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FSX BAE Nimrod MR.1 RAF Package. This download depicts the MR1 version of the RAF Nimrod. it comes in 201 SQN markings based at RAF Kinloss, and two-tone colours of Kinloss and St Mawgan. it includes the full model of the MR1 made in FSDS2. It also comes with 2d panel and sounds. Aircraft by Matt Baker and UKMIL. 15.5MB
FSX/FS2004 Grumman F-14D Tomcat Textures Package (revised). Requires FSX Grumman F-14D Tomcat Rev.0 (below) VF-2 Bounty Hunters reworked from an original texture by STeve Hinson used here with permission. VF-1 wolfpack VF-31 Tomcatters VF-101 Grim Reapers VF-211 Checkmates VF-33 Starfighters VX-30 Salty Dogs Below created by Tom Krekeler from information and or photographs collected from various sources on the internet and intended for freeware use only. 25MB

FSX Boeing B52G and B52D adapted from FS2004. Visual model with no VC & panel aliased to the B747 panel.( The superb original comprehensive package is here!). Original by Team KBT. 16.5MB

Update: Panel - this is a B-52 Style panel to replace the B747 panel included. 235K

FSX Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing. Aadapted from FS2004 version. Original Created by J. Higgs. 4.1MB

Fix. Aligns smoke with engines . 4K

FSX Bell X1. Adapted from FS2004. Special Thanks to Dave Garwood, Julian Higgs and Bob Chicilo for the Bell X-1. 1.2MB
FSX Grumman X-29 NASA . Aadapted from FS2004. This model is real based on NASA specification X-29 with fully animated parts. By Kazunori Ito. 953K
FSX Boeing C-17 Cargomaster III Intended to replace the venerable C-141, the C-17 fulfills the airlift mission like no aircraft before it. Able to lift bulky heavy loads it can operate out of airstrips that were previously reachable only by much smaller aircraft. Adapted from the FS2004 model By Mike Stone. 2d only cockpit - No VC. 3.2MB

FSX F-86 Sabre. There are 22 different models included. There's a detailed and realistic looking virtual cockpit for a great flying experience (Sorry no working gauges though). I've also created a 2D panel with a combination of default and slightly modified default gauges. Enjoy! Original FS2004 GMax model byKirk Olsson (Original package sabrejet.zip here - not required but may work fine in FSX & does have gauges!). Adapted for FSX by Eric Buchmann. 26.6MB

Update: Panel Fix. This is an update for FSX of a panel that came with this F-86 Sabre. Any of the sabres I have from FS9 don't show up, or have visual flaws, like no canopy glass; so I cannot supply a plane with this panel. It can be used with any single engine jet that does not have a panel that works in FSX. Bob Chicolo. 974K

FSX X-45 Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV). Modified to work in FSX from the original FS2004 X45 by Kazunori Ito. No VC. Uploaded by Eric Buckman. 490K