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FS2004, Kahului International Airport, Maui, Hawaii PHOG . Description: This is a complete remake of the Kahului airport on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. It includes a completely new terminal, with newly designed jetways, and now includes the entire airport, with cargo and hangar areas. The parking area is also included as is the road coming into the airport, and if you drive very carefully you can even follow the outgoing road into the town and down to the beach. The jetways at the center buildings have been rotated inward to make way for the heavy jets which park in this area, or for Regional jet parking. This airport is a very nice short hop out of Honolulu. By: Bill Melichar. 5.8MB
FS2004 Scenery Bordertown South Australia Bordertown is situated in the lower South East of South Australia. This scenery is extremely accurate. Most of the 3d objects and ground textures have been custom made specifically for this scenery. The scenery includes hangars, sheds, club rooms, cars, people, trees, aircraft and seasonal effects. Textures required. Airport 2.6, VOD, Nova and Nova Gold (here). By Steven Royals. 1.1MB
FS2004 Water Environment Textures The Golden Eagles Squadron presents alternative sparkling water with sun and moon reflection textures. These water textures add a more dynamic quality to the fs2004 water with sun glints and vigorous wave action as would be seen on a sunny windy day. Caution, these textures are only for DX9 compliant cards and will not work unless you can move the "Water Effects" to High in your display options! We hope you enjoy them and visit us often at the Golden Eagles Squadron, Lynn and Bill Lyons. 1.1MB Filename: fs9wat.zip
FS2004 RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) AFB, UK. Replacement for the FS2004 default scenery of Royal Air Force Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, UK. Realistic scenery of the RAF's largest Operational Base. Includes Static aircraft. Now fully FS2004 compatible. By Nick Black. 1.3MB
FS2004 AFCAD2 PHOG Kahului Airport, Hawaii for scenery made by Bill Melichar (above) AFCAD2 file made by Dario F. Finazzi File made for FS2004 COF only. This file doesn't work with the MS default scenery. It is specially made for the beautiful scenery made by my friend Bill Melichar. He makes some of the most stunning freeware scenery available, because he pays attention to every small detail. Requires AFCAD2 here. 70K
FS2004 AI Traffic Tracks and AFCAD2 files for Royal Air Force Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, UK (Scenery above). Includes All Scheduled RAF Flights from the base, Refuelling Flights, local flyers, and AFCAD2 Gates and Taxiways. Intended for use with nb_egvn4.zip but AI flights will work with default scenery. Also includes updated scenery bgls for use with nb_egvn4.zip which update the scenery to work correctly with Brize AI. Plus new scenery objects. By Nick Black. 21K
FS2004 New (Retrospective) Water Replacement Textures by Jared Stucki. These textures replace the default fs2004 water detail textures and gives you the fs2002 detail water effects - for those who preferred that. 1.8MB
FS2004 Carriers Scenery Package 18 landable carriers across the world, Beautiful scenery. All carriers with navaids. Textures included. By Rich Hogen. Compiled for fs2004 by Alejandro Villa. 2MB