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Dangerous Airfields of the Andes Mountains
Dangerous Airfields of the Andes Mountains
Dangerous Airfields of the Andes Mountains (Category: FSX > Missions)
4.71Mb (4555 downloads)
Aviation around and in the Andes Mountains has been going on since the early 1900s. Many small airfields have been built for emergency purposes as well as private ones which are still open, many are closed and even banned and some have been dstroyed through the years. This first part of "Dangerous Airfields of the Andes" brings you Four very dangerous ones for your enjoyment and will place you in very dire surroundings that bush pilots in many places of the world face every day. I plan to bring you others from time to time..Make no mistake, getting in and out of these fields will make you sweat, give you a high and they might contribute to you having some nightmares!!!
Posted Jan 21, 2011 21:44 by Gera Godoy Canova
Boeing 737-800 BMI Baby Textures
Boeing 737-800 BMI Baby Textures (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
8.57Mb (2176 downloads)
Textures only for the default FSX 737-800. BMI Baby is a UK budget airline. BMIBaby NEW logo on "Robin Hood Baby" G-OBMP. By Paul Davies
Posted Jan 21, 2011 19:49 by Paul Davies
FSOpen Boeing 747-400 Textures
FSOpen Boeing 747-400 Textures (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
0.90Mb (728 downloads)
Virtual Airline FS Open textures for the default B747-400. Based at Birmingham in the UK FSOpen Virtual Airlines operate flights all over the globe. Visit us at
Posted Jan 21, 2011 17:26 by Paul Humphries
Improved Pratt & Whitney R-3350 Sounds
Improved Pratt & Whitney R-3350 Sounds (Category: FS Sounds > Flight Simulator Sounds)
34.61Mb (1744 downloads)
These are more detailed sounds for any aircraft that uses the Pratt & Whitney R-3350 Compound Radials. I modified my last offering and tried to make it a little more realistic. I changed the sounds of the outer and inner engines. Because the inner engines have a different tone, resinence and pitch than the outer ones. I don't take any credit for these files. I just compiled them from a bunch of freeware sounds. Enjoy and remember, this is freeware, lets keep it that way.
Posted Jan 21, 2011 15:13 by Kelly McKernan
Reflective Envmap
Reflective Envmap
Reflective Envmap (Category: FS2004 > Misc)
0.13Mb (757 downloads)
This is my first attempt at an envmap. I wasn't happy with the other envmaps that I tried. So, I made my own. This is by far the most convincing reflection that I've seen. I just took a photo of the horizon, butchered it and here it is. You can actually watch the clouds pass the length of the fuselage.
Posted Jan 21, 2011 14:39 by Kelly McKernan
FSX Wake Island (Wake Atoll) Photoreal Package
FSX Wake Island (Wake Atoll) Photoreal Package
28.00Mb (2462 downloads)
This is the scenery package for Wake Island in the North Pacific. The package contains photoreal ground textures and lots of default autogen. Included is also a construction kit for those who want to rework the complete airfield with ADE (the default FSX airport coordinates are incorrect). Texture resolution 60cm/pixel, LOD16. by Diaphenous
Posted Jan 21, 2011 12:47 by Diaphenous
Flying Cloud Municipal Airport (KFCM) Fix and Update
7.28Mb (688 downloads)
Flying Cloud (KFCM), now with an extended runway at 5000 ft is one of the reliever airports in the Minneapolis metro area. It was once one of the busiest airports in the world, number nine actually, in 1968 with 446,198 takeoffs and landings. Flying Cloud now mosly hosts GA. Download includes extended runway. By Gene Harvey
Posted Jan 21, 2011 09:45 by Gene Harvey
FSX Lancair Legacy Sunshine
FSX Lancair Legacy Sunshine
FSX Lancair Legacy Sunshine (Category: FSX > Props)
14.03Mb (4397 downloads)
This is Robert Christopher FS9 Flight Simulator Lancair Legacy 2000 Updated for Flight Simulator X . The Legacy provides additional passenger and luggage space as well as increased performance. Using a 310 hp Continental IO-550-N, the Legacy achieves cruise speeds in excess of 276 mph. This beautiful aircraft was painted in orange sunshine using a dynamic technique created by bending the light through the alpha channel this aircraft also has a new 2D and 3D panel using default FSX gauges. All updates and textures by Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft.
Posted Jan 20, 2011 22:38 by Mark Fireball Rooks
Super Guppy 3 View Blueprints for FS Design Program
Super Guppy 3 View Blueprints for FS Design Program (Category: FS Design > Aircraft Design)
0.03Mb (926 downloads)
This download includes 3 different views for FS Design Studio or any 3d design program. These are used for the backdrops. These are blue prints of the NASA Super Guppy.
Posted Jan 20, 2011 20:55 by tpoteet96
Bell 222b - Added views
Bell 222b - Added views
Bell 222b - Added views (Category: FSX > Helicopters)
0.00Mb (2726 downloads)
Added views ( defined by camera definitions in the aircraft.cfg file ) for the beautiful Bell 222b by Alan Devins upgraded for FSX by Danny Garnier. 10 cameras pointing at the aircraft and 3 additional cameras inside. See Read me.txt file for very easy installation procedures. Also included is a text file that contains the new camera definitions. Enjoy !
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 20, 2011 17:00 by Marc Renaud