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Vintage Aircraft Page 14
FSX/ FS2004 Bristol Brabazon 1. This huge and good-looking aircraft was planned as a transatlantic airliner for BOAC. It was powered by eight Bristol Centaurus radial engines, and flew for the first time in 1949. The Brabazon never entered production.By Jens B. Kristensen. 8.2MB
FS2004/FSX Eastern Airlines L-1049G Super Constellation Textures only for Mike Stone's model. You will need Mike Stone's Super Constellation here. Textures by Gary Harper. 2.4MB
FSX Ford Tri-Motor Package. This file contains the Default FS2004 Ford TRI-Motor coverted to FSX. Also has improved graphics and flght dynamics. Package put together By: David Grindele. 49.5MB
FSX Curtiss CW-1 "Junior". This is a true FSX version of the "Junior" created with FSDSv3.51 and compiled with Xtomdl. It has the usual animations, landing light, and Nav lights. It comes with two liveries; a factory paint job and a white livery from the last existing CW-1 in France. It has a 2D panel and a VC with moving controls. By Paul Clawson. 769K

FS2004/FSX AEG G.IV-K Grossflugzeug. German 1918 short-range tactical day and night bomber, renowned as an easy to fly, rugged machine, with an all metal welded tube frame, a biplane tail and a 20mm cannon in the nose.Special throttle limited engines need careful settings up to 3,000ft as with the real machine. GMAX model by A.F.Scrub. 7.7MB
FSX DeHavilland Comet Package. This file contains the default FS2004 DeHavilland Comet that has been coverted to FSX with a lot of updates, including better flight dynamics and lights. Also includes three repaints. Package by David Grindele. 22.3MB
FSX Curtis Jenny. Since the Curtiss Jenny didn't have nav lights or landing Lights, I kept it that way to be as real as possible. Although I did add better flight dynamics and smoke effects. This aircraft was the FS9 model that was converted to FSX and will no longer work in FS9 with the conversion added.David Grindele. 32MB
FSX Lockheed Vega. FS9 Default Lockheed Vega Converted TO FSX I have given the Converted Lockheed_Vega alot of new updates. If you have the Shockwave 3D Lights installed thenyou will have them here also. Along with better flight dynamics and Nav lights and beacons have also been up-dated.Package put together By: David Grindele. 25.3MB
FSX PT-17 Stearman Package. This file contains a revision of Dave Eckerts PT Series with minor updates for FSX. This aircraft is fantastic and I don't believe you could purchase a better plane. Thanks to Dave Eckert. Package This package contains 12 new repaints and 17 new Splashscreens and is free for all to enjoy.Compiled by: David Grindele. 77.3MB
FSX Spirit of St Louis Package. This file contains the Default Fs9 Spirit of St Louis that has been coverted to FSX. Package put together By: David Grindele 13.7MB