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  Military Page 62
FS2004 F-18E Blue Angels No.6 Textures only. Final version with no warning labels on engine intakes. Repaint for the superb F-18E model by Daisuke Yamamoto and team FS KBT (here). Texture by Lucian Lie (Yago9). 2.6MB
FS2004 F-22 Raptor Update: This is an update for the F-22 Raptor by Kazunori Ito (required here). I have repositioned the red and green wing-tip lights slightly, moved two of the strobes out to the wing-tips, deleted 3 strobes, and changed one red nav light to a beacon. I have also added afterburner effects, smoke effects, wind-tip contrails, and reworked the flight envelope. Bob Chicilo. 153K
FS2004 YF-23a Update: This is an update for Daniel Buchter's YF-23A (required here). I changed the smoke, afterburner effects and the wingtip contrails to different ones. I also changed the positions of the lights to where they belong and added strobes to the wings. The usual tweeks were made to the flight dynamics. Bob Chicilo. 163K
FS2004 F16D Viper Red Devils textures. Repaint for Kirk Ollson, excellent f16d viper . In reality this plane (491) is a single seat version called ,,city of detroit" based at Selfridge AB near Detroit.Requires Kirk Olsson F-16 here. Lucian Lie. 3MB
FS2004 F16d Thunderbirds Textures only. . Requires Kirk Olsson F-16 here. Lucian Lie. 3.7MB
FS2004 RAF Tornado GR4 12 SQN 2005 90th Anniversary Textures only. these textures depict the RAF Tornado OF 12 SQN, showing the 2005 90th anniversary markings. Requires the DSB GR4 Tornado here. 1.1MB
FS2004/Fs2002 Dassault/Breguet Atlantic 1 / German Marine - MFG3 - SIGINT This model represent the special version of the German Marine called Breguet 1150 Atlantic I SIGINT ( SIGnal INTelligence). The first official appearance of a SIGINT Atlantic was at the MFG 3 open day on 08.07.1984. In the seventies and eighties the task for this aircraft was collecting intelligence dates from behind the Iron Curtain This model needs sound and panel files form the original model (MT_ATL1.zip here).\n Model by Massimo Taccoli. Texture repaint By Hans-Peter Krebs. Panel By Jean-Pierre Langer. Flight Dynamics by Dennis Seeley. 1.4MB
FS2004 CF-220 Grizzly Package. This package contains several repaints, including reworked original markings, an alternate Canadian Armed Forces black scheme, brilliant red airshow colours, and a Royal Australian Air Force version. Minor revisions to the previous offering include adjusting the flight file to permit operating at the aircraft's design maximum take-off weight, tweaking of the nosewheel to reduce "sink", and interior canopy glass textures. The total number of textures, as well as their sizes, have been reduced in order to provide better performance in the sim. The original freeware panel employed is also included, however the radar gauge has been omitted and Eric Marciano's F-16 panel is required. It can be found here. Special thanks to Rob Barendregt, Dean Reimer, Bryan Betts, Nick Needham, Jan Rosenberg, and "M.L.". By Brian Sturton. 17MB
FS2004 Pucara A&AEE Textures only. This is a repaint of the IA58Ar Pucara (required here) by J R Lucariny. Repaint by Andy Nott. 713K
FS2004 C-5A in RAF Green Textures only. This is a fictional repaint of the Lockheed C-5A by Mike Stone (required here). Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation. 311K