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Vintage Aircraft Page 22

FSX Dornier Do335 Package. Multiple aircraft package from WW2 Luftwaffe. Package includes comprehensive model, interior and operating manual. The unusual tandem engine layout of the Do335 was first patented by Dr. Claude Dornier in 1937. Permission to build a prototype was withheld until 1942, and the first operational units arrived just before the end of the war. The 'Pfeil' (Arrow) never saw combat operations, but would have wreaked havoc among the Allied bomber streams. Depicted is the A-1 day fighter, though a two-seat night fighter (the A-6) was also deployed. An improved B series was also in prototype stage by war's end. All credit goes to simTECH Flight Design Ltd. Originally a payware aircaraft released as freeware for FS2004. When loading 'allow' gauges. Full VC works OK in FSX. I found this great bird in my FS2004 collection & as it works fine in my FSX SP2 I have prepared thumbnails to make it easier for FSX users. Thumbnails for FSX by Danny Garnier. 95MB

Textures pack 1: Texture sets for Luftwaffe JG26 Africa, JG26 B, Bnyevmen, Lehrgeschwader and Shchipov. 51.8MB

Textures pack 2: Texture sets for Luftwaffe Smugglers Blues, STURMJAEGER, Wild Sua, JG 77, Jv 44, G213, JG1 68.8MB

Textures pack 3: Texture sets for Luftwaffe JG1 QESAU, JG101, RXHN, StabII STG, STDO3352, STPDO335C, Wespen, KG(J) Totenkopf 83.5MB

FSX/FS2004 Savoia Marchetti S.81 Pipistrello Package. The Savoia Marchetti (SIAI) SM81 was the armed bomber/transport version of the SM73 airliner. This SM81 package is partially derived from my previous S73_V20.zip, but a lot of parts were completely rebuilt. Flight dynamics, panel and gauges were designed after studying the original manuals of the aircraft and its related instruments and engines. This archive contains four variants, each with different engines and operating procedures: the Piaggio P.X/RC15, Alfa Romeo A.R.125/RC35, Alfa Romeo A.R.126/RC34 and Gnome et Rhone 14K Mistral Major. Seven liveries are included: Five Regia Aeronautica (Royal Italian Air Force) and two Spanish Nationalist Air Force. All standard animations are present and all MDLs also feature animated turrets, gondola and gun hatches. This "Pipistrello" package is completed of panel, gauges, sounds and virtual cockpit. It's optimised for FS9, but will work (perhaps with minor errors) in FSX (a bitmap file must to be replaced). Models by Stefano Meneghini, paints by Manuele Villa, flight dynamics and reference notes by FSAviator. See also "ReadMe.txt" and "understanding the SM81.txt" for more details. 25.7MB
FS2004/FSX Armstrong Whitworth Siskin Fighter. The Armstrong Whitworth Siskin series of aircraft was the first "all-metal" UK fighter aircraft. Impressively, the Siskin series soldiered on throughout the 1930's, being retired from RAF use in 1932 and staying in service with Canadian forces as late as 1939. Siskins later would begin developing a tradition for acrobatic flying capabilities leading up to some famous traveling circuses. Complete model by A.F.Scrub. 3.5MB

FSX Hawker Hurricane IId "The Tin Opener" Package. Features a complex model with fully animated parts, detailed and animated pilot figure, removable cowlings and panels, Merlin XX engine and interior fuselage details, visual effects that include crash landings, complex virtual cockpit with clickable controls, custom gauges, and engine damage modeling. The model has accurate flight dynamics, with realistic stalls, and spins with autorotation. By Touch the Sky Simulations. Aircraft works fine in FSX. Glass OK. All gauges in VC seem fully FSX compatible. This aircraft is modified in any way. Full credit to the great talents of the creator of this wonderful aircraft. FSX Compatible & tested. Thumbnail added by Danny Garnier. 18MB

FSX Hawker Sea Fury T Mk20 Royal Navy Package. Includes models with and without droptanks. RNHF livery with a choice of painted aluminium and metallic textures is provided. Aircraft has many moving parts and lights and contrail effects. 2D cockpit and virtual cockpit as well as sounds are also included. By David Hanvey and Paul Barry. Airfile by Jerry Beckwith. VC OK with all gauges working (Allow all gauges). Canopy glass not visible. No mods made. Full credit to the talents of the aircraft creators. FSX Compatible & tested. Thumbnails added. by Danny Garnier. 18.1MB
FSX Plage & Laskiewicz Lublin RXIII D v1.0 Package. Comprehensive package. High detail. Manual included. Michal Puto. 43MB

FSX/FS2004 De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth Package - Detailed Aircraft and 3 General Liveries. Full VC. Tested for FSX: Gauges: All seem perfect Glass: OK - visible. This aircraft is not modified in any way. Full credit to the great talents of - Warwick Carter - Garry J. Smith - David Friswell FSX Compatible & tested. Thumbnails added by Danny Garnier. 6.5MB
FSX/FS2004 Savoia Marchetti S.81 Expansion package 1 This is an expansion package for the S81_v10.zip (above), regarding the FS9/FSX model of the SIAI SM81 Pipistrello, Italian bomber/transport aircraft. The archive contains four new model variants and four new liveries: A.N.R.,1st Gruppo Aerotrasporti "Felice Terracciano", Stormo Trasporti of the Italian Co-belligerent Air Force, "Trasporto Sanitario" (Air Ambulance,145th Transport Group) and pre-war "VIP" Transport . This is only an upgrade package, so you must have installed the main package S81_V10.zip before. It also contains upgrades regarding MDLs files of the main S81 package. Follow installation instructions for each FS2004/FSX cases. Models by Stefano Meneghini, paints by Manuele Villa, flight dynamics by FSAviator. See ReadMe.txt for more details. 20.4MB
FS2004/FSX Royal Aircraft Factory Se5A. Regarded as one of the great fighter aircraft of WW1, the SE5a had a reputation for strength and was a stable gun platform. It was the Allied's match to the German Fokker VII fighter. Original 3D model by Stuart Green. Updated and converted for FS9/FSX with new airfile, gauges and flying model by A.F.Scrub. 6.5MB

FSX Boeing P-12E. The Boeing P-12E was the last of a very successful USAAC pursuit series produced by Boeing in the 1930's. This is a true FSX model compiled with the FSX SP-2 SDK. It is painted for the 6th Pursuit Squadron, 18th Pursuit Group stationed at Wheeler Field, Hawaii. It has the usual animations, .dds textures, and bump maps. The VC features working instruments and animated flight controls. By Paul Clawson. 1.6MB

Update: This update solves a problem with the VC prop texture in P12E.zip. 327K