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Scenery Page 14
FSX Croda Italian Dolomites Photoreal Scenery. Italian Dolomites Mountains/Italian Alps. It use real images taken from a local pilot to reproduce the Mont Blanc mountain to stunning realistic details ! This addon files can be used on its own - or with the ItalVFR scenery coverage package Liguria (here) and Valled D'Aosta to achieve a wide photorealistic coverage. 81MB
FSX KPWT Bremerton National Airport WA. This is scenery for the KPWT airport about 25 miles west of Seattle Tacoma intl. It includes a company FBO, company hanger, cargo parking, glider club, and more. Advance feathers are animals on field (birds above and a bear hidden in the woods just behind runway 19), a hot air ballooned above the field. People placed in the field. Objects in the hanger. 3.1MB
FS2004 WW1 'Western Front' Scenery. World War 1 Scenery of the Western front, Europe. Includes AI aircraft. By Mike Dews and Bob Baum for ALPHASIM. 4.4MB
FSX Sassolungo Group, Dolomites (Italian Alps) 'Trentino' scenery. Add-on scenery for the freeware ItalVFR coverage region of Trentino (here). It use real images taken by a local pilot to reproduce the Sassolungo mountains group to stunning realistic details. This add-on uses an elaborated graphic production process to mostly eliminate vertical distortions of photorealistic scenery when used on vertical surfaces. 45MB
FS2004/FSX Sierra Nevada Package Part 5: Yosemite National Park northwest, California (CA). This is the fifth part of BlueSky's Sierra Nevada project and the second part of Yosemite National Park. It connects seamlessly and extends the fourth part (YOS08LR.ZIP) to the northwest. Contains Yosemite Valley with all the popular sights like Half Dome and Glacier Point. Goes up to Hetch Hetchy and beyond. The total coverage of all five parts is now already 17,500 sq km. By Gottfried Razek. http://www.blueskyscenery.com. 94.6MB
FSX Worn Runway Texture. This runway texture replaces the default runway in airports with concrete runways and gives it a more heavily used look. Picture is of KLAX Be sure to backup your original runway11.dds texture file incase you want to go back to it.Jeff Pierce. 479K
FSX Seattle Area Airports Scenery . 5 airports within 50 miles of Seattle KPWT KRNT KSEA KRNT KTCM. By Tim Tom. 15K
FSX DDH16 Landable Carrier. Static &AI Model included. Mitsuya Hamaguchi. 4.9MB
FSX Honolulu carrier, boats, and balloons. This addon places a carrier of the coast of PHNL(Honolulu Intl) along with other ships near the harbor, plus some hot ai baloons close to the airport but wont affect takeoffs or landings. By Derek Souza. 2K
FSX/FS2004 Reno Air Race Scenery. This scenery is for the Reno/Stead Airport in FS9 & FSX. The scenery places markers where the poles are in the Reno Air Race mission in FSX: Acceleration, so you can race the same course during free flight and in FS9. Daniel Kemmer. 1MB