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Santiam Junction State Airport, Oregon Scenery for FS2000 Surrounded by trees and high terrain, Santiam presents an interesting challenge for GA enthusiast looking for something new. With just over 100 operations a year, it should be quiet enough for undisturbed circuit training and cross-country flying. A broad avenue of trees is included which links Santiam directly to 'Davis Oregon Airfield.' There are a large number of trees in the immediate vicinity of the airport, and density setting to make the scenery more accessible. By Richard Goldstein. 457K
Re-worked Cloud Textures for FS2000. This files simply contains the FS2000 default cloud textures modified from 16 bit 4444 (16 million colors) to 8 bit (256 colors) using the SDK tool 'Imagetool.exe'. This results in bitmaps that are smaller in size which increases performance with little impact on quality visually. Expect smoother flying in all weather conditions. By Bob Shubinski ( DrBob KRNO). 2.5MB

FS2000 Thermal Scenery - Namibia. FS2000 scenery covering most of Namibia between S17 and S29 in latitude and E14 and E21 in longitude with random thermal lifts for long-range soaring. Includes Thermake 2.0.1 scripts, if you wish to modify it, and a waypoints file for Max Roodveldt's Flightviewer. By Michael Dolle. 1.6MB

FS2000 Scenery--SANTA ANA ORANGE COUNTY JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT. Highly detailed and accurate scenery of John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana Orange County, California. This is one of the busiest airports in the world and is situated in the heart of one of the busiest terminal areas in the world, the Los Angeles basin. by Shehryar Ansari. 3.8MB

FS2000 Scenery--SANTA ANA ORANGE COUNTY JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT. Static aircraft for use with the John Wayne Airport scenery uploaded separately. by Shehryar Ansari. 1.9MB

FS2000 Scenery FIX -SANTA ANA ORANGE COUNTY JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT. Missing texture for use with SNA2000.zip. Place in the SNA\texture directory. by Shehryar Ansari. 35K



FS2000 Scenery Nancy-Essey Photoreal scenery of Nancy (France) and its airports, final release. Night lighting effects, marshallers, vehicles, dynamic scenery, and lots of buildings depicting the city very accurately. Airport textures required but not included. By Didier BUR. 1.9MB

Real grass texture v2.0 for FS2000 This texture was scanned from an actual grass photo. Version 2 blends very well with surrounding textures for a more natural look. Also reduces the repetitive effect at higher altitudes. Looks real and does not affect frame-rates. Previous version had 5045 downloads. Texture by SCOTT SCHAR. 263K
Welcome to the BUSH BASH - a collection of Alaskan Sceneries by Don Moser. Enclosed are all of my sceneries combined into one, easy to load installation. There is now no reason to modify the scenery config. file, as that has been taken care of within the program. This will also free up some valuable room on your scenery config file also. Please follow the installation instructions and suggestions. These files contain all the updates and are ready to go for your flying pleasure. Scenery by Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 5.2MB
BHAM2k_V2 for Fs2000. New scenery for Birmingham International Airport (UK) and is for Fs2000 only. For best results use in Dense setting. This version contains static aircraft at dense settings and is a direct replacement for version 1. Birmingham International is located about 5 miles south of Birmingham on the A5 and is one of the worlds busiest Hub airports. by John Walker. 647K

Cardiff2k_V1 for Fs2000. New scenery for Cardiff International Airport (UK) and is for Fs2000 only. For best results use in Dense setting. Cardiff is host to the facility for British Airways to carry out maintenance on its 747 fleet. by John Walker. 485K

Fix 1K

FS2K Scenery, Perranporth EGTP the latest in my South West Uk series of small airfelds suitable for VFR flights. Situated on the edge of the North Cornwall cliffs just to the west of St Mawgan. This scenery is compatable with Raimondo Taburet`s mesh scenery. 117K
Usedom Lake (fictional) Germany. Small fictional airfield in the south of the island Usedom. Featuring 600m runway with many tree's, two Hangars and two planes. You must have installed VOD textures and Airport 2.02 textures. By Alex Wanner. 223K