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FSX LATAM Airbus A350-900
5.48Mb (650 downloads)
FSX LATAM Airbus A350-900 V5. This version 5, features more improved and detailed aircraft model, ( image comparison between v5 and v4 inside ), also modifications have been done on both, taxi lights and wing lights. Taxi lights will add new night lighting on main landing gears and wheels and add bleu LED ground lighting effect for each gears. Landing light will add logo lights on winglets, ( more info regarding proper functioning of the night effects in the Read Me FSX ). Version 5, included CamSim's own static displays and Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). 2d panel but no VC. Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette.
Posted Oct 21, 2016 03:39 by Camil Valiquette
Update for F-84G Thunderjet
Update for F-84G Thunderjet
23.24Mb (430 downloads)
This is an update for FSX of the F-84G by J. Kristensen, textures by different authors, and originally upgraded to FSX by A. F. Scrub. I have simplified the 2D panel background and changed and/or added gauges. I did not try to upgrade the VC gauges, as I only fly 2D and have no access to the VC background. I changed the smoke and burner effects, corrected the contact points, and updated the flight dynamics.
Posted Oct 20, 2016 10:58 by Bob Chicilo
Check flight in a Canadian Snowbird
0.76Mb (302 downloads)
Take off in a Canadair Snowbird from Moose Jaw/Air Vice Marshall C. airport in Moose Jaw. The intent is to duplicate contact between a Snowbird pilot and ATC on a flight from Moose Jaw, Canada to Regina and return. There are no POIs in this mission.
Posted Oct 20, 2016 10:17 by Donald Olsson
Normandy Invasion by Glider
3.00Mb (344 downloads)
This is meant to simulate part of the WWII Normandy invasion. Take off in a Waco CG-4 from the UK coastal shoreline, being towed by a C-47, unhook the towline and glide to a landing site in France. Downloads from Simviation for the above are required.
Posted Oct 20, 2016 10:13 by Donald Olsson
FSX/P3D Airbus A319-111 Rossiya Airlines Package
FSX/P3D Airbus A319-111 Rossiya Airlines Package
60.58Mb (1484 downloads)
FSX/P3D Airbus A319-111 Rossiya Airlines Package. Rossiya is Russia's 2nd airline and based in Saint Petersburg. Founded in 1992, it now (2016) operates a fleet of modern Airbus and Boeing aircraft, and currently flies 26 A319. The A319 is a shortened version of the A320 and has an operational range of 3700nm (6900km/4300 miles). Includes enhanced Thomas Ruth VC with updates by Louis Quintero and some further edits by Chris Evans (FSX : Go to Views -Instrument Panel. P3D: Go to Vehicle - Instrument panel), Custom CFM sounds. Also added jetway configs (Ctrl J). Model by Project Airbus. Added the great textures by Stefan Bree. Assembled for FSX/FSX Steam/P3D by Chris Evans
Posted Oct 20, 2016 06:20 by chris evans
Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Intl, Ontario
Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Intl, Ontario
1.87Mb (511 downloads)
CYOW - Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Intl, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This scenery is for Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Intl Airport (CYOW), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This airport was designed only for FSX with 2 optional files: one version with the Crosswind runways activated and in full operation where all three runways will be used for takeoff and landing and one version as the default airport runway operation: airlines assigned to their correct gates as per their website, a complete rebuild for the new terminal and the gates numbered in the correct order, the cargo apron and its buildings updated, taxiways and taxi signs updated to the latest charts, helipad, extra fuel trucks and many other scenery objects included, airport views are from inside the control tower (when in tower view) please view the readme before installation. By Craig Scott.
Posted Oct 20, 2016 05:55 by Mike Leitz
Aircraft.cfg files, AICarriers and Sim.cfg Files Explained
2.47Mb (649 downloads)
Aircraft.cfg files, AICarriers and Sim.cfg Files Explained. I trust that this document will clarify the many questions that you might have. I'm not an expert on any of these subjects: statements and or assumptions are merely made on numerous observations of tendencies in these types of files over the past year or more
Posted Oct 20, 2016 04:10 by Andre Ludick
FSX: new passenger cabin's  and 2D/3D cockpit textures for the original Bombardier Global Express XRS by Fr. Bill Leaming and Richard Schwertfeger.
FSX: new passenger cabin's  and 2D/3D cockpit textures for the original Bombardier Global Express XRS by Fr. Bill Leaming and Richard Schwertfeger.
17.04Mb (279 downloads)
Hi everybody, I have made new passeger cabin's and cockpit textures for the original Bombardier Global Express XRS by Fr. Bill Leaming and Richard Schwertfeger. daylight and night textures ! included : passager cabin AND a NEW full textured cockpit release !! burgundy carpet style ! * copy-paste texture folder here to texture folder of the Global Express and follow with the update folder! read the "readme.txt" files !! Also included : 4/3 and wide 2D panels background BMP ! In this V4 release, the background pictures for 2D cockpit have been completely reworked from real photo of GLEX cockpit to get 3D effect ! Hours of work ... ;-) * texture bugs in passager cabin from first release are fixed! * passager's leather armchair have savety belt !! * update folder: fixed cabine texture and AP area texture for virtual 3D cockpit. ENJOY this first luxury cockpit ever made for the original fsx Bombardier Global Express by Fr. Bill Leaming and Richard Schwertfeger. Made this 2016-10-18 . ;-) Alain Bastin
Required files:
required file
Posted Oct 19, 2016 09:43 by Alain Bastin
Dinfia IA-35 Huanquero X Package
Dinfia IA-35 Huanquero X Package
41.71Mb (1106 downloads)
The IA-35 Huanquero made its maiden flight in 1953, and served the Fuerza Aerea Argentina until 1974. The type operated in training, air ambulance, transport, liason and light attack roles. Model by Victor M. Astiz, Paints by Damian Radice, sounds by Gary Jones, effects by Milton Shupe. Updated to FSX native, MDL X materials and animations, 3D prop discs, bump maps assigned. This is a real gem of a model, a great flier. Eight pax, airstairs, 2 50 cals and bombracks. Full interior model. Relections. Whats not to love?
Posted Oct 19, 2016 06:30 by LLS
FSX Native North American RA-5C_X V.2.6
FSX Native North American RA-5C_X V.2.6
58.48Mb (3177 downloads)
Updated now with reflective glass, HUD and new VC. It's old, but so pretty...FSX native conversion, full original Alphasim Vigilante with VC. All functions and animations correct in sense and direction, per original FS2004 release.Version 2 updates materials and restores the coded lights. Conversion facilitated by a terrific set of freeware tools; Arno's MDLX with a breakthrough set of new XML definitions by Henk-BRAVO ZULU! Textures in DDS DXT3 format with Martin Wright's DXTBMP, file structure in FSX format. Skullsweat and conversion by LLS. While the model comes in a bit heavier, the frames are buttery, the glass is c'est bon. Note: The VC was pretty badly out of date, so I aliased Piglet's T-2 virtual cockpit. Base package for effects is Bob Chilco's A-5 updates. The repaints by Antonio Diaz for this model are highly recommended. Made possible with the kind support and encouragement of Phil at Virtavia. http://www.virtavia.com. Works in FSX and P3D.
Posted Oct 19, 2016 02:28 by LLS