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Vintage Aircraft Page 3
FSX P51 Mustang D Crazy Horse. This is a Repaint of Roger Dial's P51 Mustang D Modified For Flight Simulator X .. Entitled "Crazy Horse" it was built in 1944 as a P-51D and later converted to North American standards as a dual cockpit / dual controlled TF-51 Mustang It wears the authentic colors of the 48th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group, 8th Air Force at Asche, Belgium, 1945."Crazy Horse" is one of only twelve dual controlled Mustangs existing in the world.This is a historicaly accurate.and is a Complete Aircraft Modified By Mark "Fireball" Rooks. 4MB
FSX P51 Mustang DT "Little One III". his is a Repaint of Roger Dial's P51 Mustang D For Flight Simulator X .. This is a Historically Accurate Repaint of the Aircraft Flown By Lt Col. Donald S. Bryan 324th FS of the 352th FG, " Little One III" Was destroyed on the ground on New Years Day, 1945 (the only casualty of the day). It had been flown by some one else and not parked in the correct place. One cannon round through the engine caused a fire. LT/COL Donald S. Bryan (Ret) was one of the four aces in a day from the 352th and had a total of 13.75 in flight kills which included a damage and a kill on an AR-234. This is a complete Aircraft Modified and Repainted For FSX By Mark " Fireball" Rooks of RSDG. 4.4MB

FSX WW2 fighter Spiteful Mk XVI: The Supermarine Spiteful was a direct development of the Spitfire using a new laminar flow wing . Spiteful RB518, was modified to Mark 16 configuration and fitted with a Griffon 101 engine . During a test in 1947 this aircraft attained 494 m.p.h. at 27,500ft. RB518 goes up to 430 knots as the real aircraft did. The model is made for FSX flightsim with special Airfile,and modified texture by A.F.Scrub. 6.7MB

FSX Spitful Gunsfiring Modification: This a small update, you may try it if you like. It makes the guns fire with sound, flash, smoke and falling cartridges when triggering the 'O' key. It is much nicer however if you put the standard Strobe key (O) to the trigger from your joystick. You can change this in the Key menu... By A.F.Scrub. 663K

FSX/FS2004 Bleriot XI special 97th anniversary of the Channel crossing. Model from the original airplane stored in "Musée du Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers" PARIS. New release of The model , try it !!! and enjoy !!! To download the complete model or model for FS2002 , CFS3, go to http://perso.wanadoo.fr/bleriot11 Complete poor avionics and high textures virtual cockpit; Model and texture by Jean-Michel Castagne Author: Jean-Michel Castagne. 3.1MB

Note: Install this into a Temp folder 1st as the auto install is not properly configured for FSX

FSX Curtis P40B Tex Hill's Flying Tigers. This is an updated version P40B For Flight Simulator X The paint scheme is the AVC Flying Tigers This aircraft piloted By Tex Hill included are some historical pictures and history of the AVC aircraft this is a complete aircraft ... Includes a modern panel By Marco Spada Textures and modifications created By RSDG Rooks Silva Design Group Textures By Mark ‘ Fireball ‘ Rooks. 9.9MB
FSX Supermarine Seafire Mk-47: The final version Mk.47 was powered by a 2,375hp Rolls Royce Griffon 85 engine giving it a maximum speed of 723km/h (452mph) at 6,242m (20,500ft). It was armed with four Hispano 20mm cannons and up to eight 27kg rockets or 675kg bombs mounted beneath the fuselage and wings. This final Seafire variant had a distinctive look, and impressive performance. It flew in operations in Korea. Updated for FSX with new airfile, Dp, effects, panel and textures by A.F.Scrub. 6MB

FSX/FS2004 Civilian P51D Package. Civilian P51D powered by Packard Merlin V-1650-7:For personal use Extrnal model updates Photo real textures,full working VC with 3d modeled guages, special Effects and unique sounds. New to this ver textured all small parts visable in VC for better FSX compat. Night textures now stay reflective at night new gauge,needle mappings and parts so night lighting much improved fixed the coruption in VC parts due to 4mm weld in makemdl supercharger gauge added,updated airfile and aircraft.cfg switching the Piolts hat off now switchs to leather flying cap added a supercharger high blower setting light and a supercharger switch to VC,Please note the switch is inop as the sueperchargers in normal operation was set to auto,supercharger will switch to highblower at 17700+ feet added mode polys to rudder and prop boss,tailwheel now turns,prop pitch on still blades has much more pitch when moved with pitch lever. sundry texture fixes and hole filling. 13.4MB
FSX Curtis P 40 Old Exterminator. This is a Re-paint of Krzysztof Malinowski’s P 40 For FSX in the theme of Brig. Gen. Scott's Aircraft He Flew with the famed AVC Flying Tigers as a fighter pilot working with the American Volunteer Group in China during WWII under General Claire Lee Chennault, Scott shot down 22 Japanese aircraft. Included is some historical pictures and history. To learn More WW2 and aviation history, visit the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia, where the legendary Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott (ret.) worked and mingled with visitors. This is a complete aircraft Textures By Mark ‘ Fireball ‘ Rooks. 7.1MB
FSX P- 40 Warhawk RAF 112 Sqn. This is a Re-paint of Krzysztof Malinowski’s P- 40 For FSX. This is a accurate R A F112 th Squadron's Tomahawk .. Squadron No. 112 The "Sharks" exchanged its Gloster Gladiators for the Curtiss fighter. No 112 Squadron became famous for its "shark's tooth" insignia on the engine cowling, and this scheme was later adopted by the American Volunteer Group in China Included is some historical pictures and history. This is a complete aircraft ..Textures By Mark ‘ Fireball ‘ Rooks. 7.2MB
FSX Spitful Seafire 47 panelfix : If your airspeed indicator doesn't work when flying the Spitful/Seafire 47 in FSX (both above) , this is the Fix. Replace the panel.cfg by the one included. A.F.Scrub. 131K
FS2004/FSX Canadair C-4 Argonaut And North Star. The Argonaut and the North Star were Merlin-engined versions of the Douglas DC-4. A total of 71 were produced by Canadair. In Canada it was called the North Star and was used by airlines and the RCAF. 22 Argonauts were delivered to BOAC 1949-1950, and they later had long careers with other operators like British Midland and charter companies. This package contains most versions. Version 2 model by Jens B. Kristensen, flight dynamics by FSAviator. 19MB