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Scenery Page 24
FS2002 Scenery - Kaguyak Crater located on the Alaska Peninsula 70 miles NW of Kodiak. This is a lake-filled caldera formed atop Kaguyak Volcano. This fictional scenery depicts a USGS field station used to monitor the activity of this volcano and others in the area. It is intended to be used by floatplanes and helicopters, but small wheeled aircraft can use the beach. By Tom Fica. 1.3MB

East Midlands Airport, UK, for Fs 2002 by Kim Humphreys. 823K

See fix below

Chacalluta International Airport, Arica, Chile for FS2002; part 1. Super detailed and highly accurate scenery of the airport of the city of Arica, in the border between Chile and Peru. It includes most building, missing frequencies with their antennas, and plenty of Ground Support Vehicles and Equipment, photorealistic parking areas, seasonal as well as day/night effects on grounds, buildings, trees, static plane, etc. It requires SCAR2K2b.zip. Produccion materials by Cristian de la Plaza; desing by César Carrasco. 928K

Part 2 - also required. 995K

Updated: FS2002 Honolulu International Airport, Oahu, Hawaii Revised scenery enhancement. This is a new corrected file the old one must be deleted, and replaced by this one, if you have already installed hono2.zip. By: Bill Melichar. 499K
Scenery for Halifax Harbour Consisting of 2 oil rigs Rowan Gorilla 5 and Oceans Erik Raude. Location : Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada Made using Airport 2.6 and EOD Copyright : Derrick Stewart. 1MB
Virginia, USA Scenery This is a collection of 33 highly detailed airports for use with Lago's FSSE (Flight Simulator Scenery Enhancer, available at www.lagoonline.com, payware) and MS FS2002, covering South Central PA and South Eastern PA, the Eastern Shore and Central MD, and the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chesapeake Bay Tidewater areas of VA and include many of the regional and smaller size airports making them ideal for the VFR or regional turboprop pilot. FSSE SP2 required.... Lauren Robison. 1.1MB
'Reno Air Racing' scenery add-on for FS2002, V.1. Based on the legendary unlimited class race course located at Reno/Stead field, Nevada, for FS2002. Course is run all 'left-hand turns', as fast as you're able (see official 'Reno Air Racing Organization' website for race rules, www.airace.org/index.php) The course is an approximation based on official data. Load up your favourite 'Unlimited Class Racer', and have a go at it! Created by Clarke R. Forsyth. 1.1MB
CFS2/FS2002 Central New Guinea ver 1.7 High-resolution, hand edited mesh for Central New Guinea in the former Dutch East Indies. LOD 9 3.75 arc second resolution. The single bgl file covers the entire area. By Rolf Keibel (VF2_Rolf). 9.6MB
Additional Gates – ÖREBRO-BOFORS Airport, Sweden (ESOE) v1.2 This AFCAD file increases the number of parking/gate spaces from 0 to 12 for AI aircraft. It also adds additional frequencies to make this airport AI useable. Author: Josh Liste. 19K
FS2002 Scenery, Lihue Airport, LIH Lihue, Hawaii, on the Island of Kauai By: Bill Melichar. This scenery removes the standard FS terminal, and replaces it with a more realistic version, complete with many coconut trees, and native Hawaiian flora. Gates have been lined up to meet A1 aircraft, and stairs are also included. The front of the airport has also been enhanced with landscaping and a parking lot. At dusk, and night settings the airport takes on a warm enchanted feeling, which blends in to this most enchanted island of the Hawaiian chain. 1.6MB