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  Misc Page 18
FS2004 Air Mandalay Callsign Myanmar (Burma): Air Mandalay's modern fleet is currently comprised of two ATR 72-212s and one ATR 42-320, built by Aerospatiale of France and Alenia of Italy and powered by Canadian built Pratt & Whitney engines. Here is now the callsign for this airline. You need EditVoicepack to use with this. By House RP. 190K
FS2004 Three Masted Bark "Belem". Fully sailable clipper. The only survivor of the french clippers fleet is a over a century old but still sailing proudly nowdays around Europe. Hop in, and sail. By Rotule. 6.5MB
FS2004 Semi Truck v2.0. I decided to take the time to make a another version of the truck with the trailer. This time, it has a different model and arrangment of textures. Each side of the truck now has it's own texture file [except for the trailer]. No more flipped logos, etc. This addon was made for a friend of mine. He only requested a fix for the model, but I went the extra step and compiled a completely different addon. This addon also utilizes the same dynamics file as the Chevy Corvette [for those who like some fun out of it]. This addon is also perfect for making AI car traffic. Source textures are also included for repainting. Jessy Corrales. 409K
FS2004 USS Bonhomme Historic Ship. "Sir, I have not yet begun to fight." So answered John Paul Jones, captain of USS Bonhomme Richard, to the british naval officer who offerd him to surrender. Here is his ship, with opening scuttles, guns firing, lifting anchor and much more. "sailable", it may be used as an AI craft along (long) taxiways Two other vessels - a french and a british are included to create your own historical AI sceneries, for ships are sailable but may be used as AI components. They may be used with the AI frigate you will find on fs2004misc16.htm Make your own movie and fly over with the defaut helicopter to see it! By Rotule. 6.7MB
FS2004 Ghost270 Racer Yacht 27m yacht with moving parts, natural lights, authentic sound, full 3D exterior and interior. By Robert Waszkiewicz - Deltasim Studio. 7.6MB
FS2004 FX: Nick's LightFix The concept and the base textures for this package are from Mark Poole and his original light replacement releases. Mark's original Nav Light package has a really good concept and uses light textures which create sharp lens flairs or bursts however I found the lens flair in his packages to be a bit too large and out of scale for my display and taste. Also, I wanted to have an easy way to replace all the FS9 lights in one shot with little or no configuration file editing. With that in mind, this package was created. This release will automatically replace ALL the Flight Simulator aircraft and airport lights with more realistic ones along with better distance visuals of slower flashing radio tower/smoke stack and ground beacons. It also includes replacement lights in scale for the PMDG 737, 747 and for all Project Opensky aircraft offered on their site. It works automatically with Ultimate Traffic and other AI add-ons which use the default Microsoft aircraft lights. I added a diffused halo effect to Marks original airport_lighting_v2 texture which gives a more realistic look in cloudy or weather conditions and enhances the dynamic directional brightness of the lights. In addition to the navigation lights, I have also created aircraft beacons and strobes which will also install automatically. A restore package is included allowing to you to revert back to default FS9 texture and FX files. From Nick Needham. 1.6MB
FS2004/2002 Lego Stunt Copter. This unique aircraft is a copy of the 1994 Lego Set 6515. It was made using MLCad and FSDS3 and uses the stock Bell JetRanger dynamics. By Mark Walsh. 1.1MB
FS2004 Loyal Class Tender. A 24m Tug with moving parts, natural lights, real sound, full 3D exterior and 2D panel. By Robert Waszkiewicz - Deltasim Studio. 5.7MB
FS2004/2002 Lego Police Helicopter. This unique aircraft is a copy of the helicopter from Lego Set 6664-1. It was made using MLCad and FSDS3 and uses the stock Bell JetRanger dynamics. By Mark Walsh. 1.2MB
FS2004 Lego Panel. This is a 2D panel for the Lego Stunt Copter by Mark Walsh (above). I created it as a 'bit of fun' and posted it on the screenshots forum. After several requests for it, I decided to upload. I hope the vivid colours don't give you a headache!! I think I've now been kicked out of Simshed! Created by Jim Cooper. 1MB