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Super Frelon photoreal French Marines Textures
Super Frelon photoreal French Marines Textures
2.52Mb (2296 downloads)
New photoreal No. 144 of Flottille 32F texture of the French Navy for the original Super Frelon by GMAX ACADEMY for fS9 (not tested on FSX).
Required files:
required file
Posted Feb 6, 2009 19:40 by Mathieu Bothorel
Ockenburg 1939-1940 update 1
7.68Mb (739 downloads)
Ockenburg, Holland, 1939 Scenery 13.39Mb (450 downloads) World War 2 Ockenburg Holland 1993-1940 Scenery. AFCAD by FSpe (Peter-Evert Jansen) Buildings by spray can (Jaap Baare) Additional help (fstheo)Theo Asselman All members of the DutchFS forum and many thanks to Cees donkrs for the new grass
Posted Feb 6, 2009 09:01 by fspe Evert jansen
EMB-175 Multi livery
EMB-175 Multi livery
30.77Mb (12321 downloads)
EMB-175 package with custom sounds and 2d panel. (No VC). Airlines included: NWA-Northwest Airlink, US Airways Express '400th', Delta Connection, Delta Connection Shuttle America,Trip Linhas Aereas and Air Canada. Paulo Henrique Fagundes/ Hanger FS
Posted Feb 5, 2009 12:06 by Paulo Henrique Fagundes
Boeing 747-400 Air France
13.27Mb (4689 downloads)
Boeing 747-400 Air France. Boeing 747-400 V4 model by Project Opensky.
Posted Feb 5, 2009 11:38 by Ryan C
Dornier Do228 Upgrade
Dornier Do228 Upgrade
17.07Mb (7556 downloads)
Posted Feb 5, 2009 07:25 by
Atol das Rocas, Atlantic,  Scenery Package
0.60Mb (1781 downloads)
FS2004 Atol das Rocas. This is a self-contained scenery package to add the Atol das Rocas atoll to FS2004. I DIDN'T TEST IT IN FSX. The Atol das Rocas is a forsaken place in the Atlantic Ocean. It belongs to Brazil, and it sits 126 nautical miles from the north-east tip of the cost of Brazil and 84 nautial miles west of Fernando de Noronha following a heading of 295. Fernando de Noronha is another Brazilian oceanic island. Finding the Atol das Rocas is half of the fun. It appears on the GPS if you go to airport SBFN. The history of the Atol das Rocas is tragic and colourful, with lots of shipwrecks, deaths and incredible stories of survival. The light has been placed there in the 1800s, and it was tended by operators and their families who suffered terrible perils. There is no fresh water, no wood for a fire, no dirt to grow a garden. I suggest a search on the Net. There are hundreds of sites in all languages talking about the place, its light, its history. Today there is an automatic solar-powered light on top of an aluminium tower, ruins of the old arrangements (not all the pictures you will find on the Net are the latest ones) and a small shed used by the scientific research group that visits the island. Some people go there by boat for fun. It is probably an enjoyable place on a sunny, calm day, with blue sky and blue water. I wouldn't want to be there at 3 in the morning during an Atlantic storm, though. This is free stuff. Thanks for downloading. Done by Fern Marques.
Posted Feb 4, 2009 17:45 by Fern
Upgraded Nemeth MD500E
Upgraded Nemeth MD500E
44.07Mb (7916 downloads)
This is the complete full aircraft upgrade with all files included for the FS2004 Nemeth MD500E freeware helicopter. Specs. Include basic no markings 32 bit general paint, mixed adjustments(Not completed) to the sound files, corrections to the Aircraft.cfg, airfile, lightmap texture files, gauge placement in the Virtual Cockpit, including a Garmin 330/340/430/530-stack, Davtron M803 Chronometer and custom external load gauge, re adjustment of the 2D panel gauges to match the VC alignment, correcting the main 2D panel view and deleting the fixed bmp views from the photopanel with an adjustment of zoom, clear light VC panel effects, lighting placement in the Virtual Cockpit,instrument panel, upper Garmin avionics center console and 2009 aircraft specifications including a good HeliForce profile.
Posted Feb 4, 2009 17:30 by Just Fine
Boeing 747-400 Transaero
11.26Mb (1503 downloads)
Boeing 747-400 Transaero. Boeing 747-400 V4 model by Project Opensky.
Posted Feb 4, 2009 17:08 by Ryan C
Air India Boeing 747-400 New Colors
12.55Mb (4070 downloads)
Air India Boeing 747-400 New Colors. Boeing 747-400 V4 by Project Opensky.
Posted Feb 3, 2009 05:41 by Ryan C
Boeing 747-400BCF Atlas Air Cargo
13.35Mb (2494 downloads)
Boeing 747-400BCF Atlas Air Cargo. Model by Project Opensky.
Posted Feb 2, 2009 05:32 by Ryan C