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Misc Page 10
Sonic bang (sonic boom) for fighters. With this "easy-install" gauge you can heard now the sonic bang when your aircraft reaches MACH 1. Xmlsound gauge by Bill Morad. Sonic bang gauge by Manolo Machuca Medina. 488K
Thunderbird 1 for FS2002. Version 2 now with enhanced flight dynamics enabling VTOL, animated belly rocket and variable geometry wings without altering the flight dynamics. This craft is from the popular 1960's Gerry Anderson Supermarionation television programme "Thunderbirds". By Ken Bertschy and Brian Douglas. 2.3MB
FS2002 RAAF Fighter Pilot Iraq Mission. . Have you ever thought of bombing Iraq before? well here's your opportunity and it only comes once in our life time.This package contains 2 RAAF missions for FS2002 altogether. In order for these missions to function properly you must have the file called RAAFF18B.zip (here). By Michael Pookbooncherd. 505K
Crash Damage Enabler V3. for FS2002 A small proggie to enable / disable crash damage for any aircraft in FS2002, which Microsoft disabled after the 9/11 terrorist attack. *VERSION 3* and *Pro Version* 03/31/2003: Throw away those old versions!!! This one has New and Better features in BOTH the free and pro version. 1.Added title information about each selected aircraft to confirmation dialogs. 2.Added ? About button. 3.Choice for let "Crash Damage" SEARCH oR let the user BROWSE for the FS2002 Folder. 4.Error Correction while canceling out of search / browse functions. 5.*Pro ONLY* enable / disable crash damage for ALL aircraft on your computer With ONE CLICK. 6.New features are GREAT if you have many aircraft!!! 1.9MB
FS 2002 "UFO" Based on the vehicle made famous by the 1970's TV series UFO. This craft make the perfect vehicle for alien sitings over you favourite FS city. The panel and the .air file are borrowed from the default Bell 206B The sound .cfg is only slightly modified. by Stephen (Silver Fox) Daly. 6.7MB

FS2002/2004 Moller Skycar M400. Complete new design with virtual 360 deg. cockpit Moving pilot head, Stearable Nosewheel, Opening of the cockpit, Moving levers and flightYoke in VR cockpit and the 3d model, Full interior in high resolution, Rotating engines pods and 8 moving props inside, FS2002 lights, Special nightlights effects, New 2D panel, Retractable nose gear, Suspension on front gear wheel Rotating wheels Moving rudders at each engine pod special ground effects Front and Back,landing lights Reflecting textures (also know as Alpha channel) reflection of the surrounding on the plane note: you have to switch this option on in your FS2002 program driving on roads is possible. By AC Kerkhove. 15MB
Fs2002. Tie Fighter designed by LucasFilm for Star Wars and made by GMax by Nicolas Marlier. 343K
FS2002 Virtual Damage Mega Pack Made By: Rafael Soler. Virtual Damage And Backup Of All The Neccesary Documents For Recovering Aircraft Status. Includes Visual Damage Update To All Of The FS2002 So Now You Will See Fire And Wings And Tail And Other Parts Of The Aircraft Detaching And Destroying. 332K
FS2002/FS2000/CFS2 Gerry Anderson's Supercar. A craft from the 1960s TV show which can travel over land, in the air or under the sea. Supercar design by Reg Hill. FS model by Austin Tate. Flight dynamics by Shane Pickering. Black Rock scenery and dynamic objects by Iain Murray and Austin Tate. 1.1MB
FS2002 ATC Voice for EUROAIRPORT (LFSB). This Voicepack contain a lot of ATC-call name that you can heard in EUROAIRPORT:EDELWEISS, SWISS, SWISS AIR RESCUE, SWISS ARMY, FRENCH CHARTER, FRENCH POST, FARNAIR, YELLOW FLYER... By Flyman Hotel-Fox. 33K