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Helicopters Page 2

FSCabair Air Ambulance Aerospatiale AS355 Ecureuil2 /Twin Squirrel Designed by Ian Standfast 22.6.99 repaint by Brian Whitelegg. Includes sound & panel. 608K


FS2000 replacement panel for the Bell 206b. This partly photo-realistic, color, replacement panel for the FS2000 Bell helicopter gives high visibility and uses only original FS2000 gauges. By Tony Smith. 174K


FS2000 Heli Panel Pack. Contains 5 well known FS Heli panels adapted for FS2000. 326K

FS2000 Mac Donnell-Douglas MD-500E / Hughes 500E of Helit Helicopters. This light multi-role helicopter flies in Switzerland as a multi-functional helicopter for the Helit Helicopters based at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Les Eplatures (LSGC). Supported by the Breitling Academy and Breitling Emergency watches. Aircraft features animated rotors. With landing lights. Panel and sounds included. Original by Ian Standfast. Repainted and modified by Nils Arrigo and Kenny Morand

FS2K version 1.2MB

Bell 412 Panel Ver. 1.0 by Andreas Kotzur Original File by Domenico Demezzi. 1.5MB


FS2000 Robinson R22 Beta II and Panel with Gauges and Animated Rotors. Superb Flying Characteristics. Repainted in Top Fly Colours, a Spanish flight school, by Jaume Balaguer. Two aircraft included (EC-FVN & EC-FRD). 327K

FS98/FS2000 EC135 - Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht (German rescue helicopter). Includes panel & sounds. By Wolfgang Kulhanek. 205K



FS98/FS2000 EC135 - OAMTC Christophorus (Austrian rescue helicopter) with moving rotors. By Wolfgang Kulhanek. 98K

Original 'Sound.cfg' file for FS2K Bell 206. Will fix the common problem of dissappearing Helicopter sounds. Just replace the file in the Bell206/Sound folder & you will again have sounds. 1k

FS2000 Robinson R22 Beta Features detailed model with virtual cockpit, transparent glass, animated rotors and working strobe and nav. Designed using the fantastic Design Studio Pro from Abacus and Aircraft Animator by Konstantin Kukushkin. Designed and painted by Rob Beard. 441K


FS2000 Scenery New York Helipads Update FS2000 This file includes missing helipads in downtown New York City. Microsoft touted FS2000 as having 20,000 airports. However, it was missing several heliports. This scenery was taken from the FS98 default scenery. The new helipads include East 34th St., 111 Wall St., Port Authority Downtown Manhattan, World Trade Center, West 30th Midtown, and the Pan Am heliport, and One Police Plaza. The update includes elevated building helipads for 111 Wall Street and One Police Plaza. In addition, helipads are now visible at the Pan Am heliport and East 34th St., as opposed to just the starting locations. All helipads are lit at night. By Jonathan Ostrower. 26K