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Red, White and Blue Smoke for Extra 300
Red, White and Blue Smoke for Extra 300
0.01Mb (4250 downloads)
FSX- This is the Red, White and Blue Smoke for Extra 300. To install follow the directions in the readme. You should not have to edit the code in the aircraft.cfg but just replace the entire thing with the new one.
Posted Jan 24, 2010 15:59 by babushnell
World Airlines Call Signs
World Airlines Call Signs
0.00Mb (9218 downloads)
List of world airlines.cfg to allow FSX to include a wide range of airlines. See docs for install info. Assembled by Charon De Beukelaer
Posted Jan 23, 2010 11:37 by Charon De Beukelaer
Casablanca Carriers
4.72Mb (4034 downloads)
This package provides the WWII escort carriers Gambier Bay and Bougainville. They are fully functional FSX Acceleration carriers. This update (version 3) improves the appearance of the carriers including high resolution decks.
Posted Jan 9, 2010 02:23 by Mark Fitch
FSX GAS Tanker Ships Pilotable Versions
1.90Mb (4228 downloads)
FSX GAS Tanker Ships Pilotable Versions This File includes 3 Liveries of my Gas Tanker Ship a Includes Detailed 2D & 3D VC,Captains View and several Camera Views Detailed Textures (By Garry J.Smith & Ian Thatcher), Aminations, Smoke Effects, Wave Effects and Much More.
Posted Jan 8, 2010 04:56 by Ian "thatch" Thatche
Sar Trek - Galileo Shuttle Package
Sar Trek - Galileo Shuttle Package
23.91Mb (12341 downloads)
STAR TREK SHUTTLE GALILEO II FOR FSX - VERSION 1.0 From Star Trek-The Original Series, comes the Shuttlecraft Galileo NCC-1701/7. Able of reduced and extremely high speeds, it can land on almost any place. Fully animated, equiped with passenger door, front shield and service area door. 6 extra camera positions. Virtual Cockpit. Top high speed (up to MACh 4.6). High resolution graphics. Full pack with non standard gauges.
Posted Dec 29, 2009 19:27 by Ricardo Peixoto Jr
Flying Elephant!?
3.11Mb (5785 downloads)
Yes, you guessed it! This is a flying elephant. A member of the forums requested it and he got it. I think everyone else will enjoy the "Flying Elephants FE-200" too! I hope you don't expect a Virtual cockpit! Original MDL file by Microsoft. Made flyable by Brandon Filer.
Posted Dec 29, 2009 14:47 by Brandon Filer
FSX - SS ADVENTURE - A 1930s Tramp Steamer - Pilotable
1.66Mb (2863 downloads)
The Adventure is an example of the kind of tramp steamer that played such a big part in the literature of the 1930s, from "King Kong" to "Terry and the Pirates". By an "amazing" coincidence, the Adventure is the sister ship to the Venture - the ship that sailed to Skull Island in King Kong. You can use the Adventure to conduct your own expedition to Skull Island. Or if you prefer the pirate life, you can selct "pirate mode" and join the Dragon Lady in the South China Seas.
Posted Dec 29, 2009 04:27 by Phil Crowther
FSX, Crash to desktop fix
0.17Mb (25845 downloads)
It seems that after a update to windows Vista and 7, FSX has a tendency to Crash to the desktop and restart. Following the event viewer, and with help from various sources (specifically the FSpassengers forum) I (or we) found the cause. The before mention update modified the UiautomationCore.dll, and caused FSX to crash at random times when accessing the in game menu (ether by pressing ALT or right clicking). This includes the original DLL file before the update. In stall is easy, instructions are included. Be aware that this will only fix the CTD error thatís caused by this problem. Any other CTD error caused by another source will not be fixed.
Posted Dec 29, 2009 01:12 by Tim
Bruce Fitzgeralds BSG_TOS Package updated to fly easier
14.46Mb (6487 downloads)
Ive merged Bruce Fitsgeralds BSG_TOS Flying aircraft carrier with RicardoPJr's NCC 1701 USS Enterprise to make it: easier to fly, now have the virtual cockpit from the USS Enterprise and just simply simpler!
Posted Dec 28, 2009 07:31 by George Galloway
FSX Pilotable Fletcher Class Destroyer Package
FSX Pilotable Fletcher Class Destroyer Package
6.83Mb (5160 downloads)
. Introduced in 1942, the Fletcher-Class destroyers quickly became the mainstay of the fleet. The Fletchers saw action at Guadalcanal and played a major role in almost every other Pacific battle. Destroyers performed convoy escort and anti-submaring warfare (ASW) duties. The Fletchers were also formed into destroyer squadrons (including the legendary DesRon 21) that purposely went "into harm's way". Following the War, Fletchers continued to serve for decades, serving in the Korea and Vietnam conflict. Some are still serving with foreign navies. Three Fletchers have been preserved on public display: The Sullivans (DD-537, located at), the Kidd (DD-661, located at Baton Rouge, Lousiana) and the Cassin Young (DD-793, located at Charlestown Navy Yard, Massachusetts next to the frigate USS Constitution). By
Posted Dec 27, 2009 12:32 by Phil Crowther