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FSX Star Wars Millenium Falcon - Maximum Performance - full envelope - capable of FSX Max speed; (2667 kts/ GPS-GS) - Stable and Strong under Extreme G loads and maximum dynamic pressures - Ultra efficient , High Thrust ,SuperSpoilers - Deflection flaps for hovering flight * for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald . 7.3MB
FSX/FS2004 Ducati Multistrada 110S BETA version 2. This is a second test version of the upcoming full package that features the Ducati motorcycle. This beta comes with more complex animations such as head and arm movements from the driver as well as rear suspension added, dynamic virtual cockpit, and still-challenging dynamics. Source textures are now added for the main surface of the motorcycle [windscreen frame, fuel tank, and seat frame]. The overall purpose of this addon is to allow you to apply your own textures and have them included in the final release. Jessy Corrales FlightSimGroundVehicles.com. 2.5MB
FSX Adventure: 'Wrong Way Charlie'. Charlie Hungsfinger Took off from KaraKose in Eastern Turkey in his Yellow Piper Cub happy to fly his 87 take off in his Eastern Europe VFR tour.After a great 400 ft high, mountain hopping flight he desided to land in a little town he saw at his 3 O´clock to get some water something to eat and directions for he knew he was lost. He called the tower at Karakose and told them of his intentions. Two hours later Charlie was behind bars in an Iranian Army base....With a possible International Incident about to happen! Gera Godoy. 299K

FSX/FS2004 Ducati Multistrada 1100 S Package. There were many motorcycle addons that came before this one, but the Ducati stands out as the most unique so far. Featuring a sleak look using a poly-modeling technique, and providing source textures for the look, repainters can give this two-wheeled machine a style of their own. And with sound files based completely on the real Ducati, and animations, it can provide a greater sense of realism. The photorealistic 2D panel was taken from an online image posted on the net. It doesn't accurately represent the right model of the Ducati, but it's the best [and only] shot I could find that had the right quality of both lighting and sharpness; therefore, it became the prime choice for a 2D panel. The sounds were also aquired from the net and were edited with Magix MP3 Maker and then compiled using FS Sound Studio. By FSGV (Flight Sim Ground Vehicles) and Jessy Corrales. 11.3MB

FS2004 FSX Lexus LS430. Includes opening doors, windows, sunroof & virtual interior. By Mitsuya Hamaguchi (hama). 3.7MB
FSX/FS2004 Piaggio Vespacar P-50. By Mitsuya Hamaguchi (hama). 3.7MB

FS2004/FSX Mercedes Benz Unimog Army Truck. Includes opening doors, windows & virtual interior. By Mitsuya Hamaguchi (hama). 1.5MB

FSX Star Wars Millenium Falcon Update. This file upgrades the Star Wars Millenium Falcon for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald (above). It will install floodlights around the bottom of the falcon and the foward red position lights as wells as the foward floodlights. 32K
FSX Space Shuttle Atlantis Rev 1.0 (Corrected after rogue upload)- Updated version W/ learjet engines so the shuttle now 10 times more controllable is also less fast but fast enough. Ascend to 600,000ft under your own power and then throttle back or shut down for re-entry. watch that angle of attack. No VC - elevons and rudder/spoiler control surfaces. body flap gear and cargo bay doors animated - uses b737-800 panel from FSX - compiled with FS9 SDK , tested in FSX * for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald . 7.4MB
FSX Space Shuttle & Mission. You will have no control over the Launch..(Houston) does that..so just go along for the ride.. but once at 800,000 ft you will be given info as to if you wish to take control or continue the ride.. There are no REwards in this mission.. it is just a space ride..and it took the FSX missions tool to make it work. Ron Jeffers. 5.3MB
FSX Landing Lights Mod. These lights will change your landing lights into a more life like one. This will only work with FSX. FS 2004 is not able to handle these codes. Author: Chris Tomlin. 17K