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FS2002 Scenery. Papua New Guinea Minor Airports. pngeast1.zip.13 PNG airports set in a picturesque country offering challenging flight. All are imaginative efforts. Airports range from coastal tourist resorts and inland military bases to dangerous mountain strips. Most of the airports feature aircraft displays and other attractions. Pix, Docs & IFR plates included. Good IFR skills needed for several of the approaches. Requires pngtext1.zip (below) , Apt textures, Nova textures, Gerrish Gray's Trees (all here) . By Adrian Shortall. 3.8MB

pngtext1.zip. Textures files for PNG Minor Airports. 5.6MB

San juan Bay in Puerto Rico. Carlos Marrero. 6.4MB
FS2002, AFCAD, and A1 traffic files for Bill Melichar's Trinidad International airport, Trinv2.zip (here) . Install these as you would any AFCAD and A1 traffic files. AFCAD by: David Hanstater A1 traffic by: Anson Cadogan Enjoy! Bill Melichar. 11K (AFCAD Info here)
FS2002 YBHI BROKEN HILL AIRPORT AUSTRALIA SCENERY INCLUDES Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, Broken Hill Base. This file contains Realistic scenery of the airport, including the Royal Flying Doctor Base. All scenery is made in GMAX. The appropriate charts of the airport are included. Also includes an AFCAD file plus necessary script lines to add AI traffic by using Traffic tools program. If you wish to use AI traffic I suggest you also download my rex_saab340bV2.zip file. This package forms the basis of some upcoming RFDS mission scenery and files. bY Mike Hill. 3.2MB
FS2002 Chemnitz Inner City v1.1 Framerate Improvement Upgrade. This patch will increase the framerate of the ChemnitzCity_v11 scenery by about 5...10 frames per second. It also reduces the pushing of the FS2002 effects engine and prevents it from collapsing !!! Requires the complete installation of the v1.1 !!!(here)
Important: Have a look at the "readme.txt"
Created by Bernd Junge, Chemnitz, Germany. 3.1MB
FS2002, Tahiti International Airport, and sea plane base version2, Island of Tahiti, French Polynesia...FAAA, I.D. NTAA Description: This scenery is a complete remake of my former Tahiti airport and seabase. It is a whole new scenery with more accurate textures and structures. All of the problems with the original scenry have been fixed in this one, so there are no more bouncing aircraft on the tarmacs, planes are easily able to turn in the turnouts, and you can now fly any seaplane into the sea plane base without getting hung up or the effect of landing on concrete. The main airport now has more crisp textures, and greatly improved marking and night lighting. The sea base has also been completely redone in a more rustic Island atmosphere. By: Bill Melichar. 5.7MB
FS2002 Upgraded scenery textures for Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base. (Requires prior installation of UbonRTAFB.zip here) ) George Knowles. 286K
CFS2 & FS2002 Scenery WWAR World Wide Virtual Air Racing T-6 Texan Race Course located in Central Nevada. Day Time (VFR) Use Only. Includes roads and adjacent emergency landing strip for prop-strike situations during WWAR events. Vist WWAR at: www.air-racing.itgo.com By Edward Loeffler. 854K
FS2002 - Italy Region Friuli Scenery Package V-2k2-4.0 By Paolo Zamparo Aviano, Rivolto, Ronchi and all other airports and airfields of Friuli as add-on for FS2002. CVN73 G Washington in Friuli Gulf with arrestor cables. PAN on the ground. Runway approach daylights !!! Real Coasts,Lakes and Rivers by Luigi Clocchiatti. 6.6MB
FS2002 Bernd's Replacement Road Textures v1.0 This is a replacement of the default FS2002 roads & highway daylight textures. Now they have a better structure and cars on it.
Created by Bernd Junge. 367K
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