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Civil Jets Page 42
Orion Airways 737-200 for FS2002 *Updated* This is an updated repaint of the yeodesigns 737-200 v2 model in the Orion Airways livery. The package now includes 2 aircraft and the new fixed model from yeodesigns. G-BKHO and has been updated and G-BHVH is a new repaint. Includes a voicepack to add the Orion callsign to ATC. Repainted by Ricky Sharma. 3.1MB
Repaint of the default 737-400 in Maersk Air colors: This is a repaint of the B737-400 in Maersk Air colors, by Johannes & Robert Behr. 828K
FS2002 TNT Cargo Airbus A300 B4-203. Repaint of Jaefree Lin's excellant FS2000 model MDL and aircraft config files have been reworked to make the aircraft compatable for use in FS2002 and FS2002 pro. Sounds by Achim Berger. Panel is de-fault B737 Repaint by David Evans. 4.1MB
FS2000 - FS2002 Boeing 737-287 Aerolineas Argentinas. Argentina's main airline, old paint scheme. Features full moving parts, flaps and slats, spoilers, rolling wheels with steerable nose gear. Enhanced FS2002 lights : beacons, un-synchronised strobes, working landing lights. High resolution day and night textures, transparent flight deck windows with 3D crew, 3D compressor blades, working thrust reversers work in FS2000 only, JT8 jet smoke system for FS2002. Original model by Terry Gaff. Enhanced flight model, new .air file and repaint by Marcelo Allende. 3.3MB
FS2002 A310-203 Wardair Canada Colors. GMAX Airbus A310-203 repaint. Full package. Full range of animation. Flight dynamics by Frank Weiss. 3D model by Harald Nehring. Repaint by Kim P. Staneart. 879K
Pan Am L-1011 Tristar . Fictional repaint of Mike Stone's L-1011 tristar in Pan Am's new livery. Pan am did operate L1011's but it is not likely that any of them were repainted in the new paint scheme, however if they had been, this is what they may have looked like.Repaint by Avery Guiler. 4.3MB
FS2002 Maverick personal jet. An FSDS aircraft with moving parts, including rolling wheels. Also includes a custom panel, custom gauges and a virtual cockpit. By Chuck Dome. 817K
GMAX Bombardier Learjet45 for FS2002 Standard or Pro Version. Uses the Lear45 panel and sounds (sounds aliased). Description: The Model 45 is Learjet's first all-new aircraft since Bill Lear's first Model 23. Although it looks like a Learjet, it has only half the parts of a Model 35, reflecting a significant design progression. The parameters set down for the 45 called for it to have the performance of the Learjet 35, the handling of the Learjet 31A, and greater cabin space than the competition. Features: Full animation using GMAX. Full Virtual Cockpit and Virtual Cabin with night lighting, Thrust Reverser's, Passenger door, Nose wheel steering, Spoilerons, Main Gear Taxi Lights and Underbelly Landing Lights that can be controlled seperately, Changeable Tail Number. Rick Sasala. 1.9MB
CC-144 Challenger. The CL600 Challenger is used by the Canadian Air Force, for VIP Transport as well as emergancy medivacs of Canadian Soldiers oversees. Repaint of the default Lear By Curtis Jones. 955K

FS2002 FedEx livery for the excellent GMAX B727-200F by Real Flight (Brasil) (download from here). The only GMAX created freighter I've found on the net with opening freight cargo door. The best B727-200F around! *TEXTURES ONLY*. Requires the original Varig Log B727-200F (Variglog_727.exe). Repainted by Dan LaRoque with permission. 662K

FS2002 Update for FedEx Real Flight B727-200 freighter (201K)