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FS2002 / FS2004 RAF Phantom FGR.2 2 Sqn Textures only. . The Phantom was the mainstay of the UK's Air Defence Role throughout the 1970's & 80's. This is a repaint of the Phantom By Kazunori Ito (Required, here) Repaint by Ben Hartmann of UKMIL. 590K
FS2002 / FS2004 US Navy F-4B Phantom II VF-31 "Tomcatters" Textures only.. F-4B is the first real mass production type in Phantom. Finally, 649 was manufactured. F-4B, the lower side of the nose is equipped with the IRST sensor, and the J79-GE-8 engine with a short exhaust tube is installed. \nMoreover, it differs from the air force plane and F-4S, and it doesn't have the formation light. This is a repaint of the Phantom By Kazunori Ito (Required, here) Repaint by Ben Hartmann of UKMIL. 1.9MB
FS2002 / FS2004 EE Lightning XR725 11 Squadron (1980's) Air Defence Grey Textures only. The Lightning was the mainstay of the UK's Air Defence Role throughout the 1960's & 70's. This is a repaint of the Lightning By Kazunori Ito (Required, here) Repaint by Ben Hartmann of UKMIL 923K

FS2004 RAF Nimrod MR2 Package. Includes custom panel, Virtual cockpit & sounds. . FSDS2 Aircraft by Brian Franklin / Simshed. 19.7MB

Revised Panel. This is a completely revised Panel and Gauge setup for the FS2004 Simshed Nimrod MR2 by Brian Franklin. These panel and gauge files contain authentic MR2 Flight Director and Autopilot. In addition the Nav suite is fully emulated and contains a working TACAN. All current UK TACAN beacons are included inside the Gauge file. The default 2D panel is a simplistic view to maximize the viewable area outside. However, I have included some photo-realistic panel bitmaps so that you can customize your 2D view. The VC contains no working gauges in order to optimise the FPS. However this panel was created for the Nimrod enthusiast who wants to practice IFR in the 2D panel. Those of you who have never flown a 'real' Nimrod before: "Welcome to the most complicated Autopilot ever produced". Have fun learning how to set it up! Produced by Simshed Jim Cooper and Doug Freeman. 8MB


FS2004 Harrier AV8B Italian Navy. The model has been created with Abacus FSDS_v3 and reproduces the aircraft flown by the Italian Navy: it features the usual moving parts, such as all flight controls, spinning wheels and so on. . Model, Panel and Paint By: Italo D'Attomo and G. Quai. Special Effects and VTOL by Rob Barendregt. 2.8MB

FS2004 Hawker Hunter Trainers Package. T7, T8, T8M and T68. 4 versions of the Hawker Hunter Trainers, 9 different schemes. Complete with switchable pilot and copilots panels, custom animations, virtual cockpit and soundset. By Dave Garwood, Dave Booker, Saverio Maurri and Mark Cranston. 26.6MB
FS2004 German AirForce Tornado Package This package includes 26 liveries of German AirForce Tornados. Most of the paintings are Tigermeet- or special liveries. Ag51 43+46 Tigermeet, AG51 43+96 Tigermeet, AG51 43+96 Tigermeet04, AG51 44+65, AG51 44+65 Tigermeet, AG51 45+93 Tigermeet, GAF 44+38 Holloman, JaboG31 43+92 "1.000.000 Flying Hours", JaboG31 44+21 "BlackThunder", JaboG31 44+31 "BlueLightning", JaboG31 45+79 "MilkyWay", JaboG32 46+31 Flyingmonsters, JaboG32 46+42 Flyingmonsters, JaboG32 46+44 321Tigers, JaboG32 46+45 321Tigers, JaboG32 46+48 321Tigers, JaboG32 46+54 321Tigers, JaboG32 46+46 "30 Years Tornado", JaboG33 43+70 special colors, JaboG34 44+56, JaboG38 44+08 special colors, JaboG38 44+37 special colors, MFG1 43+61, MFG2 45+30 special colors, MFG2 46+20 special colors. I packed all my previous repaints together with alot of new paints. Original by DSB-Design, repaints by Sebastian Hecker. 32.7MB
FS2004/2002, RAF 2006 Display Hawks Textures only. 2 Repaints: 4 FTS '85 Years' Colours - to be used as the 2006 Hawk Display Aircraft and 208 Squadron 90th Anniversary colours - to be used on static display. These repaints require the Hawk T Mk 1 by DSB Design required here. Repaints by of AGN Textures. 2.4MB

FS2004 SAAB 35XD Draken RDAF AR-116 Textures only. Saab J 35J Draken 2.41 full package. New version has improved engine and flight dynamics. Developed together with Swedish Air Force J35 pilots. Animated model with advanced panel and systems simulation, drop tanks, drag chute, afterburner, VC (virtual cockpit), fx, soundpack. Includes 30-page illustrated manual and repaint kit. By Thomas Nilsson/Bookmark Digital Graphics. This package includes anything what's needed to fly this aircraft in flightsimulator. Original Aircraft designed by Thomas Nilsson/Bookmark Digital Graphics is required here. Repainted by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg. 2.3MB
FS2004 F-22 Raptor Fictional Twin Textures: This includes two F-22 Raptor repaints of the RF/A-22 Raptor by Kazunori Ito (required here). The are are both fictional. One repaint is of a possible airshow raptor, and the other is the style of the Coveant from halo. By Devin McDonald. 952K