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SimLauncherX Navigation Tool
SimLauncherX Navigation Tool (Category: FSX > Utilities)
36.54Mb (970 downloads)
SimLauncherX (or SLX for short) can be used as a launcher application for both FSX:ME, FSX:SE and Prepar3D (v1 and v2.5). Flights can be loaded before launching the simulator or when the simulator is already running. New flight files can be created by selecting one of the installed aircraft, selecting the start location (runway or parking position), selecting the type of weather and the time of day. You can also display and create flight plans and attach them to a flight as requested or active flight plan.
Posted Apr 25, 2015 05:40 by Maarten Boelens
PMDG Boeing 737-800NGX WL Sahsa Honduras Textures
PMDG Boeing 737-800NGX WL Sahsa Honduras Textures
24.26Mb (322 downloads)
This work is dedicated to all the people who flew with TAN SAHSA, and for all of us that would like to see the blue livery and the five stars flying again to and from Honduras. In 1990, the two Honduran airlines merged into a single name, known as "Tan Sahsa" PMDG Winglet 737-800NGX WL
Posted Apr 24, 2015 20:58 by Claudio H Sabillon
FSX Boeing KC-97L Stratotanker Updated
FSX Boeing KC-97L Stratotanker Updated
FSX Boeing KC-97L Stratotanker Updated (Category: FSX > Vintage)
34.40Mb (1935 downloads)
This is an FSX update for the Boeing KC-97L Stratotanker and includes three Airguard textures (Arizona, California and Utah). The package features a reworked and enhanced VC with many more (FSX compatible) gauges than the original VC had as well as a 2D panel matching the VC. In addition, the aircraft has new smoke effects and additional cabin views. Original model by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson, KC-97L mods by A. F. scrub, flight dynamics/ textures by James Craig and original ANG textures by Dave Mcqueen. New camera views by Erwin Welker, adaptation for FSx, new VC configuration and enhancement as well as new smoke effects by Michael Pook.
Posted Apr 24, 2015 16:15 by Michael Pook
Kamov A-7-3 Gyrocopter
Kamov A-7-3 Gyrocopter
Kamov A-7-3 Gyrocopter (Category: FSX > Vintage)
9.39Mb (571 downloads)
Kamov A-7-3 Gyrocopter, another nice CFS2-model now updated for FSX Acceleration. 2 Models (wheels and skis) and 2 liveries (summer and winter). Acceptable 2D- & VC-panels with full working Russian gauges (all included), a minipanel with Russian gauges and gun-effects for fun. Full credits are for Baldy, who kindly gave me permission for uploading on SimV, for his great model, and Gary Morrow who managed to put in the pilot and the gunner, for which he used Wolfi's great models, and for updating the aircraft.cfg. Please read the original readme. All I did was putting things together and making it flyable for FSX. Hope you enjoy flying this bird as much as I enjoyed updating it.
Posted Apr 24, 2015 14:12 by erik hertzberger
Lte A320-212
Lte A320-212
Lte A320-212 (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
60.87Mb (700 downloads)
LTE International Airways was an airline based in Spain created in 1987. Originally, operated Boeing 757 exclusively with those who came to have 5, 2 with ETOPS capability. Full aircraft ready to fly. Project Airbus model, VC, addons, FMC, callouts, groundhandling. Repaint by Juan Villamor.
Posted Apr 24, 2015 04:53 by Juan Villamor
Russia-Chelyabinsk Region Airports
Russia-Chelyabinsk Region Airports
Russia-Chelyabinsk Region Airports (Category: FS2004 > Scenery)
20.40Mb (104 downloads)
Russia-Chelyabinsk region H230-Lager' Zenitchikov, H270-Morozkino, USCI-Kizil'skoye, USCK-Kocherdyk, XSCR-Kartaly, XSCT-Troitsk, ZAT6-Tyubelyas, ZC95-Rzhavka, ZD41-Magnitogorsk (Primorskiy), ZDL6-Bredy, ZE54-Karakul'skoye, ZE57-Oktyabr'skoye, ZE58-Chesma, ZE59-Bogdanovskoye, ZE5A-Verkhneyural'sk, ZE71-Snezhniy, ZE72-Kalininskiy, ZE73-Polotskoye, ZE74-Put' Oktyabrya, ZE75-Pobeda, ZE76-Bredy (Stariy), ZE77-Port-Artur, ZE7F-Uyiskoye, ZE7G-Chudinovo, ZE7H-Fershampenuaz, ZE7K-Yuzhniy, ZE9P-Chelyabinsk (Vitaminnyi)
Posted Apr 23, 2015 17:26 by Andrey Anta
F-16 BAF SoloDisplay 2015 Demopack vol.6
F-16 BAF SoloDisplay 2015 Demopack vol.6
F-16 BAF SoloDisplay 2015 Demopack vol.6 (Category: FSX > Military)
79.12Mb (1861 downloads)
This the new 2015 livery of the Belgian F-16 Solo Display team. This year, owned by the 10 Tac 349 sqn, from Kleine Brogel, the VIPER they are flying is the FA-123. This pack contains two models. One clean model with smokewinders on the wingtips, and the other is without smokewinders, but with alpha channels. This pack is also fitted with: VC / Smoke / Flares / and Afterburner (Auto triggered) Repaint and effect additions by: Mees Jansen Also useable in FS2004!
