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FSX Piper PA28-201 Silver. This is a Repaint of Hauke Keitel's Piper PA28-201 For Flight Simulator X .. Aircraft is Painted in a Highly Reflective Finish this Effect achieved with the use of a Modified Alpha Channel.This Technique Created and Used by Rooks Design Graphics .. This is a Complete Aircraft.. Textures By Mark Rooks. 2.7MB
FSX Lancair RDG. This is a highly modified version of Robert Christopher's Lancair For Flight Simulator X .. Aircraft is painted in Highly Reflective Textures this Effect achieved with the use of a modified Alpha Channel This technique created and used by Rooks Design Graphics, Airfile And CFG and Textures Created by Mary Moo of Rooks Design Graphics ( RDG ) . 3.3MB
FSX Beriev Be-103 Package (Final Update) This fix is the entire aircraft file, it fixes some minor issues and the VC gauges work now. If you already have a version of the Beriev Be-103 i strongly reccomend you download this update;Joseph Binka - Gmax; Heather Sherman -Textures; Herb Morse - Air Files; Lars Hoyer & Terrell Bradley - V.C.Modified to work in FSX by - Davis Snedeker. 8.5MB
FSX King Air 350 RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia Textures only. (aircraft VH-MVY) Default FSX King air. This is a repaint of a King Air 350 in the colors of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. I made this repaint by request from Bernie Spanier. He was trying to fly Mike Hill's RFDS KingAir 200 in FSX and he wasn't happy with the compatibility issues common when trying to fly FS2004 planes in FSX. He liked the camo repaint I did of the King Air 350 for FSX and he asked me if I could do a 350 in RFDS colors. I made some research on the net and found that the VH-MVY plane (a king Air 200 in real life) paint job looks a lot liked the blue-gold scheme on one of the default microsoft planes. After modifying the microsoft paint job extensively, here's the result.

FSX Cessna 177RG Package. A Gmax FSX/SDK retractable landing gear version of Cessna's proposed replacement for the 172. At 200hp and considerably more aerodynamic than the 172, it was truly a standout airplane in its own right. This model is based on the real C177RG in which I received my complex endorsement. Full function VC with accurately modified gauges. As always, many thanks to the crew at Simviation and Free Flight Design. Model, textures and flight dynamics by Brett Henderson.. 4.7MB

FSX / FS2004 Piper Warrior II PA-28-160, latest revision, with XML gauges. Especially the virtual cockpit was improved. There are two 2D panels: one for 4x3 and one for 16x9 monitors. The PH-SVG is an aircraft of the Rotterdam Flying Club. By Rien Cornelissen. 4.6MB
FS2004/FSX Cessna 120. This FSDSv3 project depicts a 1946 Cessna 120, specifically N2098V, in which the designer soloed in 1948. It is a "best effort" to make it look as it did in 1948. It displays and flies equally well in FS2004 and FSX. By Paul Clawson. 1.3MB

FS2004/FSX Super King Air 300 Package, v1.0. IncludesVC with full night lighting, smooth gauges and clikckable switches. Parked aircraft has streamers and wheel chocks. This is a complete aircraft containing sounds and effects. Manual included. Authors: Allied FS Group/ Esa Kaihlanen, Juri Pelkonen, Ari Kaihlanen, Siegfried Schaeffer, Rui Cristina, et al. 42MB

Update: AFG Super King Air 300 v1.01 Update This update will fix and improve some of the flight modeling issues that has been reported since the release of the version 1.0. Also includes one new livery. Original release version required. Authors: Allied FS Group . 5MB

FSX Lockheed L-188 Electra II Package. Multiple livery Electras with new start sounds and sound system for FSX. This is the Reeve Aircraft with wing and prop textures that look and work a bit better in FSX. Included is the PSA aircraft along with it. Included with the package are smoke effects. Multiple Panel views but no VC. Model by J R Lucariny. Multiple liveries by various painters. Assembled for FSX by Victor N Merculief Jr. 100MB

Lockheed Electra pilot and co-pilot wing views. 94K

FS2004/FSX Piper Arrow III PA-28R-201, non-turbo. Latest revision, with XML gauges. Especially the virtual cockpit was improved. There are two 2D panels: one for 4x3 and one for 16x9 monitors. The N1927H is owned by Ben Weltevrede and is based at Rotterdam Airport. By Rien Cornelissen. 3.6MB