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  Helicopters Page 21
FS2004 Agusta 109 Air Médic textures for Alan Devin's Gmax_Agusta_109.zip Package here. Derived from MKII_Executive texture set and made with Flash_MX ! By Jean-Pierre Fillion, Québec. 1 Mb. AUTHOR Jean-Pierre Fillion. 1.1MB

FS2004 Eurocopter EC120b Colibri Norcopter. Nemeth Designs Model: Tamas and Peter Nemeth Gauges: Peter Nemeth Sound: Eryk Sinica. 8.3MB
FS2004 Bell 205 Cheetah RhAF v2 textures only. This is a repaint of Deane Baunton's great UH-1D (bell 205)(required here). It is painted as a Bell 205 Cheetah of No. 8 Sqn Rhodesian Air Force (early 1979). Repaint by Jens-Ole Kjølberg. 2.9MB
FS2004 Bell UH1-D German Armed Forces Package.(Heeresflieger / Heeresfliegerregiment 30, Niederstetten) Model by Deane Baunton, Repaint By Viper ("Bravo Victor") a.k.a. Oliver Basarke. 8.1MB
FS2004 RAF 33 SQN Puma 2005 Tigermeet Photoreal Textures only. Requires Brian Franklin's Puma here. Textures by Dave Charleton. 2.7MB

FS2004 Gmax Bell 206L Longranger Package. Includes Float, Short & Standard Skid models in a range of liveries. Virtual cockpit included. Model by Alan Devins Updated for FS2004 by Keith Devins. Textures by George Arana. 15MB
FS2004 GMAX Alouette III Securite Civile Textures only. Newest texture file for the alouette III of Alan Devins (required here). Represente french model of the Securite Civile (a SAR helicopter of the Interior French Minister). It's the most popular SAR helicopter in France. Denis Julien. 915K
FS2002/2004 HM-1 Panther AvEx - Helicopter of General Employment of the Brazilian Army, military version of AS365K. It includes 3 models, textures and panel. Original model by Antti Pankkonen. Remodeled into the dauphin / panther 365F/565 by Alan Devins and Keith Devins. 7.8MB
FS2004 Bell 205 Spanish Navy (3ª Escuadrilla). The Bell is one of the most important transport helicopter in the Spanish Navy. It´s based on Rota naval station and do exercises with some amphibious ships and spanish marines. Model by Deane Baunton repaint by Yurton F. 4.9MB

FS2004 Eurocopter EC135 P2 ANWB Life Liner Dutch Mobile Medical Team. Model: Tamas and Peter Nemeth. Paint by Ronald van Doorn. Panel by Günter Kraemer & Franz Haider. Sounds by Manuel Gonzalez. 34.1MB