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FSX Adventure - "Find the Lady" Adventure in Guatemala.
0.17Mb (6523 downloads)
FSX Adventure - "Find the Lady" Adventure in Guatemala. Last night you had dinner with Ivana Ifrosky, the Russian woman aviator, flying America in her Helio in the Rizzo Hotel in Puerto Barrios, the NorthEstern Port of Guatemala. This morning you waved good-by to the beautiful lady as she took off for Coban. You are now flying the same route, in your bush plane, taking some dried fish, two barrels of corn oil and some dog feed. Only half an hour after take off you receive the horrible news that Ivana has been overdue in her landing ETA to Coban. Two helicopters are already searching the area. She was heard making a Mayday several hours ago. You call the SAR authorities in Bananera and since you have full tanks they accept your offer to search the route...........and relay to you to search around your flight route. You are free to fly parallel to the flight plan 10 to 20 miles off the sides of the plan until you arrive in Coban..........You now concentrate on searching for the lost woman...If you find her you are authorized to land and pick her up. FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C . 176K
Posted Jun 14, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX Adventure - Road to KAMURA-TUK....FINAL EPISODE?
0.29Mb (4428 downloads)
FSX Adventure - Road to KAMURA-TUK....FINAL EPISODE? Mickey and you are asked to fly to Bolivia and find the " Last Strange Machine" you both get a EUR/ 55,000.00 cash bundle for the service. The camp is marked by a Hot Air Balloon and the search site is emmanating strange lights. You will again fly the Autogyro in the search....The long legged lady will be there also....You lucky pilot!!!! FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C . 300K
Posted Jun 14, 2008 14:17 by archive
FSX Adventure SkyRoad to Kamura-Tok Episode 2 of 3
0.42Mb (5356 downloads)
Posted Jun 14, 2008 14:13 by archive
FSX Adventure - SKYROAD TO KAMURA-TOK. (Category: FSX > Missions)
0.31Mb (7904 downloads)
FSX Adventure - SKYROAD TO KAMURA-TOK. Mickey Enzo, went to the lunch invitation at the Panama Hilton Hotel, made by Dr. Orlacko Faustin, director of the Historical Museum of Barcelona, Spain. Here Faustin, told him the incredible story behind the Kamura.Tok temple. FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C. 321K
Posted Jun 14, 2008 14:12 by archive
FSX Bristol Beaufighter Package
FSX Bristol Beaufighter Package (Category: FSX > Vintage)
55.53Mb (19071 downloads)
Bristol Beaufighter Package. This model is for FSX ONLY, and will not work in earlier versions of Flight Simulator. Features:Full native FSX sp2 model with bump and specular mapping. 9 paint schemes included. Fully modelled smooth 3D gauges. Adjustable payload. (Mk.VI and X models only) Use the FSX payload editor to add weight for Torpedo and / or rocket projectiles. Using the FSX payload editor, you will see 2 figures after the station name. The first weight will just display the rocket rails or torpedo crutches. The second weight will show the weapon itself. Droppable weapons. The rockets or topedo can be made to drop in mission mode by editing a save flight file. Model and textures by: Dave Garwood Beaufighter Sounds by Lawdog.
Posted Jun 14, 2008 11:24 by archive
FSX Island of Crete, Greece.
FSX Island of Crete, Greece. (Category: FSX > Scenery)
32.56Mb (8420 downloads)
FSX Crete Greece. Crete is the biggest island of the Greek archipelago and is the south rampart of the Aegean sea. By Toni Agramont; mesh terrain by Miquel Regalado.
Posted Jun 14, 2008 10:06 by archive
FS2002/2004 747-200 Panel w/ FO panel (Category: FS2004 > Panels)
65.01Mb (10916 downloads)
747-200 Panel w/ fully operational First Officer & Engineering panels. Has missing sound files from first upload.Built by Larry McConnel
Posted Jun 14, 2008 09:40 by archive
FS2004 SHADO Sky One (SkyDiver).
FS2004 SHADO Sky One (SkyDiver). (Category: FS2004 > Misc)
2.55Mb (10471 downloads)
FS2002/FS2004 SHADO Sky One (SkyDiver). Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.31. This is based on Gerry Anderson's TV Series "U.F.O.". Skydiver was an advanced attack submarine operated by SHADO in their war against the aliens. The front part of the sub was an aerial fighter (Sky One), which could launched from beneath the surface of the water to maintain secrecy and use the element of surprise in ambushing UFOs already in the atmosphere. Skydiver had about a four-man crew, with the captain usually serving as the pilot for Sky One, a twin-engine fighter. Its primary offensive armaments were two missile pods slung under the craft's small wings and four nose-mounted cannons. by Kazunori Ito.
Posted Jun 14, 2008 04:20 by archive
FS2004 Beechcraft Baron B58 'N951SF' Textures
1.67Mb (2954 downloads)
FS2004 Beechcraft Baron B58 'N951SF' Textures only repaint. This repaint is of a particular Baron B56T as requested by a member of the SIMV forums, and is for the Default FS2004 Baron B58 as we couldnt find a suitable B56T!. Ive used the excellent Beech Baron 58 Repaint Kit by Chris Klein and Bob Hayes. Any errors are mine and mine alone, although ive tried my hardest to be as accurate as possible. 32bit. Repaint by Simon Carrison.
Posted Jun 14, 2008 04:17 by archive
FSX LAN Airlines Boeing 787-9
FSX LAN Airlines Boeing 787-9 (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
1.71Mb (20120 downloads)
FSX LAN Airlines Boeing 787-9, including a different Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) . Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette
Posted Jun 14, 2008 04:15 by archive