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FS2002 Pro, Wallis autogyro 'Little Nellie' This is the gyro used in the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice' Completely new model made in Gmax with all the features you would expect including working smoke dischargers. Also features an unarmed civilian version. 2.9MB
Airshow Demonstration Smoke for FS2002. Not just another smoke download: this has dynamic vortex effects and propwash vectoring; six colors; three positions; multiple "Y-offset" values for easier correction of coordinates..easy install. Total of 78 smoke fx files (2KB each), Uses the "I" key. By Jan Rosenberg, aka "JR" and "I. Candymaker". 475K

FS2002 Aircraft Ampjet Amphibious Jet Beta By John Fay Beta version of a new style Amphibious jet. This release is to gain user feedback for improvemants. Look in Readme for contact info. Features include a fully functional DVC, all moving control surfaces, Working reverse thrusters, visible heat exhaust,working gear suspension, opening passenger and cargo doors,rolling wheels,stearable nose wheel, working water rudders, plus much more. 2002 John Fay. 5.6MB
Customized tire-mark effects for FS2002. General aviation and smaller military aircraft with single-wheel landing gear can now leave small tire-marks on the runway. Also includes revised tire-mark effects for default 737/747/777 AC that can be customized for other airliners. (All effects include Adnane Bourja's "External-Touchdown-Sound")...easy to install, and default touchdown files are not changed. By Jan Rosenberg. 168K
FS2002 Buddy Icons Default Aircraft Package These 48x48 images are designed for AOL Instant Messenger. Images by Daniel Fourquet. 104K
Fireball XL5 for Microsoft FS2002 Created in GMAX by Brian Douglas February 2003 Model features reflective textures and is VTOL capable. Craft is from the popular 1960's Gerry Anderson Supermarionation. 261K
Los Angeles class attack submarine player-"flyable" vehicle V2. Submerges via Landing Gear control so others can see it in multiplayer mode. Periscope raises/lowers via Spoilers control. Has ship's wake sfx. Custom engine "whir" sound, and custom "periscope view" 2D panel. by Richard Hogen. 103K
FS Flight Tracker. Used to automatically send PIREPs to your VA's web server. This tutorial shows you how to setup FS Flight Tracker to send PIREPs to your VA even if they don't use it! It will work with FS Flight Tracker V6.0. Freeware - Gary Miller. 12K
EUROPEAN CALLSIGNS: (REG.No's) for the majoroty of light aircraft over Europe. Registration numbers as used in real life for countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Belgium , ... . A clever and neat system was used to give light aircraft over Europe new reg.No's, making flying in Europe that much more realistic. Lee Swordy's Traffic Tools (TTools) is required. 786K