Posted Apr 23, 2015 12:23 by Mees Jansen
Embraer 190 Pan Am and British Airways
Embraer 190 Pan Am and British Airways (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
13.79Mb (1519 downloads)
Embraer 190 by Jean-Pirre Briskard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May,Kevin pardy, Danny Crance - Premier Aircarft Design. The E-190 family is a larger stretch of the E-170 model fitted with a new, larger wing and a new engine, the GE CF34-10E, rated at 18,500 lb (82.30 kN). Being in the 100 seat range, it competes with smaller jets including the Bombardier CRJ-900, Boeing 717-200 and 737-600 as well as the Airbus A318. The first flight of the E-190 was in March of 2004, with the first flight of the 195 in December of the same year. The launch customer of the E-190 was New York-based low cost carrier JetBlue with 100 orders and 100 options. European low cost carrier flybe is launching the E-195 with 14 orders and 12 options. As the 190/195 family is of mainline aircraft size, many airlines will operate them as such, fitting them with a business class section and operating them themselves, instead of having them flown by a commuter airline partner. Specs: Passenger seats: 98-114 depending on layout. Cockpit crew: 2 Length: 36.24m (118ft 11in) Wingspan: 28.72m (94ft 3 in) Height: 10.28m (34ft 7in) Empty weight: 28,080kg (61,776 lbs) Max take-off weight: 50,300kg (110,660 lbs) Powerplant: 2xGE CF34-10E turbofans rated at 82.3 KN (18,500 lbs) each Max speed: 890km/h (489kts) Mach 0.82 Range: 4,260KM (2,400 nm) Service ceiling: 41,000ft (12,500m) BA Skin by Samuel Berry.
Posted Apr 23, 2015 10:38 by Joshua Strout
Sikorsky S-38 Updated for FSX
Sikorsky S-38 Updated for FSX
Sikorsky S-38 Updated for FSX (Category: FSX > Vintage)
19.63Mb (937 downloads)
This mega package is an FSX update for the FS2002/2004 twin-engine-prop amphibious Sikorsky S-38 by George Diemer. It features all the textures, which are available on the internet and which could be made usable in FSX. The package features 3 entirely reworked and enhanced VCs for the different models as well as a matching 2D panel. The US Army model and the Carnauba were both originally FS2002 models and totally uncompatible with FSX, hence, quite a few of their texture bitmaps nad to be newly designed from scratch to be compatible with the newer models. In addition, the packge features new smoke effect and cabin camera views. Be sure not to confuse this model with the latest update of the Sikorsky S-39, which is a single-engine-prop and was falsely titled "S-38". Original model and textures by George Diemer, camera views by Erwin Welker and new VCs, 2D panel and smoke effect by Michael Pook.
Posted Apr 23, 2015 10:19 by Michael Pook
Boeing 767-300ER Ukraine International Airlines Package
Boeing 767-300ER Ukraine International Airlines Package
59.69Mb (1001 downloads)
Boeing 767-300ER Ukraine International Airlines UR-GEB with Advanced VC for FSX. Ukrain International operate 4 Boeing 767-300 Aircraft. Model by Skyspirit with advanced 737-800 VC added. Includes utility for ground services, cargo, stairs, etc (find it under - Views - Instrument panel - Posky Utility) The wonderful creation from Project Opensky will be enjoyed by many more people who do not know how to install a VC, views, exits, Utilities etc into a FSX native model. So now this 767-300 has the nearest VC I can find -- the 737-800. The layout fof the 767 cockpit is not a million miles away from the advanced 737-800. The VC is the Alejandro Rojas Lucena/FSND fantastic revised Boeing 737-800 VC model. This VC model includes Working wipers (right mouse click on switch) with rain effect. Switches for LCD Screens, EICAS, PFD, MFT. Autobrake switch. Opening pilots window. Cabin Lights switch. Realistic FMC. Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), More Realistic night VC textures. There are custom Boeing sounds included for that extra realism. Jetways also edited (Ctrl j). I have added the high quality textures from Stefan Bree. Also added 767 sounds for more realism. Model is not modified in any way. Aircraft.cfg edited to allow correct VC views. Skyspirit wonderful native FSX Boeing 767-300 PW4000 model. See VC docs to get the best out of the VC and FMC. Enhanced VC added for FSX by Chris Evans.
Posted Apr 23, 2015 08:57 by chris evans