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Scenery Page 41
FS2002 Scenery - Triengen (LSPN), Switzerland. Correct the runway problem at Triengen. Add also 2 Atomic Power Stations : Goesgen and Leibstadt with their big white fumes. By Swiss FS Team. 309K
FS2002 - Orungal version 2, Texas - Queensland, Australia. This is a small private farm/pastoral station strip located in Sth Western Queensland, comes with Full Textures, new runways etc. Steve James Requires Gerrish Gray's Trees library available here. 2.2MB
Cairns International Airport (QLD) Australia. (YBCS). Contains Cairns International Airport in Queensland Australia. Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Far north Queensland.Population ia about 112,000 people the main industry in Cairns now is tourism.Comes with full textures,afcad file. You need airport 2.10, VOD textures, NOVA and NOVA GOLD TEXTURES (here) , Gerrish tree object library available here. in your FS2002 main texture folder, for this scenery to show correctly. Steve Davis. 2.9MB
FS2002 New Orleans Helicopter Scenery #9 by C.Young. This is the last installment. This installment is of the suburban area of Marrero with many LZs, a mall, two large department stores, and also includes the Woodland West Golf Course in Harvey. 2.1MB
Alaskan Commuter #9: North Alaskan Skies 2002 For FS2002. Enhancements to 50 land-based airports in Northern Alaska. Includes static aircraft and additional airport structures as well as easy to install landclass files. These landclass files add small villages and stands of conifers that blanket the surrounding areas. The experience can be further enhanced with autogen tree replacements by either Ed Truthan or Gerrish Gray (download separately). This will greatly improve the look of autogen conifers, and multiply their numbers significantly. The results are realistic approaches over thickly forested areas into bush airports with small nearby communities, and it is fairly gentle on frame rates. If you download this scenery, and if you are not using these replacement trees, I recommend (no, I insist) that you download one of those utilities now. Look for "conifers.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> by Ed Truthan or "MSTrees2.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> by Gerrish Gray. By Dave Erickson. by Dave Erickson. 8.6MB
Alaskan Commuter #9: North Alaskan Skies 2002 Lago SoundScape Files These files are only for pilots who have installed Lago's Soundscape addon. It adds many sounds not included with Lago's Soundscape to each of the 50 airports in Alaskan Commuter #9. Airstrips come alive with environmental sounds like wind, birds, wolves, coyotes, and more domestic sounds like dogs, hangar operations, and occasional logging operations. You will hear flybys at larger airports, vehicle sounds, and distant boat activity near seaports. 3.6MB
Tampa Upgrade Version 1.0a for FS2002 By Rob Diebold November 10th, 2002 File to replace the old Tampa Stadium with a representation of Raymond James Stadium. Works with all forms of Tampa scenery, from default, to my TPA, to Chris Gilbert's excellent TPA scenery. 179K
Lowe AHF US Army Virtual Training Base V1.0 This package contains a fictional representation of Lowe Army Helicopter Field, Alabama, a small auxillary airfield used by Ft Rucker, the home of training for the US Army Virtual, a new VA flying the missions of the real world US Army Aviation Branch. The airfield has hangars, fuel pits, shops spaces, vehicles, water, radar, and radio towers, administration and living quarters. Grab a Coke or Pepsi from the machines by the tower, and watch out for the snorkling Fire Service water bombing heavy helicopter working the lake NE of the field. Second in the US Army Virtual series by Kyle Ramsey. 2MB
FS2002, Faleolo Int. Airport, Apia, Samoa NSFA Island of Upolu By: Bill Melichar This scenery adds a new Terminal and hangar area to the Faleolo International Airport in Samoa. It also includes improved turnout areas which are night lit, tropical landscaping, parking areas, and a couple of static aircraft which can be removed by running the scenery on the dense setting. 885K
Davison Army Air Field (KDAA), US Army Virtual Training Base V1.0. This package contains a fictional representation of Davison Army Air Field, Alabama, a small auxillary airfield used by Ft Belvior, Virgina, near Washington, D.C. The airfield has hangars, fuel pits, vehicles, water, radar, and radio towers, administration and living quarters. There is a snack bar with picnic tables near the tower to grab a bite, and a couple of jet training aircraft stopping off for on a cross country flight. Watch out for construction on the field as well as wildlife. Kyle Ramsey. 2MB