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FS2002 - Blohm und Voss BV-141 B-05 V13 NC+RD It's the asymmetrical aircraft of Germany in the WWII. Features full moving parts & night lighting. Please try many things. For example, if a landing gear is stored, the rear gunner opens a pivoted window and establishes a gun. Avionics and GPS are also equipped. Probably, operation in DVC will be pleasant. By Sakichi System (Ogawa Tetsuji 'm0m'). 2.3MB
FS2002 Vought SBU-1 "Corsair" The SBU-1 was the second Vought product to be called "Corsair". This FSDS project is painted for the first section leader of VS-3 assigned to the "Saratoga"in 1938. It features moving parts including rolling wheels and a double acting canopy. A panel is included based on Dan Griffith's SBD bitmap. By Paul Clawson. 869K
FS2002 ON MARK B-26K Aircraft for FS2002 Only. GMAX B-26K in Viet Nam Colors.Fully animated with both 2D and 3D cockpits. Original gauges created by Chuck Dome. Airfile created using 714 spreadsheets and methods. Read the 'readme' due to many detailed instructions. By: GZRs-Ed Wilson and JP Demmerle. 4.4MB
Lockheed Model 10 "Electra" Braniff Airways, 1937 BY : Nick Holland. 1.2MB

FS2002 dedicated Spitfire Mk XIVe Version 2.0 Adapted for FS2002 by Robin Ritchie from an original FSDS2 model by Andrew C. Wai. New Features FSDS2 model including: Rolling wheels & moving undercarriage Working WEP (war emergency power) Wing vortices and exhaust smoke breaking parts/crash effects Scarily real flight dynamics! Adjustable gauge quality in the Virtual Cockpit Choice of three liveries. 2.5MB
GMAX A26C for FS2002 Only. It is fully animated and has functional 2d and VR cockpit. Original Gauges for the A-26 by Chuck Dome. Two Paint schemes are included. This is a GZR project by Ed Wilson "GZR Groundhog" and JP Demmerle "GZR Gray Wolf." Many others contributed including "Krazy" Boltz for lights and effects. Marv Howell "GZR Sactargets" and Ric Charlebois "GZR Frenchy" did research and testing. See the readme for full credits list. Contacts: Wilson, Ed Demmerle, J-P. 6.1MB
FS2002 LUFTHANSA DOUGLAS DC-4 Freighter, registration N30042. This is the only DC 4 in the paint scheme of Lufthansa. N30042 was used by Transocean in the order of Lufthansa (primarily in the USA). The FSDS model features animated door, moving landing gear with steerable nose gear, flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudder and also night light textures. Cockpit and cabin windows are transparent. This model is equipped with a simple virtual cockpit, the wings with engines are visible now. Package with DC-4 panel by Dave Haskell. Modified flight dynamic by Wolfram Beckert, animation by Chris Grabow , livery painting by Dale DeLuca, FSDS design & base textures by Arik Hohmeyer (FS-Design Berlin). 4.6MB
Stinson Faucett F-19 Faucett Peru. This plane is ready for FS-2002; is an original model designed by Sergio de la Puente using FSDS, it has full moving parts including elevators, rudder, ailerons, propeller, and tail wheel. The panel is based on photos of the plane. By Sergio de la Puente. 225K
The Portuguese Air Force B-26B Invader for CFS2 and FS2002 Between 1965 and 1975 the Portuguese Air Force use seven B-26B Invader as a replacement of the bomber fleet used in Africa. Principal Designers: Ed Wilson- GZR "Groundhog" did the primary models, the VC, the interiors, and the primary air and animation modeling JP Demmerle-GZR "Graywolf"- All the bitmaps for the cockpit and all the Textures for the exteriors. JP was also the 'whip' to keep things moving Hermann 'Krazy" Boltz- Did all the effects, much of the configuration and the lighting for FS2002 Charles "Chuck" Dome- Original gauges specifically for this A26 model. All were built from scratch and they are much appreciated Ric Charlebois-GZR "Frenchy" testing, suggestions and Scenery for the CFS2 Version Marv Howell- GZR "Sactargets"- research and coordination. REPAINT: The repaint version of Portuguese Air force has been made by Miguel Teodoro. 4.4MB