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RAF Bircham Newton, England, 1944
0.17Mb (359 downloads)
RAF Bircham Newton played host to various units during WW2. Bircham Newton was an active airfield in the First World War, so has a very long and distiguished history! Bircham Newton was always a grass airfield, but many of the older pre war buildings were supplimented by more "modern" architecture by 1944. I've tried to make all of my airfield projects representative of 1944, and Bircham Newton, now with it's C-Type Hangars is no exception. Aircraft appropiate to Bircham Newton during this period would have been the Hudson and the Wellington.
Posted Feb 6, 2013 05:05 by Norfolk Mike
Hardwick 1944, USAAF, England
0.11Mb (362 downloads)
Hardwick was home to the 93rd Heavy Bombardment Group US 8th Airforce. This group flew the B:24 Liberator from this airfield in WW2. Today, part of the airfield hosts two P:51 Mustangs owned by Maurice Hammond, as well as a musuem dedicated to the men that flew from here during the second world war.Hardwick had a navigational aid known as Buncher 7, which I have depicted with an NDB. The frequency is 487.00. Buncher beacons were used to assemble the huge bomber formations safely until they were above the weather.
Posted Feb 6, 2013 04:22 by Norfolk Mike
FSX / FSX Acceleration Kawasaki Ki-64 "Rob" Prototype
FSX / FSX Acceleration Kawasaki Ki-64 "Rob" Prototype
11.43Mb (915 downloads)
Francesco Giuli's very nice CFS2 Kawasaki Ki-64 "Rob" prototype, now updated for FSX Acceleration. All credits are for him! I've updated the mdl., the panel (nice VC with working gauges, all included), put in a great sound file and made a better air.-file. I also included a mini panel with Japanese instruments. Gun-effects for fun. Enjoy! Update by Erik Hertzberger.
Posted Feb 6, 2013 01:47 by Erik Hertzberger
FSX/FS2004 Nakajima Ki27
FSX/FS2004 Nakajima Ki27
4.35Mb (752 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 Nakajima Ki 27 Japanese WW2 Fighter When in mid-1935 Nakajima developped a single-seat monoplane fighter, the Nakajima Ki-27, it was by far the most manoeuvrable of the competition. Following further testing in late 1937, it was ordered into production as the Army Type 97 Fighter Model A (Nakajima Ki-27a). The type saw extensive action in the early war years.GMAX mdl by A.F.Scrub.
Posted Feb 5, 2013 11:40 by A.F.Scrub
Deopham Green 1944, USAAF, England
0.15Mb (328 downloads)
Deopham Green was home to the 452nd bomb group, United States 8th Air Force. The 452nd flew B:17s from this remote Norfolk airfield in WW2. This is a basic scenery, forming part of my retro 40s project.
Posted Feb 5, 2013 10:54 by Norfolk Mike
Wendling 1944- USAAF, Norfolk, England.
0.12Mb (313 downloads)
Wendling was home to the 392nd heavy bomber group in WW2. This group used the B:24 Liberator. This is a basic rendition of wendling as it would have looked in 1944.
Posted Feb 5, 2013 09:17 by norfolk mike
Shipdham 1944, USAF Base, England
0.07Mb (414 downloads)
Shipdham was home to the 44th bomb group, United States 8th Air Force. It is located in the county of Norfolk in the UK and was a heavy bomber base for the B:24 Liberator. This is a basic scenery but it will give you somewhere else to fly from in your warbird!
Posted Feb 5, 2013 08:02 by norfolk mike
IL-18 TABSO - Bulgarian Air Transport Textures
2.42Mb (225 downloads)
The Bulgarian-Soviet Joint Stock Company for Civil Aviation (TABSO) took all of Bulgaria's ariline operations in 1949. The IL-18s were placed into service in 1962. By 1968 the airline had changed its name to Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. Requires the IL18 by Edgar Guinart
Required files:
required file
Posted Feb 5, 2013 03:54 by Vesso Stoyanov
Air India Express Delhi Departure
5.79Mb (3436 downloads)
This is a quick mission I tried to make today based on a suggestion so it is not really my work. Anyway hope it kinda works and is not too bad. It is a basic simlated IFR departure. You can use the autopilot as you wish or not. Many thanks, Pierre.
Posted Feb 4, 2013 19:51 by Pierre G. Shlimon
Boeing 737 Jet2 Yorkshire Textures (Updated)
Boeing 737 Jet2 Yorkshire Textures (Updated)
9.40Mb (1146 downloads)
This is an update to the default Boeing 737-800 Jet2 Yorkshire livery which I uploaded a couple of days ago. As this is my first attempt at a repaint I kept seeing minor flaws in the detailing so have built on it and am now happy with the finished repaint. There will be no more updates after this. This is based on G-CELB and includes two variations, the current livery and a slightly older one with basically a different tail logo. If you installed the previous version it may be best to uninstall that one and clean install this one. Thanks for your patience, Steve.
Posted Feb 4, 2013 13:33 by Steve Madden