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Scenery Page 56
FS2002 Alaskan Search and Rescue scenery. This is an SAR "mission" that is flown in the Aleutian Islands from Adak to Attu. It uses the default fs2002 Cessna Caravan amphib. and contains the nescessary bgl and texture files to place a boat crew in need of rescue 'somewhere' in the Aleutian chain. And wx file to place in your saved flights to make those search squares a little harder to keep straight. By Brian Jett. 657K
FS2002 Lanai City, Hawaii, Afcad files. Here is two afcad files for the following great scenery of Lanai City, Hawaii made by Bill Melichar. Requires Lee Swordy's AFCAD (here) .by Robert Bakhuis. 163K
FS2002 Devonport Airport - Tasmania - Australia. This is complete remake of my previous versions. It uses the same BGL files as the older versions so you can copy these over the originals if you already have them installed. You do not need the older versions for these new versions to work !! Devonport Airport is made from Photo's I took here on "Good Friday" and made the Airport on Easter Saturday. I have included a very basic AFCAD file for those that want AI Traffic. You will need the following, Nova & Nova Gold textures, Airport, ASD and VOD textures to be installed as well as Gerrish Gray's Trees (all available here) Ian Thatcher. 1.9MB

FS2002 Launcestion Airport - Tasmania, Australia. This is a very basic version of Launcestion Airport which I have made ready for the "VATPAC" Tasmanian Flyin on the 18th May 2003 (www.vatpac.org). You will need the following, Nova & Nova Gold textures, Airport, ASD and VOD textures to be installed as well as Gerrish Gray's Trees (all available here) Ian Thatcher. 1.5MB

Launceston Bumpy taxiway fix for my "launnie02.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false">. 201K

FS2002 Port Davey & Lighthouses - Tasmania, Australia This file includes serveral remote Airstrips and about 9 Lighthouses, The main Airstrip I have done is at "Port Davey" (YWPD), I have included many things here including an Airstrip and Float Base, you will also find many other items such as animals, buildings, Guest Houses/Cabins. It should take you several hours just to find most things at Port Davey, if you ever find them all :-) I have included a "map" (tassie.JPG) to help you find many of the lighthouses. You will need the following, Nova & Nova Gold textures, Airport, ASD and VOD textures to be installed as well as Gerrish Gray's Trees (all available here) Ian Thatcher. 1.5MB
VIEQUES P.R. Located 17 S/E of Puerto Rico. This scenery features all the key scenery of the town & airport. 1.2MB
FS2002 Scenery Parafield (YPPF) South Australia April 2003 This scenery is an accurate representaiton of Parafield airport. It features lots different buildings all using photo real textures and a great variety of static aircraft. The textures have been made using real photos taken at Parafield airport. Most of the 3d objects and textures have been custom made specifically for this scenery. Textures required.(here) Airport 2.6, VOD, Nova and Nova Gold. By Steven Royals. 3MB
CATALONIA, Spain. Photorealistiuc Scenery for FS2002 (DEMO OF BARCELONA) It's a photoreal scenery of Barcelona (Spain) and surroundings (aprox. 30 x 30 km). Go to Barcelona Airport (LEBL) and fly over the city. This scenery is part of a more extensive photoreal scenery of all Catalonia (in the northeast of Spain). Made with Terrabuilder Lite. By Ricard Alvarez. 12.5MB
FS2002 Culebra (cpx ) Airport Scenery, Puerto Rico. . I created this using fssc is not exactly(perfect) like Culebra , but anyone that has been there Will agree that is close to it. It has the real airport layout and some Of the real mountains arround it....in real life the approach is very Demanding and this one is no exception! Hope you enjoy it! to install ... Just copy the folder to your fs 2002/addonscenery folder And activate it (add area) on the scenery library window of your fs 2002. In case you don't have it i am including vqs & cpx mesh file (land class & mountains ) just place it on your Fs2002/addonscenery/scenery folder and that's it ...created by Roberto "rotol" Ayala. 258K
FS2002 Naval Station Kodiak. This scenery is built up from my memory as to what it was like when I worked in the control tower, at Naval Station Kodiak in the 1960's. There are a couple of additions that I have added, in the Town of Kodiak and the residential area in Belles Flats. The topographical elevations at the airfield are not realistic; the areas away from the runways are not flat as shown here and I was unable to raise any of the elevations because it caused the parking areas and some of the taxiways to rise to the same elevations above ground. This was the best I could do using Flight Simulator Scenery Creator. If you have AFCAD installed I have included an AI file that will add some reality to your flying experience. To successfully add all this stuff you will need to have The Traffic Tool and AFCAD programs installed and insure you have Airport 2.xx, ASD, VOD Nova, and Nova Gold (here) Textures installed. 4.5MB