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Bristol F2b Fighter
Bristol F2b Fighter
1.22Mb (4971 downloads)
This is a Bristol F2b Fighter. It will work in both FSX and FS9. Please read the readme file for credits, and installation instructions, and for information about the Bristol F2b Fighter. Happy Flying! Original model by Frank Elton.
Posted Jul 13, 2008 12:53 by archive
FSX only small fix to my Mirage G8 package
0.92Mb (3959 downloads)
FSX only small fix to my Mirage G8 package, by Patrice Grange. This will fix the opacity of the overhead collimator. If you don't like the opacity of your overhead collimator in the VC of the Mirage G8, or just if you want more visibility forward, this small fix will make your collimator transparent. That's all ! Designed only for my last Dassault Mirage G8 and only for FSX.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jul 13, 2008 05:33 by archive
RaptorVA: CRJ-700
0.67Mb (2686 downloads)
This is textures only for the Raptor Virtual Airlines CRJ-700. Website is www.raptorva.webs.com. Paint scheme done by husky paints at www.huskypaints.org Adem Hull
Posted Jul 13, 2008 02:41 by archive
FSX C172 Patriotic Texture
3.43Mb (2489 downloads)
This is a repaint of the default C172 in a patriotic repaint. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it! By Anthony Celentano
Posted Jul 13, 2008 00:26 by archive
Junkers EF-126 Lili
Junkers EF-126 Lili
5.07Mb (8854 downloads)
Please read BOTH readme files!!! This is a WWII Junkers EF-126 Lili. It is a bit strange to fly at first, but it is FUN once you get the hang of it! Once again I ask that you read BOTH readme files.
Posted Jul 12, 2008 23:36 by archive
Updated Ranger 6000FT. base camp scenary from FSXF.
13.32Mb (1531 downloads)
Updated-New scenary objects. This Scenary is good for resupply training missions with Helos, or daring prop pilots.(NO RUNWAY) This is for the Ranger 6000ft.base camp, The airport name is Ranger 6000ft. base camp.(SRTC) The NDB(none directional beacon) frequency is 217.0, NDB Range is 100 NM. Camp is 65 NM. East of Port Hardy British Columbia-CYZT. Or 164 NM. North-West of Vancouver Intl. British Colimbia-CYVR.
Posted Jul 12, 2008 21:13 by archive
Vickers Vimy
Vickers Vimy
8.17Mb (2487 downloads)
This is a Vickers Vimy originally created by microsoft for FS9, and is now usable for FSX. I have tested it and found no problems. Please read the Readme!!! file for installation instructions.
Posted Jul 12, 2008 18:24 by archive
Wright Flyer Kitty Hawk
5.40Mb (6236 downloads)
This is the Wright Brothers' Kitty Hawk originally made by microsoft for FS9 and now works for FSX. I have tested it myself and found no problems. Please read the Readme!!! file for installation instructions.
Posted Jul 12, 2008 18:16 by archive
KFLL fort luaderdale scenery
5.00Mb (6946 downloads)
I did not make this i found it in the fs2004 files and found it worked great with fsx it has been changed to look as close as possible to the real KFLL it even has the terminals when if you have a car you can drive aruond and up and see wat it feels like butn i dont know what that experiance is like
Posted Jul 12, 2008 14:25 by archive
FS2004 / FSX Dassault Mirage G8
8.41Mb (13822 downloads)
FS2004 (FSX compatible) single seat Mirage G8, complete package totally reworked, with full moving parts, animations, custom panel and a full virtual cockpit. By Patrice Grange, July 2008. This is a total rework of my former Mirage G8 released 1 year ago. Model completely renewed to be more realistic and accurate, new textures, new animations (ejection, flaps, pilot ladder, air intake cones, opening trapdoors in the fuselage to have visibility on the engines, ...), realistic Matra missiles, and - last but not least - addition of a complete virtual cockpit. The Dassault Mirage G8 was a twin engine fighter with variable sweep wings ("swing wings"), a very singular design for a Dassault aircraft. The Mirage G8 flew for the first time on May 8th, 1971, and demonstrated immediately an impressive level of performance, reaching Mach 2.04 during its 4th flight ... The G8 was one of the guest stars during Paris Air Show in 1971. Unfortunately, only two prototypes were built (1 two seats and 1 single seat, this one) before the decision to stop the program because of its cost and complexity ... The model has full moving parts and animations (control surfaces, wings, gear, spoilers, flaps, canopy, pilot ladder, ejection, fuselage trapdoors, air intake cones, steering wheels, landing lights, ...), an original custom 2D panel (an original bitmap by me) and a full VC. Designed by Patrice Grange. See fix below
Posted Jul 12, 2008 05:03 by archive