from the main panel. All gauges were designed in xml format. Please read the manual for instructions. Thinus Pretorius. Gauges/VC: All seem OK. Glass: - not visible. All else seems OK. FSX Compatible & tested. Thumbnails added by Danny Garnier. 18.1MB
FSX/FS2004 Boeing 707-328C South African Air Force "NO PODS" and textures. Includes the fixed KC (PODS) model. Requires ALL707.zip. By Libardo Guzman. 8.6MB
FSX Airbus A340-313X Olympic Airlines. In this package you can fly the one of the four Airbus A340-300 of the Olympic Airlines, the SX-DFA Olympia. To create this we use the famous A340-300 of Project Opensky. Because of the incompatibility of many gauges in FSX we were happy when we saw that the panel of Ken Mitchell is working in FSX! Also we include some marvelous sounds of the CFM56 of André Silva. So we decide to make a repaint for this aircraft. Features: panel, Virtual Cockpit, realistic Sounds and reworked flight dynamics.Model: Project Opensky Panel & Gauges: Ken Mitchell Sounds: André Silva Modified Panel for the FSX: Panagiotis Delizisis Textures: Thanasis Delizisis & Panagiotis Delizisis Reworked Flight Dynamics: Panagiotis Delizisis. 52.7MB
FSX A321American Pacific Textures only for the default A321. This is one of another repaint from the FSX Default A321. This repaint came from the FS2004 American Pacific livery. Although not the exact repaint from another FS2004 737, this aircraft does not have American Pacific Airways when it came out from the box. Splash screen included. This is another repaint from the A321 and from a livery. 3.5MB
FSX Cessna Citation I-500 IFARN Textures only. This repaint is based of a real life citation 500 registered as I-FARN. Requires Citation 500 Package above. John Hughes. 2.3MB
FSX Boeing 737-800 EasyJet Textures only for the default B737. Repaint by Mustafa Sazak. 2.4MB
FSX Airbus A321 Saudi Arabian Airlines Textures only. This is a repaint of the default FSX Airbus A321 in Saudi Arabian Airlines. Saudi Arabian Airlines started out in 1945 with a single twin-engined DC-3(Dakota) HZ-AAX. Today, Saudi Arabian Airlines fleet is among the youngest in the world. Azrin Jumat. 8MB
FSX A321 in South African Airways Textures only. This is a repaint of the default FSX Airbus A321 in South African Airways colours. The aircraft is ZS-SFK. Peter Tredre. 3MB
FSX USA Airlines Textures Package for CRJ-700. American Eagle, Continental Express (Chatauqua Airlines), Delta Connection (American Southeast), Horizon and United Express (Skywest) textures for the default Bombardier CRJ-700. By George Hutton. 6.4MB
FSX Boeing 737-800 Airtran textures for the default 737-800. 7.9MB
FSX Boeing 747-400 Saudi Arabian Textures only. This is a repaint of the FSX default Boeing 747-400 in Saudi Arabian colours. Today Saudi Arabian Airlines has some one hundred and thirty-nine (139) aircrafts, including the latest and most advanced widebodied jets presently available: B747-400s, B747-300s, B747-100s, B777-200s, Airbus A300-600s, MD-11s and MD90s. Aircraft regristration, HZ-AIZ. Repaint by Azrin Jumat & Marwan Abdul Latif. 2MB
FSX CRJ 700 Aurigny Airlines, Guernsey, Textures only. 6.8MB
FSX Bombardier/Canadair CRJ-700 British Airways Textures only. Repaint of the default FSX Bombardier/Canadair CRJ-700. David Morgan. 833K
FSX Airbus A350-1000 XWB Thai Airways International (Extra Wide Body).features a 6 wheels landing gear a la 777, including a different new Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 1.6MB