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  Civil Jets Page 182
FS2004 Boeing 747 SP by Mike Stone Update. I have updated the flight dynamics and put in all 18 wheels. You need the original aircraft here. Bob Chicilo. 29K
FS2004 Boeing 787-10 Emirates textures only -to be used with CamSim Boeing 787-10 Base Pack file here. Paint by: Camil Valiquette. 1.8MB
FS2004 Project Opensky Boeing 747-200 Update Tower Air - applies to all Posky 747-200's. This is an update of the Project Open Sky Boeing 747-200 Tower Air paint. I have added all the wheels, updated the flight dynamics, and changed all that was needed because I changed the datum point from 88 ft. back to 0 feet. It also cruises level instead of nose up.Bob Chicilo. 29K
FS2004 Continental Boeing 737-800 in 32-bit textures Package - with custom tug cart and night textures. Includes the Porject Opensky Boeig 737-800. Includes 4 variations: Winglet with eyebrow, Eyebrowless non winglet not commonly seen, the no winglet and the left conf changed( not big change tough only 2 more black windows on the left side.).All include different regos.Also include custom night and tug textures. Textures by Luis Mendez. 23.3MB

FS2004 Boeing 737-800 TUI TUIfly Textures only. Former Hapagfly/Hapag Lloyd Express. Requires any full Boeing 737-800 V2 model by Project OpenSky (above). Painted by Svante Fagerström. 3.7MB

FS2004 Boeing 737-800 with Luthansa, Ryanair & 'Air One' liveries. The model features very detailed moving parts and highly reflecting metallic skin. Three liveries are provided with this package: a fictional 'AirOne' livery (AirOne airline does not operate the 737-800), a LUFTHANSA livery and a RYANAIR livery. The panel background has been taken from the 737-800 supplied with the new FSX, with minor modifications and all gauges changed to be compatible with FS2004. Included in this model there is also a very simple Virtual Cockpit, with working essential gauges and animated flight controls. Capt. I. D'Attomo Capt. G.Quai. 4.6MB
FS2004/2002 Embraer -ERJ 190 US Airways new colors. First of the US Airways mainline E-jets. By Jordan Skok. 2.5MB