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Emirates Boeing 737-800 package
Emirates Boeing 737-800 package
18.94Mb (7512 downloads)
Emirates Boeing 737-800 package. Model by Project Opensky/Skyspirit. Textures by Aziz Palas. Adapted for FSX by Chris Evans using the default 737-800 panel and VC. Open cargo doors Shift E F3. Passenger stairs Shift E F2. Open passenger door Shift E.
Posted Mar 13, 2012 11:25 by Chris Evans
St. Peter and St. Paul Archipelago, Nth Atlantic
0.46Mb (395 downloads)
For FSx (It may work in FS9 without some library objects, but I didn't test.) The St. Peter-and-St. Paul Archipelago is made of a few rocks that poke above the surface in the Atlantic Ocean, just nort of the equator. The rocks ("penedos"), are Brazilian territory, permanently occupied by scientific research groups of several Brazilian universities. The local facilities are powered by solar energy. There is no fresh water available, so there is a very small de-salination plant. There is almost no vegetation at all, but there are lots of bird poop, and the solar panels must be washed constantly. The Archipelago is located approximately 960 km from the city of Touros, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, in direction of 46 degrees True. You'll have to find the rocks yourself. There are no airports. The islands were used by the Portuguese aviators Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho as a waypoint when they crossed the South Atlantic by aeroplane (Fairey F3D) for the first time in 1922. I made the rocks because my friend Rob decided to re-enact the crossing and the rocks are missing in FSX. Done by Fern Marques with the animated flag by mikrco (works great). For free distribution only, in whole or in part. To be uploaded only to sites that have a legitimate free downloading process.
Posted Mar 13, 2012 08:49 by Fern Marques
SAAB 340 B Crossair
SAAB 340 B Crossair
9.00Mb (6346 downloads)
This aircraft was developped by SAAB during the 80's (first flight in 1983) and production has stopped in 1998. 430 units were constructed and a lot of them are still in service. Original model by FFG, 2D panel (no VC) for wide and standard screen by Philippe Wallaert. I have slightly simplified the autopilot and the overhead panel. Credits: FFG for the original model. See instructions in the readme.txt file. Nice flights!
Posted Mar 13, 2012 04:01 by Philippe Wallaert
Carora Airport (SVCO) - Venezuela
Carora Airport (SVCO) - Venezuela
80.71Mb (779 downloads)
Regional airport located in the city of Carora, the second city of the Lara state after Barquisimeto, in western Venezuela. With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery in Google Earth. Not compatible with versions prior to FSX. This scenery includes terminal building and hangars with realistic textures from images obtained from Internet. Also includes a friendly Auto-Install. a
Posted Mar 12, 2012 19:00 by David Maldonado
Vilanculos X , Mosambique
0.27Mb (352 downloads)
Baaruto (Vilanculos) is a small but busy airport in Mozambique, Africa.It is a very popular holiday destination.Vilanculos is the Mozambican capital of water sports. It's a popular beach resort area .The gateway to the Bazaruto archipelago, Mozambique's only underwater national park.FSX Acceleration will give the best results.(Also SP2 compatable).Acceleration users will have more eye candy !
Posted Mar 12, 2012 18:23 by Jacques Botha
T-45C Goshawk 167099/B321 VT-21 Redhawks Textures
T-45C Goshawk 167099/B321 VT-21 Redhawks Textures
4.12Mb (1721 downloads)
Textures for Dino Cattaneo's T-45C Goshawk V2.10. Repaint represents T-45C Goshawk 167099/B321 VT-21 Redhawks in CoNA (Centennial of Naval Aviation) scheme.
Required files:
required file
Posted Mar 11, 2012 16:46 by Jiri Soukup
Winterset-Madison County Airport, Iowa, Version 2
2.09Mb (240 downloads)
This is my update for the Winterset airport in Winterset Iowa. Winterset is famous for it's old covered bridges. This will re size and move airport buildings to further match Google Earth images. This airport was created using Airport Design Editor v1.50
Posted Mar 11, 2012 16:28 by SMS
Marble point for Antartica X v1.1
4.17Mb (475 downloads)
This is an addon for Lime Sim / Aerosoft Antartica X. It adds highlights elements around McMurdo.v1.1 (1) Marble Point Refuel base (2) remains of Vanda base (3) wreck of the pegasus (4) Scott Hut (5) Schackelton Hut.(6) Lower Erebus Hut, nearby helicopter wreck and lava (7) New Harbor (8) Air New Zealand 901 wreck site and monument. The glacier just above Marble point is "landable" is reality and is a nice half way between McMurdo and MarioZuchelli. A Kmz map is provided Credits: Marble Point and Vanda are orginals, the pegasus is a transformation of the Constellation of 707 (3D warehouse), the two huts are just convertion of the work of pmolsen (3D warehouse), some filler objects from the Antartica X libraries (sascha). Etienne. evarloot@free.fr (Other good addons if you missed them: my MarioZuchelli and Atka Bay penguin colony by stefan kessler)
Posted Mar 11, 2012 07:15 by etien
IAI KFIR Updated Package
IAI KFIR Updated Package
69.47Mb (9058 downloads)
I updated Erick Cantu and Eduardo Fadul's FS2004 IAI Kfir C7 Package by replacing the incompatible gauges with FSX ones. This plane has a wide range of performance (139 kts. to Mach 1.6). Delta wing aircraft have no flaps and the Kfir performs just fine without them. There are 45 aircraft and load outs. Textures are for Israel, Columbia, Ecuador, Sir Lanka, US Marines and US Navy. Includes both 2D & VC Panels
Posted Mar 10, 2012 21:29 by Michael E. Roberts
Douglas B-18A "Bolo"
Douglas B-18A "Bolo"
18.91Mb (1743 downloads)
The Douglas B-18A entered the USAAC inventory in 1937 and was used as a bomber until 1942. Some were later converted for anti-sub patrols by adding a radar to the nose. This is a native FSX Acceleration project. It has the usual animations plus animated bomb bay doors and retracting top turret and machine gun. It is painted for the 7th Bomber Group stationed at March Air Base. It has reflective textures in DXT5.dds format. The VC and 2D panel are from the default DC-3. By Paul Clawson
Posted Mar 10, 2012 19:36 by Paul Clawson