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F Giulli SM89
F Giulli SM89
F Giulli SM89 (Category: CFS2 > Aircraft)
25.30Mb (235 downloads)
The SM.89 was intended to be a bomber/attack aircraft, something similar to Junkers Ju 88. The aircraft displayed some impressive features, but it was not a new project, rather an extrapolation from the earlier SM.84.
Posted Dec 27, 2011 07:58 by Pepe Rezende
FS2004 Features For Pilotable Light Cruiser HMAS Sydney
FS2004 Features For Pilotable Light Cruiser HMAS Sydney
6.46Mb (375 downloads)
FS2002/FS2004 Features For Pilotable Light Cruiser HMAS Sydney (download from Usio no Ibuki required). This is a very detailed CFS2 warships from Masazumi Kaneko from Usio no Ibuki in a high quality but without VC. My AddOn provides a pilotable ship with bridge, AA-gun-, remote firecontrol- and many deck views, sounds and special effects. Some views showes a Fairey Swordfish seaplane on top of the catapult. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker Ext. Link:
Required file (external link. Please report if broken)
Posted Dec 27, 2011 05:50 by Erwin Welker
Niue Island, Sth Pacific, Photoreal Scenery
Niue Island, Sth Pacific, Photoreal Scenery
76.29Mb (1134 downloads)
This is the scenery package for Niue Island. Niue is located in the South Pacific, somewhere between American Samoa and the Cook Islands. Niue is one of the world's largest coral islands. But don't look for sandy beaches. The island has a rather rough and rocky coastline. Texture resolution is 1m/pixel (LOD 15). Comes with detailed airport. By Tiberius Kowalski.
Posted Dec 27, 2011 00:04 by Tiberius Kowalski
FSX Battle of Midway Yanco San USNAVY Aircrafts Carriers and Ships Package
31.62Mb (4055 downloads)
This is an update of the beautiful and elegant Yanco San FS9 Battle of Midway scenery. All ships and carriers now are dynamic, have prewar and 1942 dx10 texture, have arrestor cables (for carrier landing) and are fully compatible with FSX Acceleration. They can be placed anywhere in FSX using FSX Boat Traffic Compiler. Enjoy !
Posted Dec 26, 2011 23:06 by Ronald Dandurand
FSX Emerald Lancair
FSX Emerald Lancair
FSX Emerald Lancair (Category: FSX > Props)
21.57Mb (2757 downloads)
This is Robert Christopher 2004 Flight Simulator Lancair Legacy 2000 Modified and updated completely for Flight Simulator X . The Legacy provides additional passenger and luggage space as well as increased performance. Using a 310 hp Continental IO-550-N, the Legacy achieves cruise speeds in excess of 300 mph. Painted in a rich Emerald Green and Gold paint scheme. Updated Flight Dynamics now has a added NOS Boost. This Sporty Lancair also has a new 2D and 3D (VC) panel using default FSX gauges. All Modifications and textures by Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft.
Posted Dec 26, 2011 23:01 by Mark Fireball Rooks
US Airways NC "7000th Airbus" Airbus A321-231 (N552UW)
US Airways NC "7000th Airbus" Airbus A321-231 (N552UW)
9.07Mb (3011 downloads)
I am proud to present this Project Airbus (pa321) Airbus A321-231 which has the unique distinction of being the "7000th Airbus". This airframe was just delivered earlier this month (December) to US Airways. It is registered as N552UW. The "7000th Airbus" logo is situated on the right side of the port main entry door. The A321 is the medium-haul workhorse for US Airways and flies into most major US airports serviced by US Airways including; KCLT, KPHX, KLAX, KSFO, KORD, KMCO, KSAN as well as several Caribbean destinations. This is a detailed repaint with custom textures. The repainted textures in this package are 32-bit with no mipmaps for best clarity and quality. This is a complete install package. The Project Airbus A321-211 model and air files are included. Uses default 737-400 panel and sounds. Please see Readme.txt for more details. Repaint by Jeffrey S. Bryner.
Posted Dec 26, 2011 19:34 by Jeffrey S. Bryner
Potronia (Category: FS2004 > Scenery)
42.48Mb (324 downloads)
Potronia is a country that I made in Flight Simulator X ever since then I switched to Flight Simulator 2004 and I decided to make a version of the country for Flight Simulator 2004 users. This is the 3rd update of the Flight Simulator 2004 version. Many things have changed for example I made a brand new terminal and a new Highway/Main road has been builder named the K-156 Highway/Main Road, and many other things have been changed. I hope you guys like it.
Posted Dec 26, 2011 14:34 by Orlandy Perez
FS2004 Starsky and Hutch Beech Textures
FS2004 Starsky and Hutch Beech Textures (Category: FS2004 > Props)
0.71Mb (181 downloads)
A paint scheme for the Beech 18 Volpar inspired by the classic 1970's TV series. These textures for use with the Beech Volpar by Brian Gladden ( Repaint by Don Brynelsen using Brian's paintkit.
Required files:
required file
Posted Dec 26, 2011 12:37 by Don Brynelsen
FS2004/FSX Flight 1 Avianova ATR 72-500 Textures
FS2004/FSX Flight 1 Avianova ATR 72-500 Textures
3.75Mb (1424 downloads)
FS9/FSX Avianova ATR 72-500, registration EI-CLB, textures only for the payware Flight One ATR72, requires Flight1 "Text-O-Matic" texture installation software.
Posted Dec 26, 2011 08:23 by Stefano Meneghini
 MD-11 Lufthansa Package
 MD-11 Lufthansa Package
MD-11 Lufthansa Package (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
15.68Mb (7657 downloads)
Lufthansa MD-11 with VC, sounds. Model by SMS. FSX panel mods by Chris Evans.
Posted Dec 26, 2011 05:36 by ricardo_tv