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FS2004/FSX DC-4 Alitalia textures
FS2004/FSX DC-4 Alitalia textures (Category: FSX > Props)
7.17Mb (96 downloads)
FS9/FSX Alitalia DC-4 textures for JBK DC-4 version 3. Alitalia textures by Gary Harper.
Posted Oct 18, 2016 21:30 by Gary Harper
FSTramp 6.22 for FSX, FSX-SE, Prepar3D v2/3
FSTramp 6.22 for FSX, FSX-SE, Prepar3D v2/3 (Category: FSX > Utilities)
320.64Mb (51 downloads)
SHAREWARE - Limited to 20 free sessions: FSTramp is a flight planner and autoflight plugin with VNAV. The map uses real elevation data and is independent of the Internet. Flightplan, airfield procedures, autopilot, and AI / Multiplayer aircraft are shown in configurable windows. The Find function for airfields and navigational aids is simple but effective. For 20 sessions fully usable freeware. Thereafter license key is required.
Posted Oct 18, 2016 14:50 by Helge Schroeder
FSX Native Supermarine Swift V2
FSX Native Supermarine Swift V2
FSX Native Supermarine Swift V2 (Category: FSX > Military)
34.86Mb (472 downloads)
Alphasim's Swift in FSX native format. Version 2 updates materials and glass, puts the long range tank on payload visibility condition. With Phil at Virtavia's support and encouragement(www.Virtavia.com)
Posted Oct 18, 2016 05:06 by LLS
Nice LFMN (Category: FSX > Scenery)
0.72Mb (383 downloads)
This is a fix for the default airport with many changes and additions. Tested on FSX Steam edition. It is a frame rate friendly version with exact parking positions, taxiways, jetways and runways.
Posted Oct 17, 2016 11:46 by Mike Leitz
Trinity and Beyond. The Nuclear Bomb add-on for FSX
Trinity and Beyond. The Nuclear Bomb add-on for FSX
21.22Mb (601 downloads)
A collection of unmentionable dropable objects, may be used as scenery and mission objects. A selection-by no means exhaustive! of free-fall nuclear bombs from Western and Eastern arsenals, 1945-2017?, but probably no latter... See readme for details. Wear hearing and eye protection. Use SPF 9,000,000 sunblock, keep away from children, despots and elected officials...
Posted Oct 16, 2016 19:32 by LLS
P3D/ FSX Eemland Airport EHEA, Holland (fictional)
P3D/ FSX Eemland Airport EHEA, Holland (fictional)
0.06Mb (46 downloads)
Eemland Airport is a fictive international airport near Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The runway (12-30) is based in the Eemmeer. The area is also called "Eemland" because of the beautiful river that flows through the area, the Eem. About the airport: The runway (12-30) has a length of 2500 meters and is 60 meters wide. On each side is a overrun of 200 meters and 20 landing lights. Also both runways have an Instrumental Landing System (ILS) and the airport has full Air Traffic Control (ATC). The airport has 27 Small gates, 5 Medium gates, 4 Heavy gates and 3 Cargo parkings. The airport also has 19 small, 10 medium and 5 big Genaral Aviation (GA) parkings. The airport furthermore has it's own fuel supply, air traffic radar, and logistics center. The airport doesn't have AI traffic of it's own, only some static planes. You can download the AI Flight Planner here: http://stuff4fs.com/open.asp?Folder=AIFP&JS=TRUE Scroll all the way down till you find: "The current release of AI Flight Planner is..." and click on the current version to download. With this tool you can add AI traffic to this airport with any traffic addon you are using or any default AI traffic.
Posted Oct 16, 2016 16:27 by Joeri Veenhuizen
CRJ200 American Eagle Textures
CRJ200 American Eagle Textures
CRJ200 American Eagle Textures (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
3.26Mb (321 downloads)
American Eagle livery, for the freeware IRIS CRJ-200 (Easter eggs) model. Textures only.
Required files:
required file
Posted Oct 16, 2016 15:50 by Dimitrios Moschos
FSX/P3D Boeing 737-800 Rossiya Package
FSX/P3D Boeing 737-800 Rossiya Package
FSX/P3D Boeing 737-800 Rossiya Package (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
72.45Mb (772 downloads)
FSX/P3D Boeing 737-800 Rossiya Package with enhanced VC Russian airline Rossiya is based in Saint Petersburg. Founded in 1992, it now (2016) operates a fleet of modern Airbus and Boeing aircraft, including 16 Boeing 737-800, to destinations throughout Europe, Russia as well as North Africa and as far as the Dominican Republic. Model by TDS/ Tenkuu Developers Studio with advanced 737-800 VC added. Includes utility for ground services, Passenger bus, cargo, stairs, refuelling truck etc (find it under - Views - Instrument panel - Util) The wonderful Boeing 737-800 from TDS will be enjoyed by many more people who do not know how to install a VC into a FSX native model. The VC is the Alejandro Rojas Lucena/FSND fantastic revised Boeing 737-800 VC model. This VC model includes Working wipers (right mouse click on switch) with rain effect. Switches for LCD Screens, EICAS, PFD, MFT. Autobrake switch. Opening pilots window. Cabin Lights switch. Realistic FMC. Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), More Realistic night VC textures. There are custom Boeing 737 sounds included for that extra realism. I have added the great textures by Stefan Bree. Correct view points for VC and jetway exits. Model is not modified in any way. VC added and aircraft.cfg edited to allow correct VC views and jetways. TDS wonderful native FSX Boeing 737-800 model. See VC docs to get the best out of the VC and FMC. Assembled and prepared and tested for P3D/FSX by Chris Evans.
Posted Oct 16, 2016 12:25 by chris evans
 Airbus A320-214 Aer Lingus Irish Rugby Team Package
 Airbus A320-214 Aer Lingus Irish Rugby Team Package
99.51Mb (932 downloads)
Aer Lingus, EI-DEO, in the Irish rugby livery known as 'Green Spirit'. Model by Project airbus with a few edits made to displays. Virtual Cockpit with new day and night textures by CokiBH, displays edited by Air Crew. Contains custom CFM engine sounds and ground effects. Livery was created by Mathieu Vos. Aircraft compiled together by Air Crew.
Posted Oct 16, 2016 08:14 by Air Crew
FSX/FS2004 JBK Boeing 247 China Air Force
FSX/FS2004 JBK Boeing 247 China Air Force
8.93Mb (328 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 JBK Boeing 247 China Air Force package. Based on the original file by Jens B. Kristensen (JBK).
Posted Oct 16, 2016 02:15 by Liao Yitong
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