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FS2002 Dassault Rafale Package. Including aircraft 2 textures, Panel,vr cockpit, Sounds . Aircraft designed with GMax, including moving parts, night lighting. RADAR & HUD by Eric Marciano. Principle creator Cyril Pioffet. 2.2MB

Sound files 10MB

FS2002/2000 F-16C 389th FSq Discription: Repaint of G. Chiacchietta's F-16C v1.5 in USAF 389th Fighter Squadron based in Mountain Home AFB,Idaho. Original aircraft:Guiseppe Chiacchetta Original textures:Paolo Trabucco Reworked textures:Bud Engel. 879K
Lockheed C5B Galaxy Highly detailed G-max C-5 model , fully animated, reflection textures 3 different painting Created by Krzysztof Malinowski. 2MB
General Dynamics F-16C/D Fighting Falcon -FAB - FOR FS2002 FSDS Design AND Texture by J R LUCARINY. 773K
FS2002 PRO Lockheed Royal Australian Air force C-130 Hercules This Package includes 2 textures of the 36th and 37 Sqn of the RAAF C-130 Hercules. with Sound files and cockpit details with full moving parts,with opening rear door, ramp,and forward crew entry door. Aircraft model by: Adrian Brausch. With Sounds by Aaron Swindle and all Texturing By Barry Magann. 19MB
Sukhoi SU-27 - Designed with FSDS v1.5 (well-known like " Zhuravlik " for the Russians and name " Flanker " for NATO) it is an it hunts interceptador of only seat developed by the Russian company Sukhoi OKB and considered as one of the most advanced airships of the present time. Other model and panel for Sukhoi in: www.fs98fabmil.hpg.com.br - www.fsfab.kit.net Model and Texture: Daniel and Denis de Silva. 3.5MB

FAB Super Tucano A-29 and ALX (FS2000/FS2002). Prototype of the Super Toucan (ALX) and Super Toucan A-29. Airplane of light attack, light interception and advanced training, with cockpit of 4th generation. With mission of defense of Amaz˘nia, interception and to abate the small airplanes invaders (drug trafficker's airplane). Upgrade of the original model done by Denis da Silva (" / " spoiler opens the canopy). Model, texture and panel: Daniel da Silva. 2.5MB
McDONNELL DOUGLAS/ Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle, new model for MS FS2002 produced using FSDS2. F-15E Strike Eagle of the 492d Fighter Squadron (Madhatters), 48th Fighter Wing (also known as the Liberty Wing), USAFE, RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, England. F-15E-51-MC serial 91-0313 Among many features are Bombs that drop - you may need to assign a key to do that mine uses water rudder and shift W. Unfortunately you won't hear any explosions yet until someone has worked out a way to do it!!! David Bushell. 487K
MCDONNELL DOUGLAS / Boeing F-15C Eagle for MS FS2002 produced using FSDS2 This Example: F-15C Strike Eagle of the 493d Fighter Squadron (Grim Reapers), 48th Fighter Wing (also known as the Liberty Wing), USAFE, RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, England. F-15's from Lakenheath won the Hughes Trophy for the best air superiority squadron in 1999 and 1997, they are the best of the best. F-15C serial 86-0156 New feature not seen before: Drop Tank that drops - you may need to assign a key to do that mine uses water rudder and shift W. David Bushell. 508K
FS2002 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Baz F-15C Baz "840" of No. 106 sqn Israeli Air Force. Original G-max design by Kimitaka Nishida Repaint by Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 632K