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FS2004 Lockheed C-130H Hercules with Skis. This is an arctic version of the C-130, equipped with skis for landing on snow and ice. By Mike Stone. 753K sc130ski.zip
FS2004 Lockheed C-130H Hercules One of the most successful cargo aircraft ever built, the versatile C-130 has been made in a nearly endless number of versions, to perform an equally endless number of tasks. It has outstanding STOL performance and can operate almost anywhere. By Mike Stone sc130h.zip
FS2004 Lockheed C-130H Hercules Royal Nepalese Army (Air Service). This model is a Update of the C-130RNA with updated panel. For FS2004 only. Repainted Praz Rimal. 3.1MB
FS2004/2002 F-16 Falcon (Viper) Polish Air Force Textures Only. This is a repaint of the FAV F-16 (favf16.zip here) by Kirk Olsson. Produced by AGN Textures. 3.3MB
FS2004 F-22 American Flyer (Fictional) Textures only. This is a fictional repaint of the F/A-22 Raptor by by Kazunori Ito (required here). 859K

FS2004 C119 Boxcar USAF. Complete aircraft with my ownversion of USAF texture. This is my version of a U.S. Air Force C119, a livery taken from an old photo. I repeat that it is MY VERSION and now an attempt to replicate the one in the photograph. The polished aluminium or chrome effect was achieved by modifying the Alpha channel in a special way -- a technique which Mark (Fireball) Rooks kindly and unselfishly, shared with me. Many thanks, Mark.Texture by Francis F. Silva Model of C119 BoxCar by Daisuke Yamamoto. 3.8MB
FS2004 T45 Gos Hawk Navy Trainer. This is a Repaint of Owen Hewitt & Mikko Maliniemi’s MK1 Painted in U.S Navy Boeing T45 color scheme . This is a historically accurate aircraft Boeing’s 150 th T 45 Gos Hawk VT-7 aircraft # 165609 included is a picture of the original aircraft.. Original read me file included Textures By Mark Rooks. 4.5MB
FS2004/2002 Jaguar GR3 RAF Coltishall Tribute Textures only. 6 Repaints featuring the 4 Jaguar squadrons stationed at Coltishall in its final months. You will need the Jaguar GR3 By Adam Preece (here). Repaints by Andy Nott of AGN Textures. 10.1MB

FS2004 F-14D Tomcat Package FS2004 F-14D Flight Dynamics, Sound (V 2-06),& custom Panel. Aircraft.cfg, HUD_HORNET_XML, panel originator, & flight dynamics by Ivan Kostic. Ivan's "Flight Dynamics Engineering" derived from the original FDE by JJ Schumacher, with permission. Aircraft perfectly controllable and maneuverable within the whole original Tomcat's flight envelope. Realistic 120 kt approaches at the design landing weight, this time at higher AoA. Sound by Ivan Kostic compiled to give a realistic feel of flying a supersonic jet fighter with some improvements with respect to the previous version. Ivan's beta version rework of Scott Printz's excellent full screen HUDHornet.xml for the 2D Tomcat panel used for Ivan's HUD XML development. Panel upgrade, new gauging, beta test and tech assist by Steve Hinson. Used many of HUD HORNET gauges from Scott Printz's HUDHrnt.zip. Scott receives a GREAT BIG THANK YOU! RCBCO-20 by ROB BARENDREGT, DOUG DAWSON, & NICK NEEDHAM deserve so much credit. Without their genius, this could not have come to pass. Follow the RCBCO-20 Instructs in Gauges/rcb-miljet/Docs. Contact Ivan or me if any problems. GET WINZIP TRIAL VERSION FOR RCBCO unzip, USE FOLDER AS NAMES EXTRACTION INTO FS9 MAIN FOLDER! Textures by many great artists. This is a standalone file. NO OTHER FILE NEEDED. Steve Hinson Ivan Kostic 49.5MB
FS2004 YF-22 Textures only. This is a fictional repaint of the F/A-22 Raptor by by Kazunori Ito (required here) This represents the YF-22 which was the F-22 Prototype. This is my most detailed repaint yet, and the textures were taken off of a model yf-22. I have tryed to include as many details as possible, including all the lines on the top. Repaint by Jonathan Cerha. 375K