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RAF West Raynham, UK (Category: FSX > Scenery)
6.85Mb (182 downloads)
RAF West Raynham was situated 2 miles west of the village from where it got its name and was built as a part of the RAF expansion scheme. The Station opened in May 1937 and was a bomber command unit throughout the Second World War. The Station closed in 1994. I was Stationed at RAF West Raynham in the late eighties and that is the period that I have tried to re-create here. I have given the Station the ICAO code of X3WR in line with other scenery developers who use Bones as a reference
Posted Dec 7, 2015 19:24 by Terry Boissel
RAF Strubby, UK (Category: FSX > Scenery)
0.03Mb (147 downloads)
RAF Strubby was located south east of the Lincolnshire Wolds town of Louth and south of the village from where the station got its name. Opening in early 1944 the station lead a varied aircraft career being used by the USAAF as well as the RAF during the time it was operation. (For a more detailed history of the station the following web site is a wonderful source of information - www.bcar.org.uk/strubby-history. The station closed for Military flying in 1972. By Terry Boissel
Posted Dec 7, 2015 19:16 by Terry Boissel
RAF Stenigot, UK (Category: FSX > Scenery)
0.01Mb (145 downloads)
RAF Stenigot was a Second World War radar station situated at Stenigot, near Donington on Bain, Lincolnshire. It was part of the Chain Home radar network, intended to provide long range early warning for raids from Luftflotte V and the northern elements of Luftflotte II along the approaches to Sheffield and Nottingham and the central midlands. After the Second World War, the site was retained as part of the Chain Home network. In 1959 it was upgraded to a communications relay site as part of the ACE High program, which involved adding four tropospheric scatter dishes. The site was decommissioned in the late 1980s and was mostly demolished by 1996. The radar tower is a Grade II listed structure and is now used by the RAF Aerial Erector School for selection tests for possible recruits. There is a Memorial at the top to a former RAF Aerial Erector. Souce: Wikipedia
Posted Dec 7, 2015 19:13 by Terry Boissel
FSX A2A Cessna 172 I-SNDF Aeroclub Vicenza textures
FSX A2A Cessna 172 I-SNDF Aeroclub Vicenza textures
20.47Mb (61 downloads)
Textures for the payware A2A Cessna 172 in the livery of the aeroclub "Ugo Capitanio" of Vicenza, based at Thiene airport (LIDH), Italy. Registration I-SNDF "Spirit of Vicenza"
Posted Dec 7, 2015 16:05 by Carlo Boninsegna
Boeing 767-300ER "Canada World Airlines" Package
Boeing 767-300ER "Canada World Airlines" Package
61.49Mb (925 downloads)
SkySpirit 2010/Project Opensky Boeing 767-300ER. Includes the interior 737-800 vc model by FSND. Featured here in the fictional colours of Canada World Airlines from the movie "Freefall Flight 174" - which is based on a real emergency flight and landing after fuel pump failure . Model by Hiroshi Igami. Repaint by Jacques Louw
Posted Dec 7, 2015 09:19 by Jacques Louw
FSX Massarotti Airfield, Catania, Scicily (Photoreal) Updated
FSX Massarotti Airfield, Catania, Scicily (Photoreal) Updated
55.01Mb (946 downloads)
FSX Massarotti (Caltagirone) Airfield, Catania, Scicily photoreal scenery. The airfield supports flight operations and skydiving and offers catering and accommodation. Features: Massarotti Airfield has a grass or clay runway depending on the season. Documents included. Nunzio Caltabiano. Updated and fixed as some users reported crash.
Posted Dec 7, 2015 06:33 by Voyager
FSX/FS2004 Spitfire MK IX South Africa
FSX/FS2004 Spitfire MK IX South Africa
FSX/FS2004 Spitfire MK IX South Africa (Category: FSX > Vintage)
8.61Mb (716 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 Spitfires_MkIX South Africa The success of the Mk IX reduced the importance of the Mk VIII. Although the first production model was completed in November 1942, it took until June 1943 for the first squadron to be equipped with the model. One reason for the delay was that it had been decided to use the Mk VIII in the Mediterranean and Far East, and so the first squadron to use it was No. 145, based on Malta. By the summer of 1943 the crisis in the Mediterranean was in the past, and the Mk VIII saw most of its service during the invasion of Italy, often in a ground attack role.
Posted Dec 7, 2015 04:36 by A.F.Scrub
Rodrigues Island, Mauritius ** UPDATE **
Rodrigues Island, Mauritius ** UPDATE ** (Category: FSX > Scenery)
0.85Mb (391 downloads)
This update adds numerous visual details to the area around the airport as well as the addition of more roads to the island. Namely, the approach lights to runway 12 are corrected to appear on pylons and at runway elevation. This update requires "Rodrigues_Island.zip".
Required files:
required file
Posted Dec 7, 2015 03:14 by Carlyle Sharpe
FS2004 Scenery-Russia-Mari El
FS2004 Scenery-Russia-Mari El (Category: FS2004 > Scenery)
2.29Mb (152 downloads)
FS2004 Scenery-Russia-Mari El UWKC-Krasnogorka, UWKJ-Yoshkar-Ola (Pavlovo), XWKD-Yoshkar-Ola (Danilovo), ZA57-Kazin, ostrov, ZA5A-Khlebnikovo, ZA63-Kozikovo, ZA6T-Kuz'mino, ZA7Z-Mar'yino, ZA89-Mikryakovo, ZA9B-Novaya Sloboda, ZB01-Yurino, ZC6W-Toybekovo, ZC7X-Noviy Tor'yal, ZCJ2-Yurino-1, ZDS3-Shirokovo, ZE3F-Mari-Bilyamor, ZE3U-Kosolapovo, ZE45-Kuchka, ZE9W-Sernur, ZED9-Russkiy Kukmor, ZEE0-Ivanovka, ZEE1-Bol'shoy Vil'yal, ZEM2-Onuchino, ZEP7-Mit'kino, ZEP8-Kolyanur, ZEP9-Yuledur, ZEQ0-Mari-Turek, ZET2-Kuzhener, ZEV6-Yushkovo, ZEZ1-Elasy, ZF2Q-Nizhniy Rushener
Posted Dec 7, 2015 02:24 by Andrey Anta
RAF Ouston - X5OU, UK
RAF Ouston - X5OU, UK
RAF Ouston - X5OU, UK (Category: FSX > Scenery)
1.27Mb (197 downloads)
Royal Air Force Ouston,is a former Royal Air Force station that was located near the village of Stamfordham and the village of Heddon-on-the-Wall on Hadrian's Wall near Newcastle upon Tyne. The station opened on the 10 March 1941 and closed for flying in September 1974. As with many airfields the Army moved in and the station was re- named Albemarle barracks. If you would like the full history of the station or any other station in the North East I recommend you go to the"North East Avation Research" website the link is:- http://www.nelsam.org.uk/NEAR/Airfields/Histories/Ouston.htm
Posted Dec 6, 2015 19:06 by Terry Boissel