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FS2002 Convair C131 (CV440 n/c. 442) Italian Air Force, code ZR1 (Zona Roma) 517ma squadr. 306° gruppo - C.A.V. 2a Regione Aerea. Presidential and VIP transport, (winter 1959). Model with moving landing gear, flaps, ailerons, elevators, and rudder. It also features switchable landing lights, night effects. Included realistic P.W. R2800-CB-16 engine sound and panel. Original model and panel By Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. Repainted (with friendly permission of the authors) by Roberto Piazza. 6.9MB
FS2002 Pro DH4 Caribou in Swedish Airforce livery. Caribou as Swedish TP55 1962-1965.Caribou was tested and evaluated in Swedish Airforce. TP55 operated from F7 Såtenäs Mike Stone made this aircraft , repainted by Ronny Olofsson. 821K
Great Lakes Aviation / United Express EMB-120 Brasilia Original Aircraft Design by Chuck Lamb. Repaint by Tony Radmilovich & Ray Brower. 1.1MB
FS2002 Pilatus PC-9. Multi livery package. A two-seat Swiss-designed turboprop trainer used by many countries. Includes moving parts, virtual cockpit, custom panel and several different liveries. Designed by Martin Strong. 4.9MB
FS2002 Convair CV-240 Central Airlines. Built by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson, Painted by David Grogg, Many textures based on photos provided by Steve Mathis. Panel by Greg Pepper, panel bitmap by Allen Jennings, gauge bitmaps by Allen Jennings and Greg Pepper, gauges by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. Flight dynamics by FSAviator (true FS2002 flight model with dynamics derived from actual flight manual information), correct within 3% of the real flying characteristics - see Reference file (F10). This FDE is not designed for AI use - it will not work. 13.8MB
DHC-4 Caribou revised Airfile & US Army textures. This file is a new air and config file for Mike Stone's DHC-4 Caribou (get it here) . These files allow you to fly the Bou as it really flew. Take-off at 70 and land at 59 kts. I hope you enjoy this old airplane as much as I do. I flew it with the 135th Army Aviation Company in Viet Nam. -Jerry Allen. 1.1MB

FS2002 Cessna 404 Titan Fisheries Patrol & Private C404 Titan. C404 is a fast piston twin aircraft with a ceiling at 26000 FT Include full Moving parts, Virtual Cockpit, Lights Effects and reflection texturing. Have a good flight ! Design, texture and dynamics by Yann Koun. 8.4MB

FS2002/2004 Moller Skycar M400. Complete new design with virtual 360 deg. cockpit Moving pilot head, Stearable Nosewheel, Opening of the cockpit, Moving levers and flightYoke in VR cockpit and the 3d model, Full interior in high resolution, Rotating engines pods and 8 moving props inside, FS2002 lights, Special nightlights effects, New 2D panel, Retractable nose gear, Suspension on front gear wheel Rotating wheels Moving rudders at each engine pod special ground effects Front and Back,landing lights Reflecting textures (also know as Alpha channel) reflection of the surrounding on the plane note: you have to switch this option on in your FS2002 program driving on roads is possible. By AC Kerkhove. 15MB
FS2002 Dash 8 100. Now you can fly the 'pro' Dash 100 in fs2002 regular edition. It has 3 textures full moving parts panel sounds ect... Have fun. Includes Soundpackage By Aaron R. Swindle & Panel by Marco Spada. Textures by Tristan Lebel. 6.2MB
FS2002 CSA Czech Airlines ATR42-500 GMAX aircraft ATR42-500 in Czech Airlines livery. Realistic panel and sounds included. GMAX Model Alberto La Greca Sound Ruslan Forostyak Gauges Marco Ravanello Panel David Durst. Textures: Claudio Dobre. 12.1MB
EMBRAER EMB-125 VASP Executivo - EMBRAER BRASIL - Short-haul corporate transport FS2002 Model: VASP EXECUTIVO - Model & Textures by J R Lucariny. 627K