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Scenery Page 28
Midway Field, Icy Bay, Alaska! Icy Bay is approximatly half way between Valdez and Juneau, hence the name. It is located 57 N.M. from Yakutat on a 295 degree heading. Icy Bay has a 8000 foot concrete lighted runway and is opened 24 hours a day. It handles cargo heading to and from Northern and Western Alaska and also has a small General Aviation terminal for all the bush activities that exists along the coast. NDB frequency is 350 khz. This scenery will show on your GPS and MAP and installs with the "easy" method. Scenery by Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 852K
FS2000 Scenery - Niederstetten Army Ver1.01 [BETA] One of the oldest military Airports in South-Germany. Requires Airport 2.60 and VOD 3.0 Textures 2001 by Edgar Stahl. 1.4MB
Coco Cay Scenery for FS2000 Coco Cay is a small island in the Bahamas that is used as a stopover for cruise ships. This scenery features a challenging runway and helicopter landing pad with night illumination. By Steven Grant. 286K



Fictitious Charlotte Regional This is a fictional airport located in seeing distance of Charlotte/Douglas Int. NC. This scenery contains sparse as well as dense scenery. Includes radio tower, 2 water towers,2stairway trucks,a functional elevated Helicopter pad, and 2cities. By: Doyle L. Deaton. 81K

East Midlands Airport EGNX UK England by Kim Humphreys Requires VOD and Airport210 textures. With static aircraft and full night lighting. 491K

East Midlands Airport (EGNX) Fix By Kim Humphreys. This update fixes reported bugs. 128K

Big Bend, Utah Phototextured Scenery for FS2000. Occupying the area immediately south-east of Arches National Park in Utah, Big Bend is filled with magnificent geological formations. This high-quality phototextured rendering, with its deep shadows and glistening rocks, will provide hours of sightseeing enjoyment. By Richard Goldstein. 3.2MB
FS2000 Crestwood! Crestwood is locates 55 miles from McGrath, Alaska, on a 270 degree heading. Crestwood has two runways. Both are grass over gravel and one is a "Porter only" strip. There is also a nice lake there with two cabins for a comfortable stay. There are four different starts to this scenery, depending on your needs. This scenery has four season changes, will show up on your map/gps and has easy install. Enjoy your stay at Crestwood! Scenery by Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 1.6MB
Nuclear aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis scenery for Flight Simulator 2000. Located in the Pacific Ocean near California. Very detailed. Includes landable flight deck, Hangar and night textures. By Javier Fernandez. 1.2MB
FS2000 Las Tacas, a region of Coquimbo-Chile. By Ronald Salinas. 370K
Victorian ALA Pack AUSTRALIA. Add on Airports, Hangars, Buildings, Taxiways, Roadways & even trees for the Default Fs2000 scenery.Includes New Version of Mt Hotham. All scenery have AFD entries so that they are selectable along with the Default FS 2000 Airports. Some details may differ from the real thing but is as close as possible to reality. CREATED BY: DAVID FRISWELL. 764K
FS2000 Cloud enhancements. These clouds v2.0 sky pack 4, are fresh new clouds and they appears thicker, far and near them, also include a jet trails, new cirrus, few ,scattered and broken clouds. Make those stratus, cumulus and thunderstorm clouds more realistic. by Chris. 808K