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FSX Cessna 421 Panel. You can use this panel for any twin engine piston plane. I have no idea where all of the gauges came from, except one, that is the f-16 radar by Eric Marchiano. To make this gauge work, you must have a copy of fsuip (here) either registered or non registered. Jim "pappy" Welch. 9.7MB
FSX 2D Cessna C208 Caravan Panel. Designed from a real photo as replacement for the default FSX C208. XML gauges from MSFSX (just one slightly modified). No change at all for 3D panel. By Pierre Fasseaux. 954K
FSX Generic Twin Business Jet Panel. Could be used for many light twin jets. Autopilot, etc all work, Required FSUIP here. Jim"Pappy" Welch from an original Bitmap. 9.2MB
FSX Embraer ERJ 170 panel. Original bitmap and gauge artwork by Marco Spada. Uses only default fsx gauges. Marco Spada. 1.7MB

FSX MD80 Panel. Made by Marco Spada using an original bitmap and assembling default and various author's xml gauges. 1.4MB

Fix for MD80 Panel. Updated "panel.cfg" file to fix ASI Airspeed non working correctly with some MD80/83 flight models like FFX/SGA. 3K

FSX / FS2004 Generic Photoreal old style Jet Fighter Panel. Suitable for any kind of jet fighter from the fifties or sixties (Mirage, Saab Draken, Super Sabre, Starfighter, Panther, etc ...). Made for you if you are tired with EFIS, glass cockpits and digital things and if you prefer the typical look of those old cockpits used during the Cold War ... by Pat Grange. 3.6MB
FSX Boeing 747-400 Deluxe Panel ver 7.0. (WestWind Airlines Version). By John J Schumacher. 1.5MB
FSX Cessna C152 2D Panel. All XML gauges (MS or home made). By Pierre Fasseaux. 1.4MB
FSX MD-11/ 3 Engine Jet Panel. Created for an MD-11 but could be used in some other 3 engine jets. Adapted for FSX by Eric Buchmann. 227K
FSX F/A-18 Panel with realistic HUD F/A-18 HUD and panel (2D and 3D) for use with Team FS KBT’s Super Hornet (here). Built from scratch for FSX, and at higher resolution than previous versions. Works well within the 3-D virtual cockpit. Multiple zooms in 2D also supported. Very little framerate loss in fullscreen. The symbology is now much more realistic (almost identical, pixel for pixel, to the real Hornet’s. See pics and video within.) New HUD features added, including courseline steering arrow (can be linked to NAV1, NAV2, or GPS), multiple clock modes, realistic HUD reject options, altitude options, energy caret, etc. Many pics and vids within, as well as useful and informative documents, including actual carrier pattern specs. By Scott Printz
FS2004/FSX F-16 Panel. Includes the new radar gauge developed by Eric Marciano for fighter jets: radar gauge showing AI aircraft and multi-player aircrafts plus HUD gauge with adjustable brightness. Based on Johan Peeter's F-16 Fighting Falcon panel graphics. By Eric Marciano. 1.8MB
FSX Piper Pa28 Panel. Uses a photorealistic bitmap and only default gauges. Panel made by Marco Spada. 921K
FSX Piper PA28R 2D Panel. Another panel for this aircraft - particularly for the Arrow built by Hauke Keitel. With gauges made by H. Keitel but some new XML gauges by the author. 3D panel by H. Keitel stays unchanged. By Pierre Fasseaux. 2MB

FSX - Piper PA28R 2D "beige" panel. And another panel for this aircraft, designed on the Hauke Keitel's Piper but independant of it. XML gauges of which some new ones by the author. No 3D panel. By Pierre Fasseaux. 3.3MB

Fix: FSX - Piper PA28R 2D "beige" panel - FIX . Night panel for the file "fppa28ei.zip", the original is blind ! With my apologies, Pierre Fasseaux. 550K

FSX Dash-8-300 2D Panel. XML gauges of which many newly built by the author. Panel built on the Dash8 modified by Eric Buchmann for FSX and based on the works by Barry Blaisdell and Bob May - see "fsxpadd8.zip". Not fully operating with FS2004 (some secondary AP actions have to be adapted - later). By Pierre Fasseaux. 1.8MB
FSX Alternative Cessna C208 Caravan 2D panel. Another one ! ... As a replacement for the default FSX C208. Based on photograph with XML gauges mainly from MSFSX (some of them slightly modified). No change at all for the VC. By Pierre Fasseaux. 1.4MB
FSX Flight Management Automation (FMA), adds VNAV automation to the FSX default Boeing 747 like an FMC. It also features thrust selection for a "pitch for air speed" logic as well as autoland for fully automated landings. If you want it to, FMA is capable of completing an entire flight on its own just after rotation. Also included is a version that handles only the VNAV. Each version now has an optional step climb feature. Additionally FMA can be deactivated at any time and doesn't use extra buttons allowing you to control it completely from the VC. This revision (version 2.0) includes many fixes detailed in the instructions. 9MB
FSX Embraer 120 2D panel v 3.0. Also for FS2004. Based on my former bitmap panels but slightly revisited. Upgraded set of gauges as annunciator, quadrant, new overhead panel, ... and some other improvements. Still based on the beautiful "Brazilia" designed by Eric Cantu. By Pierre Fasseaux. 1.6MB
FSX Diamond DA-40FP Panel. Used default FSX Gauges. Panel by iris Marrero. 1.1MB
FSX HUD for Commercial Jets. JelAir HUD including manual, version 3. Jacob Larsen. 990K
FSX F-15E Panel. There are little to no F-15E panels in FSX. This is a simple but as accurate as possible F-15E panel. This package contains xml and regular gauges that work in FSX and represents the F-15E Strike Eagle cockpit. Only the bare essentials for flying were included. The F-15E Strike Eagle is a two-seater. In the rear seats the Weapons Safety Office (WSO). Therefore, this package contains the cockpit of the WSO too. The WSO is a pilot and if needed, can fly the jet from the back seat. The Coral_f-15_v2.cab is required and may be obtained here. Gauge credits where known included. Dana Eng. 5MB
FSX Airbus A-380 panel. Based on actual aircraft photos, this panel has all its gauges custumized. By Hector Molina. 1.7MB
FSX Airbus A320 Panel. All gauges work with P.A. flight model anda are only FSX default gauges. This panel may be used as alternate panel for default A-321 with working virtual cockpit. By Marco Spada. 2.9MB