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Mirage F1C Hellenic Air Force full package. It comes with custom sounds and 1 paint scheme (H.A.F Skyros). All other features remain the same as the full package, such as Dynamic Virtual Cockpit and maximum animation (gear compression, realistic gear sequence, spinning wheels, spoilerons, drag chute, and an incredible afterburner effect).(A.H.) Repaint Angelos Hatzikatakos/Original Kirk Olsson. 14MB
FS2K2 FMA IAe 27 Pulqui I First hunt reactor of Argentina, first in iberoamérica and eighth in the world produced by the FMA. First flight 9 of August of 1947. It designed by E. Dewoitine, E. Cardeilhac, N. Morchio and H. Ricciardi. Pilot of First tests Lieutenant Edmundo (thorn) Weiss. People to fly it. It designed by Ignacio Alfredo Mendive. 563K

FS2004/2002 FOUGA CM170 MAGISTER Finnish Air Force This Gmax design features four paintjobs; three panels; opening canopy; dynamic virtual cockpit; fully animated control surfaces; rolling retractive landing gears; reflective textures; crash effects. Sounds by Mike Hambly. Panels by Brahim Rhoul. Designed by Kari Virtanen and Mikko Maliniemi. 24MB

ATC update for the FOUGA CM170 MAGISTER Designed by KARI VIRTANEN and MIKKO MALINIEMI _This update features: Correct manufacturer plane is now recognised as an aerospatiale. ATC recognision as Orange. ATC recognision as Air Force. Correct Tail numbers. Flightnumber fix. 22K

FS2000/FS2002 Boeing B-47 Stratojet The B-47 was the first all-jet production bomber in the Air Force and was the backbone of SAC's bomber fleet in the 1950s. This is a complete new model based on my original B47 released earlier this year. The upgrades are fully animated gears, with opening/closing gear doors as well as bomb bays for those CFS enthusiast that would like to use the B47 to bomb the enemy, it also has stearable nose wheel, flaps, rudder, and tail, with clear cockpit glass (blue) and pilots, spinning eng. spinners, smoke effects, and finally ALL NEW textures!.Model, paint and dynamics by: Rey Lopez. 1.1MB
FS2002 SR-71 Repaint. This is a repaint of Richard Barker's excellent SR-71A. These files represent a reasonable reproduction of SR-71A #61-7980 (NASA 844) in NASA markings. 1.5MB
VF-1J Valkyrie for FS2002 v1.75. VF-1 is the transformationable fighter in the Japanese anime Macross. Made by SOUEA. Panel modified by Rolf Fleckenstein. 1.8MB

FS2002 GRUMMAN F-14 TOMCAT 2 versions in one !! F-14D "Grim Reapers", Tactical Paint Scheme Grey, U.S.Navy, 1995. F-14 A "Jolly Rogers" Highly detailed model, intended to be flown with the 3D dynamic virtual cockpit. By Dino Cattaneo (& many others). Textures by Paolo Tabucco. Final upgrade by Rolf Fleckenstein. 15MB

ATC update for the FS2002 Aircraft Grumman F-14A Tomcat VF-202 "Superheats"by By Dino Cattaneo This is an ATC update for the FS2002 Aircraft Grumman F-14D Tomcat "Grim Reapers" This update features: ATC recognision as Navy. ATC recognision as manufacturer Grumman. ATC recognision as type F-14. Flightnumber fix. Tail number fix. 22K

FS2002 P-3C(GMAX) Japanese Package. VP-2 VP-4(Hachinohe NAB).VP-3 VP-6 (Atsugi NAB) JMSDF. P-3C AI MISSION is attached for the addition. Original model : Rick Sasala, repeint : Hiroaki kubota. 2.5MB
FS2002 Pro/ Lockheed P-3C Orion Japanese Navy. The Orion is a four engined turboprop used for maritime long range patrol in numerous countries. This model is in the livery of Japanese Navy Original model: Adrian Brausch. Repaint: Hiroaki Kubota. 1.1MB