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FS2002 Pacific Western Airlines Douglas DC-6B Reg. Id. CF-PWF, 42-32863, in service with Pacific Western Airlines in the 1960's and early 1970's Now on display at Wetaskiwin Reynolds Alberta Museum. Complete with moving landing gear, flaps, ailerons, elevators, and rudder. It also features switchable landing lights and realistic engine start. By Harry Follas and Tom Gibson, Flight Model by Brian Horsey. Panel by Petros Protopapas & Stephan Grille (C) 17.11.1997 with very realistic sound - author unknown. Repainted by Richard McMaster.

FS2002 Night textures for Pacific Western Airlines Douglas DC-6B Reg. Id. CF-PWF. Requires DC6BPWA.ZIP Textures by Richard McMaster.

C-30A Autogiro: The C-30A was a usefull autogiro designeb by Juan de La Cierva (spain) in 1934, and builded in UK by the Avro company. Model and paint by Ignacio Alfredo Mendive (Flakiten). 474K
Boeing (Stearman) PT-17 Kaydet Civilian Colors - textures only. These textures are for davstea1.zip (here). You must have davstea1.zip installed before installing this archive. To install this texture, unzip to C:\ and make sure that "use folder names" is selected in the WINZIP dialogue. Over-write the aircraft.cfg file when asked. You can backup the original first if you want to. N53040 texture by Richard McMaster. 645K
FS2002 Only - Stearman Kaydet Mexican Air Force. This plane was used as a primary trainer in the Military Air College of the . Also includes sound package, full virtual cockpit and full moving parts. Original By David Eckert. Repaint in FAM colors by Genaro Domínguez. 5.1MB
F4U-1A Corsair "FRANCINE" Big, tough, and fast, the gull-winged Corsair was a formidable fighter against any opposition.this corsair rebuilt by k.naeb aka crowhorse,has music radio,gps,auto pilot.built for fs2002,DEDICATED TO MY WIFE FRANCINE. 6.4MB
Fiat-Cr 32 and Fiat-HA 132c seaplanes This is a fictitious rendering of the Fiat-Cr 32 and Fiat-HA 132c (two-seaters) which were used by Italy prior to and during the Second World War. 3D plane designers: Jean-Robert Turcot / Corrado La Posta / Stuart Green (basic floats & tutorial on propellers) Flight Model, Damage profile, textures: J-R Turcot / C La Posta Special effects (exhaust smoke and flames) : Jean-Robert Turcot Sounds: Jean-Robert Turcot Jean-Robert Turcot. 5.4MB
Stinson Faucett F-19. Designed by Sergio de la Puente. 113K
FS2002 1946 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser The Super Cruiser seated 3 in a tandem layout. This FSDS project has moving parts including rolling wheels, transparent windows and a pilot figure. A panel based on the drawings is included. By Paul Clawson. 420K
FS2002 Pro N3N-1 Canary. PT17 Stearman Float. In 1934 the Naval Aircraft Factory was given the task of manufacturing a new primary trainer designed by the U.S. Navy. Following successful tests this neat little biplane trainer was built in both landplane and seaplane versions. The N3N seaplanes, when retired in 1961, were the last biplanes to be used in U.S. military service. This model features full moving parts 32bit textures, and Dynamic Virtual Cockpit. Aircraft by Steven Grant. 1.8MB
GMAX designed A26 for FS2002 Only. It is fully animated and has functional 2d and VR cockpit. Original Gauges for the A-26 by Chuck Dome. Five versions are included. There are 3 Military and two civilian fire fighters. This is a GZR project by Ed Wilson "GZR Groundhog" and JP Demmerle "GZR Gray Wolf." Many others contributed including "Krazy" Boltz for lights and effects. Marv Howell "GZR Sactargets" and Ric Charlebois "GZR Frenchy" did research and testing. See the readme for full credits list. Contacts:Ed Wilson, J-P Demmerle. 13MB