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FSX Convair Tradewind  R3Y Updated
FSX Convair Tradewind  R3Y Updated
FSX Convair Tradewind R3Y Updated (Category: FSX > Vintage)
21.57Mb (694 downloads)
The R3Y was powered by 4 turboprop engines driving counter-rotating propellers. It flew first in 1954. It was originally designed as a patrol bomber and was designated XP5Y. Later, the Navy decided it should be used to haul personnel and cargo and was designated R3Y-1. This mega package is a panel and slight interior update for the terrific R3Y designed for FSX by Paul Clawson. It features the default livery by Paul Clawson as well as seven beautiful liveries by Lazarus Starkweather. The focus of this update lies on an entirely new VC design and a new 2D panel (the original package didn't have one) matching the VC as closely as possible. The FDE has been optimized, so now the aircraft gets airborne in decent time. New smoke effect adds to a more realistic appearance of the model. Most of the gauges have been adapted from the Boeing XC-105 bomber by Georg Diemer. All credits go to Paul Clawson, Lazarus Starkweather and Georg Diemer for the great original model, the additional liveries and the gauges. New VC and 2D panel, smoke effect as well as FDE optimization by Michael Pook.
Posted Nov 27, 2016 09:35 by Michael Pook
MultiTool Prepar3D v3.1b
MultiTool Prepar3D v3.1b (Category: Prepar3d > Utilities)
5.67Mb (72 downloads)
Multi-Tool Prepar3D v3.1 is a collection of tools, a number of them unique, extending the capabilities of P3D. New features in v3.1 : - Custom Flybys, user defined camera flyby paths. - Roaming Flybys, computer generated camera flyby paths. - Active Observers views placeable by clicking on a top-down view - Find My Way Home random aircraft positioning. - Bug fixes/Improvements Previous features include : - 3D Native Stereoscopic Output. - Head tracking additions: Ordinals, Take off lock, View switching by head movement , Spot up/down tracking. - Camera Shake + Vibration : Turbulence, G, ground roll, side slip, spoilers. - Easy 2D & 3D custom cameras definitions. - XYZ Position (Eyepoint) Mouse Move similar to the Mouse Look pan function, i.e. hold down a key and reposition your eyepoint with your mouse. - POV conversion to multiple controller buttons. - Keystroke macros to perform menu functions. - Landing lineup with runway camera. - Multi screen VC setup. - Save/Recall view setup by aircraft. - Recallable position autosaving. and more.... Note:v3.1b corrects a file path issue in v3.1 that some users may experience
Posted Nov 27, 2016 09:19 by Richard Barry
Curtis Jenny update for FSX
Curtis Jenny update for FSX
Curtis Jenny update for FSX (Category: FSX > Vintage)
12.22Mb (339 downloads)
This is an update for FSX of the FS9 Curtis Jenny. This is the update I did for the aircraft for FS9, plus I added pictures so you can see it on the change the aircraft page; and changed the GPS and resized it. This is the whole aircraft.
Posted Nov 27, 2016 06:37 by Bob Chicilo
IRIS F-20 C/D Tigershark Package
IRIS F-20 C/D Tigershark Package
IRIS F-20 C/D Tigershark Package (Category: FSX > Military)
243.90Mb (2022 downloads)
IRIS F-20 Tigershark is a fantastic new rendition of one of our earliest products. Originally developed back in 2004, this new version of the Tigershark brings with it a brand new look. A superb flight model designed from the ground up to provide you with a stable and fun to fly airframe capable of Mach 2+ speeds. An amazing package generously donated as ex payware product - now freeware! Remodelled from top to bottom and featuring brand new flight modelling, audio and a new virtual cockpit, this product has been designed for flat out, full throttle fun! The aircraft has been designed as a 'what if' product, based around the concept of the F-20 had it gone into service. I fixed/turned off the [GPWS] and added the standard flightsim GPS 500 into the panel.cfg.
Posted Nov 26, 2016 18:58 by T.Marson
FSX Competition Center (FSXCC) Airbus A320
FSX Competition Center (FSXCC) Airbus A320
FSX Competition Center (FSXCC) Airbus A320 (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
35.94Mb (547 downloads)
This is the Project Airbus A320 in FSX Competition Center textures. This is an approved add-on aircraft for use in FSX (Steam Edition) multiplayer landing competitions. Package includes a standard A320 model (with VC) and a sharklets model (without VC). Model by Project Airbus. Textures by Northwest787.
Posted Nov 26, 2016 17:59 by kilocharlie1
Feelthere/Wilco Embraer 195 Paintkit
Feelthere/Wilco Embraer 195 Paintkit (Category: FSX > Payware)
9.13Mb (45 downloads)
White paintkit textures for the payware Feelthere/wilco Embraer 195.
Posted Nov 26, 2016 17:43 by Sebastian Gutmann
FSX/FS2004 Airbus A320-200 IAE Jetblue Textures
FSX/FS2004 Airbus A320-200 IAE Jetblue Textures
8.83Mb (110 downloads)
FS2004/FSX JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 Retro, registration N763JB. Textures only - requires original full model. Retro livery for the Project Airbus A320-200 IAE engine model. Textures by Santiago Spears.
Posted Nov 26, 2016 15:03 by Santiago Spears
Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways Package
Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways Package
Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways Package (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
44.48Mb (635 downloads)
Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways Package. Thai Airways currently (2016) operate 10 Boeing 747-400. These are intended to be phased out/ replaced by 2020. Project Opensky Boeing 747-400 assembled and upgraded for FSX with the developed B747 VC (virtual 3d cockpit) from Alejandro Rojas Lucenda (Manual included). This is the Project Opensky FSX native Boeing 747-400 model, and includes ground cargo servicing, stairs (FSX - Go to Views - Instrument Panel -Posky Utility), fixed jetways and more. Included CF engine sounds from BrandonG, with realistic jet whine to make your flight sound great. Thank you to Project Opensky for their contributions to the worldwide community of flight simulation. I have added the realistic textures by Xudeva Irribarra. Also includes the Boeing 747 VC textures upgrade. This give a much clearer 747 interior virtual cockpit look. Zip preview for larger pictures. Assembled and edited for FSX by Chris Evans.
Posted Nov 26, 2016 09:02 by chris evans
Boeing 747-400 v4 Thai Airways
Boeing 747-400 v4 Thai Airways (Category: FS2004 > Civil Jets)
17.57Mb (141 downloads)
Boeing 747-400 v4 Thai Airways. Model by Project OpenSky. Livery by Xudeva Irribarra
Posted Nov 26, 2016 08:34 by chrisE
Saarbrucken airport, EDDR, Germany, Photoreal
14.96Mb (370 downloads)
Photoreal scenery for Saarbrucken airport [EDDR], Germany. By flightsimulation-freeware
Posted Nov 26, 2016 06:06 by flightsimulation-freeware
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