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FS2004/FSX Convair CV-440 Mohawk. This Mohawk livery commemorates a special edition of the airline as it appeared on the Convair 440 Metropolitan in the 1960's. The designation was "Mohawk's Luxurious GOLDEN Metropolitan 440". Complete model is included. Can also be used in FSX and FS2004. Repaint: Jaap de Baare. 2.6MB

Fix: The Golden Metropolitan Convair 440 has a small error in the night textures. Engine number 2 is not properly textured and might show up as "see through" at night. This fix will correct that. 1K

FSX Nardi FN-333 Riviera Package. Animated gear, dampers, propellers, doors, and control surfaces, Dynamic Clickable VC (virtal cockpit). The classy looking Riviera amphibian is "Seabee" in Italian style... Built by Nardi and Siai-Marchetti, supposedly only 23 were built during the early 1960ies by Siai-Marcheti, the majority of them being sold to America. As every italian design, it is built to go fast. It seats 4 people including the pilot, the reversible propeller gives it superb manouverability in water (and taxi). It is a high-wing anphibian aircraft with double tailfin and pusher propeller. Read notes before flying! (FN333_check.htm, FN333_ref.htm & panel_FN333.htm, plus the document you are currently reading. This model features advanced flight dynamics, detailed external model, detailed photreal virtual cockpit and virtual cabin with night lighting, custom effects, etc. Design & Artwork by Mario Noriega. 15MB

FSX Denmark ATR72-200/500 Package. This package features a complete model by Sánchez-Castañer, with everything what's needed to fly this aircraft in flightsimulator X. Aircraft features four liveries by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg ( OY-CIO Team Lufthansa, OY-CIM Cimber Air, OY-ATB Scandinavian airlines and OY-RUB Air Transport ), made from body textures originally by Edward Cox. ATR photoreal panel with working yokes by Harald Scheidl, panel VC (virtual cockpit) and autopilot, working radar by Jean-Pierre Langer (JP3A), showing AI traffic. Other features accurate light placement, full animations, accurately shaped wings, flaps, and fuselage, and opening passenger door, cargo door. The package also contains realistic ATR Turboprop sound from France Aviation Virtuelle. Model by Francisco Sánchez-Castañer and Improved flight dynamics by Andy Berry. Manual / Checklist ATR 72500 by Werner Schott. Pack, texture and update by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg. 45MB
FSX Beechcraft Baron American Textures. These are textures only for the stock FSX Beechcraft Baron. This is a fictional repaint with American Registry. Remember to turn off 'Show Aircraft Numbers' in FSX. These are DDS textures and will only work in the FSX Sim Gamepack. By William Ortis. 2.7MB
FSX Beechcraft Baron Canadian Textures. This is a repaint for the stock FSX Beechcraft Baron. This is a fictional repaint with Canadian Registry. Remember to turn off 'Show Aircraft Numbers' in FSX. These are DDS textures and will only work in the FSX Sim Gamepack. By William Ortis. 2.5MB

FSX/FS2004 Pilatus PC-7 Turbotrainer Package. Swiss turboprop training aircraft. Started the new market for turboprop trainers in late '70's. The PC-7 has proven itself with many air arms around the world. Several are also on the civil registers of several nations. This release includes 6 paint schemes. Will work in FS2004, with the usual tweaks. 10.5MB

FSX Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat Package. The A-22 'Foxbat' is available as a Ready-To-Fly factory built aircraft or as an advanced kit. Building time for the kit is 300 to 500hrs. Designed by former Antonov design engineer, Yuri Yakovlev , the A-22 is one of a line of many aircraft produced by Aeroprakt in the Ukraine. Construction is aluminium with some parts of the wing and control surfaces covered with Ceconite. The A-22 is powered by the reliable Rotax 912 or 912S engine, and the 3-blade composite ground adjustable propellor from KievProp is very quiet. A cabin width of 120cm (128cm at the elbows) ensures ample room for pilot and passenger. As a comparison, the cabin with of a Cessna 172 is 100cm and a Jabiru SP is 97cm (107cm at the elbows). Transparent doors with convex sides allow for excellent downward visibility. The instrument panel has room for a generous instrument layout. Dual controls are standard with options of either conventional control yokes or a centre stick. A centre stick with a "Y" grip is also available. Basic VFR flight and engine instruments are included with the ready-to-fly aircraft. A stall speed of 50kph (30mph) using the full span flapperons puts the A-22 safely into the microlight category. The all round visibility from the A-22 is spectacular. Rick Piper. 15.7MB
FSX Europa XS Trike Gear One of the most popular Kit Built Aircraft in the world (over 600 kits sold) with a sparkling performance,long range, good baggage space,quite aerobatic,quickly and easily dis-assembled,and,to say the least,very good looking. 2D/3D cockpit (Virtual cockpit). Aircraft and All by Frank Elton. 3.3MB
FS2004/FSX Convair CV-440 Mackey Intl. Airlines. This color scheme represents the livery of "Mackey International Airlines" as it appeared on their Convair 440 Metropolitan in the 1970's. Aircraft: CN436 - Registration: N441JM According to a 1975 timetable Mackey International flew from Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami to the Bahamas and the British West Indies. Complete model is included and can also be used in FSX. Repaint by: Jaap de Baare. 2.5MB