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Misc Page 11
FS2002 Thunderbird 2 . VSTOL craft from the popular 1960's Gerry Anderson Supermarionation TV programme Thunderbirds.Model features animated pod, retractable legs, and an enhanced smoke package. Modelled in GMAX by Ken Bertschy, Brian Douglas and Martyn Becker. 3.6MB
VA Utility: United Airlines and Code Share Partners Common Shape Library. Allows your flying partner to see the aircraft you are flying- for these VA's. 8.6MB (see upgrade below)
Enable Reflections on GeForce4 MX Cards The display.cfg file in this package has entries that have enabled reflections on many GeForce4 MX series cards. Backup the existing display.cfg in the main FS2002 directory and install this one. by Scott Jelinek. 14K
Update 3 of David Roush's M1A1 Tank for FS2002. New paint, panel and new sounds. Plus panel with real time firing weapons/gauges/sounds. Project by Roger "Maddog" Gaylor. A "Must Have" for any library. 4MB
HOW TO ADD STATIC GROUND CREW VEHICLES TO AI AIRCRAFT. Are you tired of watching your AI traffic parked all alone on the apron with no ground crew vehicles to cater them? Fret no more my fellow flight simmers as your AI Traffic Aircraft will be accompanied by Ground Crew vehicles whenever they come to a complete halt. This tutorial assumes that you're familiar with Aircraft Design in Abacus FS Design Studio Version 2.11 (info here). Ali Mujtaba. 461K
YF-23 Black Widow Video. These videos are created using a Leadtek Ti4200 with video out. The video was recorded via the video out to a SOny DV camera. The recording is then sent back onto the computer via Firewire card and edited in Microsofts' Movie Maker v2. All video effects, transitions and audio mixes are completed in Movie Maker, a free program available from microsoft.com. Aircraft Available as a download here. Created by Kyle Scott. 7.2MB
FS2002 Weapons Effects. Includes, Nuclear, Tear Gas, Napalm, Machine Guns & Flares. Chris Trotter. 24K
FS2002 Rocket effects for any plane you wish to add it onto. Its taken forever to figure it out but i have done it. Very realistic when using with military aircraft (Pictured with YF-23). Enjoy. Designed by: Mike Fitzgarald. 36K
FS2000 / FS 2002 Mercedes Vito, Notarzt 144 Swiss rescue scene ground vehicle. Notarzt Einsatzfahrzeug & executive white. Paint like Notarzt KSF / KSM (Original a Volvo X-Country). Just for fun (give stuff on RWY & taxiways) or for use with FSTraffic. Consult README file before install! Usable on FS2000 and FS2002. Original by Christian Friedrich, repaint by Pascal Küffer. 1.8MB