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Beechcraft C45G USN Private Package
Beechcraft C45G USN Private Package
18.80Mb (3144 downloads)
This is the Simtech Beechcraft C45G N7826L. Privately owned but painted in US Navy livery. VC (Edited by for FSX Danny Garnier) plus I've taken out the Mip Maps for a sharper look. Painted by Stephen Browning
Posted Jun 17, 2012 11:16 by Stephen Browning
FSX2BMAP Bing Maps Utility
0.40Mb (1779 downloads)
FSX utility FSX2BMAP FSX utility FSX2BMAP version Version is very unstable. Please replace this. This program shows a your aircraft position on BingMaps. And more flight plan and AI traffic (planes & ships) also is shown. By Koji Tsubakimoto
Posted Jun 17, 2012 11:02 by Koji Tsubakimoto
FSX / FS2004 Sud-Est SE-212 Durandal Package
FSX / FS2004 Sud-Est SE-212 Durandal Package
14.05Mb (7227 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 SNCASE SE-212 Durandal, full package, by Patrice Grange. The SNCASE Durandal was a prototype fighter designed and built by the French aircraft manufacturer Sud-Est Aviation (SNCASE) during the fifties. The prototype first flew on 20 April 1956. The Durandal was able to reach a speed of 1667 km/h. However, the program, like a few other ones, was cancelled to the benefit of Dassault Aviation's Mirage III... This is a shame, since it was an amazing aircraft! The model has full moving parts and animations (control surfaces, gears, spoilers, canopy, dragchute, weapons, ladder, ejection, ...) + a custom panel compatible with FS2004 and FSX + a VC. Fully compatible with both FS2004 and FSX (SP2).
Posted Jun 16, 2012 11:31 by Patrice Grange
Default Extra 300S FSX - Red Bull White  Textures
1.08Mb (528 downloads)
An edited version of the Red Bull Extra 300S, so now you have a white version as well! Textures for the Default 300S in FSX. Made by Edd Norton.
Posted Jun 16, 2012 10:51 by Edd Norton
American Airlines Boeing 767-200 Package
American Airlines Boeing 767-200 Package
31.61Mb (11529 downloads)
American Airlines SkySpirit2010 767-200 v5. Upgraded to FSX using Alrot's revised Boeing 737-800 VC. This model includes Working wipers (right mouse click on switch) with rain effect. Switches for LCD Screens, EICAS, PFD, MFT. Autobrake switch. Opening pilots window. Cabin Lights switch. Realistic FMC. Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), More Realistic night textures. Model features High resolution textures, Dynamic flexing wings, Body gear steering, Nose gear steering, Rudder lock, Ground spoilers, Low speed aileron locks at high speed, Fully animated control surfaces, Fully independent suspension, Trim Animation, Opening Passenger Doors, Animated tilting bogies, Rolling wheels, Animated thrust reverser's with reverser block doors, Detailed textures, Full night lighting, Crash affects, Ground Service Vehicles And more. Model Designer Hiroshi Igami. Flight Dynamics Designer Warren C. Daniel. Textures by Philip Foglar. American Airlines repaint by Kyle Schurb. FSX native model by Skyspirit/Project Opensky. VC by Alejandro Rojas Lucena (Alrot). Modified for FSX by Chris Evans.
Posted Jun 16, 2012 08:58 by Chris Evans
JetBlue A320 Redux Package V1 GPS Fix
0.00Mb (2257 downloads)
I understand the GPS would not show up if you hit the GPS key [SHIFT-3] I changed the Planes panel.cfg file. Now with this fix i's possible for the GPS to show up.
Posted Jun 15, 2012 20:15 by Sean Mooney
Ballina Airport,Ballina Airport, NSW, Australia Scenery Package Pt 2
134.75Mb (879 downloads)
FSX Scenery Ballina Airport, Newq South Wales, Australia. Part 2 of 2 Parts. Ants Aussie Airports 14:Ballina. 1900m RWY with daily B737, A320 and Saab 340 flights. Custom objects, RWY and approach lighting, 100 sq kms of photoreal covering airport, Ballina town and surrounding area. PR works best with ORBX Au installed but will still work with default.By Anthony Lynch.
Posted Jun 15, 2012 19:21 by mike
Aeropark Zynkraal, Sth Africa
1.57Mb (452 downloads)
This airfield is situated near Pretoria in South Africa and it is used for general aviation training.
Posted Jun 15, 2012 11:13 by Jacques Botha
JetBlue A320 Redux Package V1
JetBlue A320 Redux Package V1
175.75Mb (6806 downloads)
There is not one inch of this plane that is not customized! Package Includes: Customized Airbus A320 Cockpit 2d & 3d, 12 JetBlue Liveries Custom MFD & PFD, Custom EICAS, Custom Sounds, Altitude Callouts, Installation Instructions, ILS Tutorial [For Beginners]. Zip preview for pictures of the plane and cockpit. Thanks to Mike Rodriguez at JetBlue Virtual for the skins! [Please also note this is only V1, V2 should be out sometime soon!]. Original model by Project Airbus. (See GPS fix above)
Posted Jun 14, 2012 15:55 by Sean Mooney
Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-500
1.75Mb (2410 downloads)
Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-500. Original FS9 model by FFX/ Eric cantu. Uses the default FSX B737 2d panel (No VC). Currently Garuda operates 5 of these airliners, but due to phase out in favour of the newer 737-800. All 737 classics were to be retired from service on 2014.
Posted Jun 14, 2012 10:15 by ryanID