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FS2000/2002 Stinson L-5B from the PTO of WWII. 4 model multi-res with full moving control surfaces and rolling wheels. All windows made with transparent parts, not textures. Made for CFS2, but will work in FS2000 and FS2002. See the ReadMe_Please file for more information. Model and panel by Gary Herbert (HerbieG). 964K

Do-24K Seaplane for FS2002. Updated from the original aircraft developed for CFS2 and hosted by Aluminum Cloud.com. Features updated cockpit, virtual cockpit, wing lighting, GPS as well as 1024x1024 high detail textures. An all-metal monoplane with a shalow, broad-beamed hull and stabilising sponsons, the Do 24 has a strutmounted wing which carries 3 engines. Their superb rough-water seaworthiness has never been equaled by any other flying boat of any size. Created by Mathias Pommerien, Eric Joiner Jr. and Jorge Salas. 5.3MB

FS2002 Alternative panel for use with Do24-K . Adds a working 3-engine controll unit. All gauges included. INSTALLATION: Unzip into you main FS2002 folder and go! Freeware Gauges made by Dragonflight Design, HGHB and unknown Authors. Panel configuration by Jorge Salas Panel Bitmap by Mathias Pommerien. 1.6MB


FS2002 Ryushu Shinden J7W1 Ryushu Shinden J7W1.Prototype which flew in August 1945.A very promising design, coming too late to see action.seized intact after the war, it was flown to the states, where it still stands at the National Air and Space Museum.Build with FSDS 1.61 by Christophe Rosenmann.For FS2002 only. 1.9MB

Swordfish Package FS2002 by Groundcrew Design Group. FS2002 aircraft featuring float and wheel version, VFR and Vintage panel, full moving parts, rolling wheels, dynamic virtual cockpit, high detail 1024x1024 textures in four historicall accurate paint schemes showing different levels of weathering, folding wings, tailhook,landing light, nav light. Uses stock gauges and sound. Visual Model and panel.cfg by Mathias Pommerien Flightdynamics by Larry Vrooman Textures and panel bitmap by Alessandro Biaggi Copyright2001 by Groundcrew Design Group. 6MB

SWORDFISH ATC UPDATE V2 BY RHAS PRODUCTIONS 2This is an ATC update for the Fairey/Blackburn Swordfish by Groundcrew Design Group. This update features: ATC recognision as Navy. ATC recognision as Biplane. ATC recognision Floatplane. Flightnumber fix. 18K

FBA17HE2-two seat flying boat for MSFS2002. Two-seat primary-training flying boat. First flown in 1923. Built in more than 300 samples, this easy-to-fly aircraft remained in active service with French naval aviation until the outbreak of the Second World war. By Alexander Belov. 857K

FS2002 Tachikawa Ki-94-II high altitude interceptor, ver. 1.0. Designed late in the war specifically to intercept B-29s, the Ki-94-II never flew. In fact, Japan surrendered on the very day it was scheduled for its maiden flight. Model features full animation, two sets of textures, simple VC, and panel. Freeware. Model by Jerry Lindell, flight model by David C. Copley, textures by Anthony Sullenger. 2.2MB


FS2002 Junkers Ju-52 Floatplane Includes 2 FSDS models: Luftwaffe or civilian; 2 accurate paint schemes (skins); adapted aircraft.cfg and config.air files; panel & gauges; dp file, virtual cockpit. by Pierino Primavesi. 2.4MB
Updated A1-H Douglas Skyraider for FS2002/CFS2. GMAX model features include,tail hook, folding wings, sliding canopy, rolling wheels, and working suspension. Dynamic virtual Cockpit with working gauges. Four liveries are included for the USAF, USN, VA-176n and VNAF. A total of 3,180 aircraft were produced between 1945 and 1957. Skyraider saw combat in both Korea and Vietnam. By Ed Wilson and J-P Demmerle. 3.9MB