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SANL - Almonacid Military Airport, La Rioja, Argentina.
SANL - Almonacid Military Airport, La Rioja, Argentina.
2.07Mb (1036 downloads)
This regional airport is close to the Andes Mountains, has been conditioned depending on the situation, but not the architecture of the terminal. As can be seen on satellite photographs that are attached, the taxiways, the length of the runway, hangars and design in general, coincides with reality. He placed the fire station and airport police, air service hangars and private aircraft, fuel truck, included parking for medium and small aircraft. He placed the beacon location systems like DME for ILS + VOR, which originally had no stage. At the northern end was put back in operation for shelters fighters, along with military personnel, force vehicles and tent. A more realistic effects, it left a static fighter plane (check it out inside). According to the aeronautical charts (also attached) this airport is characterized by migratory birds near the airport, which were added to the stage for greater realism, and risk areas were added in the nav. chart (attached) of warning from the airport for pilots. The northern end NDB was added according to nav. charts from the airport (freq. 307) for ease of air navigation. Jim Dhaenens artificial lighting included. Author: Cristobal Laje
Posted Nov 5, 2009 21:06 by Cristobal Laje
FSX Scenery - La Fria Airport (SVLF) - Venezuela
14.22Mb (1527 downloads)
This scenery includes detailed terminal building, control tower, fire station, with very realistic textures, heliport, taxiway signs, parking, vehicles and much more. Uses many objects of the FSX's library. Also includes a detailed VFR scenery (with traffic roads), approximately 15 nm, around to the airport. In addition, corrects the erroneous position of the runway to the real-life coordinates. By David Maldonado - November 2009
Posted Nov 5, 2009 17:56 by David Maldonado
F-14 Tomcat Texture Pack 2
F-14 Tomcat Texture Pack 2
F-14 Tomcat Texture Pack 2 (Category: FSX > Military)
20.04Mb (9968 downloads)
8 texture sets for Dino Cattaneo's new F-14D: VX-9 XF001, VX-9 XF254, NAWC, PMTC, Ace Combat Aurelian Navy/Leasathian Navy/Osean Navy/Razgriz. By Mike Durao
Required files:
required file
Posted Nov 5, 2009 17:38 by Mike Durao
Co pilot voice Tim, for FSpassengers X (Category: FSX > Payware)
6.53Mb (1207 downloads)
This is a new copilot voice pack for FS Passengers X. If like me you were tiered of flying with co-pilots that had almost no human emotion in them. The voice is best used on a jet with an intercom and closed flight deck door. It might also sound better if you do your flying in the south east United States. As my southern accent can clearly be heard in it. You will need FSpassengers X payware package.
Posted Nov 5, 2009 13:43 by TimTom Airways
FSX 30M Conifer Textures Fix
FSX 30M Conifer Textures Fix (Category: FSX > Scenery)
59.29Mb (1464 downloads)
FSX 30cm generic project textures forests - Missing part Missing conifer textures. Only summer textures are in this pack. Aime Leclercq.
Posted Nov 5, 2009 09:14 by Aime Leclercq
FS2004 Abu Dhabi AFCAD and Signs update (Category: FS2004 > Scenery)
0.07Mb (1219 downloads)
This updates the recent Matthew Ministry scenery for Abu Dhabi (above) with new taxiway designations (apron 4) and new taxiway signage for Apron 4 and the north runway. Important changes to the Tc and Cs for the original scenery are included in the readme.
Posted Nov 5, 2009 07:15 by Richard Reed
Rivet Amber Splashscreen
Rivet Amber Splashscreen (Category: Videos/Splashscreens > Splashscreens)
0.13Mb (583 downloads)
This is a tribute to the one and only EC-135E, Rivet Amber. Disappeared between Shemya, AK and Anchorage, AK in June 1969. I used HJG's RC-135 jt3d v-5 w/rc-135e texture. Taking off from PASY (Erickson (Shemya)), AK "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" was copied from the microsoft splash screen, as I have no way to create the text style and colors needed.
Posted Nov 5, 2009 05:37 by Michael Roberts
Nemeth Bell 205 Air America Textures
Nemeth Bell 205 Air America Textures (Category: FSX > Payware)
38.90Mb (1146 downloads)
Textures only for the payware Nemeth Designs D UH1H, in 'Air America' livery.
Posted Nov 4, 2009 17:54 by Mric29
FS2004/FSX EC-135 Effekt Lack G-FEES Textures
FS2004/FSX EC-135 Effekt Lack G-FEES Textures (Category: FSX > Helicopters)
1.34Mb (572 downloads)
EC-135 Private G-FEES Textures only for Heiko Richter's beautiful EC-135 package
Posted Nov 4, 2009 14:55 by benimix
LFBH - La Rochelle Ile de Re, France
LFBH - La Rochelle Ile de Re, France
LFBH - La Rochelle Ile de Re, France (Category: FSX > Scenery)
16.75Mb (5388 downloads)
Scenery package for La Rochelle International Airport in Western France. This airport accommodates low cost carriers including EasyJet and Ryanair. Detailed scenery with all the buildings, static planes, etc.
Posted Nov 4, 2009 09:00 by Alexandre Remy and Randolph Ch