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K2 Detailed Mountain Scenery
4.25Mb (5127 downloads)
K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth (after Mount Everest). With a peak elevation of 8,611 metres (28,251 ft), K2 is part of the Karakoram segment of the Himalayan range, and is located in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, on the border[1] between Pakistan's northern territories,[2] and the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China.[3] K2 is known as the Savage Mountain due to the difficulty of ascent and the fact that for every four people who reach the summit, one dies trying. Among the Eight-thousanders, K2 has the third highest climbing mortality rate. Karakoram is a large mountain range spanning the borders between Pakistan, China, and India, located in the regions of Gilgit, Ladakh, and Baltistan. It is one of the Greater Ranges of Asia, often considered together with the Himalaya, but not technically part of that range. By Frank Dainese
Posted Jan 29, 2009 05:51 by Frank Dainese
Broad Peak Mountain, Karakoram Range Detailed Mountain Scenery
5.06Mb (2293 downloads)
At 8,051m, Broad Peak is number 12 on the list of the fourteen 8,000m peaks, and is the third highest in the Karakoram range. It is located in Pakistan on the upper reaches of the Baltoro glacier, the main access route to the mountains which cuts through the center of the Karakoram range. Karakoram is a large mountain range spanning the borders between Pakistan, China, and India, located in the regions of Gilgit, Ladakh, and Baltistan. It is one of the Greater Ranges of Asia, often considered together with the Himalaya, but not technically part of that range. By Frank Dainese
Posted Jan 29, 2009 05:50 by Frank Dainese
FS2004/FSX Boeing 777-228/ER Air France F-GSPU.
19.80Mb (8415 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Air France Boeing 777-228/ER F-GSPU. Air France livery painted on Project Opensky's new Boeing 777-200 aircraft. The textures are saved in 32bit format for quality graphics. Its features are Opening doors & Cargo doors, pushback truck, detailed textures, accurate paint, dynamic shine & effects, dynamic flexing wings that respond to turbulence and many more. The virtual cockpit model package is already installed. Use it at your own risk. Painted by: Abdullah Rahman
Posted Jan 28, 2009 04:44 by Abdullah Rahman
VFA-195 Chippy 400, 'Chippy Ho!' Textures
VFA-195 Chippy 400, 'Chippy Ho!' Textures
7.34Mb (2908 downloads)
VFA-195 Dambusters CAG Aircraft. BuNo. 164905 "Chippy Ho!" textures only for the default Acceleration F/A-18A. Jeff Guo
Posted Jan 28, 2009 02:15 by Jeff Guo
CVE-73 Gambier Bay Carrier
1.26Mb (5531 downloads)
Gambier Bay (CVE-73) FSX Acceleration capable aircraft carrier This package includes both pilotable and AI versions of this WWII escort class carrier. The Gambier Bay was one of fifty Casablanca class escort carriers produced by Kaiser Shipyards in one year. They served as resupply ships for larger carriers, anti-submarine defence for convoys (by way of their aircraft), and participated in large convoys. The Gambier Bay's service included resupplying the Enterprise (CV-6) with aircraft and serving in Taffy 3. It was sunk in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Models and textures by Mark Fitch
Posted Jan 28, 2009 00:34 by Mark Fitch
Where is the Yowie
Where is the Yowie
15.23Mb (3824 downloads)
Australia Today News Agency: For Centuries "The Yowie" a creature of huge size and horrible odor has been seen by a few all over the Continent Island. Now, a beauty Queen (Miss Southern Italy-2002) and Master Anthropologist has embarked into a dangerous expedition to find it and dissipate once and for all the Mistery. She is accompanied by six other women scientists a local guide and You!!!! pilot and gentleman. The Mission starts in Melbourne and will travel to many places in Australia where danger will be looming and waiting to strike if you are not careful. This is an "Episode Driven Mission" it has Three episodes that must be completed in order to accomplish the Goal. Here you will fly the first TWO (2), the third, if you survive these will be in a Sim near you soon....So, put on your outback Ausie Hat and fly into the winds of the Sky of Australia and hope you survive the Flight and Adventure. Important: You will need the following aircraft: ( by Alejandro Rojas and Pemaircraft ( found here. I have used the wonderful FTX scenery of Australia as background and recommend it for best viewing of this wonderful country.
Posted Jan 27, 2009 14:29 by Gera Godoy Canova
Piaggio PD-808 RM Base Package
Piaggio PD-808 RM Base Package
18.65Mb (9297 downloads)
This is a complete simulation of the Piaggio PD-808. It includes advanced engine management, realistic systems, and some failure modelling. The model features a complete 3-D virtual cockpit,and a 2-D panel. Sounds are included. The external model features all typical animations plus a load of custom ones. Also includes all custom special effects, including different selectable floodlights for the virtual cockpit (by simply flicking ON the proper light switch on the cockpit itself). Plus with a fly-on-the-numbers flight dynamics file. Includes full documentation. THIS IS THE FSX RELEASE. IT WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY WITH FS-2004. THERE IS ALSO A FS2004 RELEASE THAT WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY WITH FSX. This is the "RM" variant of the aircraft and base package. Other PD-808 variants will come next. This base package with the RM version will be needed for these to work properly. By Mario Noriega
Posted Jan 27, 2009 07:17 by Mario Noriega
Boeing 737-800Ryanair EI-DAP textures
3.81Mb (5975 downloads)
Ryanair EI-DAP textures for the default FSX Boeing 737-800. Jose Serro
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 27, 2009 05:39 by Jose Serro
Fernando de Noronha Island off Brazil
3.63Mb (3585 downloads)
This is a scenery package for the Atlantic Oceanic Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha. The island is now a hot destination for sea activities enthusiasts, some 200 nautical miles from the northeastern coast of Brazil. By Jorge Amengol with just a little help from his friends.
Posted Jan 26, 2009 16:50 by Fern
SBuilder X 3.10
8.31Mb (5338 downloads)
This is a versatile tool for creating terrain and other features in FSX, such as flats, ground texture, etc. We thank Luis Sa for creating, and the contributors that Luis has acknowledged.
Posted Jan 26, 2009 16:18 by Fern